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  1. Hitler Mar l'm

    your Germany 1945 🔥🔥🔥 USA

  2. king dingaling

    Cnn is the one spitting falsehoods and propaganda. But more and more people r waking up to their lies...😃

  3. Quidpro Quo

    Lol Orangeman bad network back in the saddle. Y’all dumb. Who cares. Next.

  4. Jim666

    Andrew Como is beginning to look a lot like Trump, deny, lie and project.

  5. Too Unknown

    CNN is lying

  6. McKenzie Stevenson

    I triple dare Acosta to debate me on these "lies". Come on I'm just a small business owner of a automotive repair shop. Debate me on these lies. I'll make you look dumber than you did in that interview.

  7. stevo the man

    Trump forever losers

  8. Freeband Jam

    Just drop a dislike and go get some real news cause u wont find it here

  9. Superkami Guru

    Lmao im laughing so hard. They so maaaad

  10. thespaceram2

    Trump has never told the truth in his life I bet. Extremist communists of any kind never do.

  11. onebigdaddy623

    This dude reporting is a douche

  12. Paul Irwin

    Lex Luther Trump. Superman would have saved us from this criminal bum. We have to rely on state attorneys and law enforcement to drag this shyster to jail, where he belongs. Enough is enough.

  13. Skard Erricson

    These ppl were losers when they were kids i bet, thats the only logical way to describe these ppls fixation on lying about Trump. Lmao

  14. Kelly Bremer

    I dont think we will be listening to cnn tell us whats true or false! Lol lol.

  15. Tiger Army

    Interesting why CNN won't do the same for Biden's town hall. It was full of falsehoods.. I have to go to other news reporting agencies to get Biden Fact Checks... Odd CNN won't do it.

  16. Rakawi Sabli

    I told you several to times. Trump ia a lunatic. He should be sent to a mad house.

  17. Eric Johnson

    Yup, CNN still garnering ratings off DJT... (will they ever quit?) Of course DJT did what he always does... who is surprised at that? Anyone? Was this worth covering? Probably not.

  18. Leslie Barker

    Greatest President ever

  19. DOTcomm

    Trump went and got a shiny special edition funko pop. And guess what u die hard Trump followers who drooled all over that life size funko pop was MADE IN MEXICO. LOL....that sums up the new Trump Republican party to a T.

  20. Steve Schwalbach

    Jim Acosta ranks right up there with the Cuomos as far as great Americans !

  21. Ed Fitch

    The lame field connolly tire because catsup phylogenitically hug against a extra-large extra-small exuberant mouse. laughable, well-made pisces

  22. Stinky Pete


  23. Father Schwab

    That was an inspiring state of the union address.

  24. Hikikomori Trader

    Judge Evans found grounds for Carbone’s defamation claim. Her order reads in part: “The Court finds these allegations sufficient to establish that CNN was acting recklessly with regard to the accuracy of its report, i.e., with ‘actual malice.'”

  25. Hope and Peace

    If he would come back your country would be toast

  26. Denise King

    Yahweh said have no other God before him, this alone brings more curses on those who serves anyone, but the Almighty God

  27. Paul

    CNN is so biased! I'm not a big Trump fan but I heard his speech and he made a strong case there was election fraud. He won 18 of the 19 'bellweather' counties which have correctly predicted the winner. Biden got 15 million more votes than Obama despite *losing* 200 counties that Obama won. More votes were counted in swing states than registered voters. The evidence of ballot stuffing is overwhelming to any fair-minded person.

  28. James C

    Your whole network is a fire hose of falsehoods .-l--

  29. certified bruv

    So many dislikes? I would love to hear your side 😂😂😂

  30. Javier Chavarria

    CNN is the BIG LIES

  31. Jim River

    How can they report on the CPAC conference with a straight face? I watched some of it live and comedy writers could not have done a better job.

  32. karina granara

    Why does he hide behind those glasses and hat if he’s so proud of his stupidity

  33. JBplus4

    TRUMP is only liked because the left is so wrong

  34. Stephen Wise

    Sold his " SOUL " to the company store!

  35. James C

    Lmfao, who else is hearing Mark Dice's voice for Brian Gender neutral potato head? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  36. rick schofield

    Don’t forget his slamming the lgbtq community-using women’s sports as his platform

  37. Jack Browne

    F**k that Communist b**** try and take my gun away and every other loyal legally gun owning Americans guns and you see how well it goes over for you Miss communist yeah take away our Second Amendment so that once were in a communist country the public can no longer fight back against it we just have to bend over and take it it's all written in the rules of communism the original 10 rules it's in there

  38. Jeremy Peatman

    CNN is a joke

  39. Seniority Zone

    I guess I won't donate to them anymore!

  40. Chevy

    CNN will interview anyone that fits their manipulative agenda.

  41. J f

    Can’t wait until Biden puts everyone in quarantine camps courtesy of psychopath wannabe scientist bill gates and people realize their freedom is gone and is never coming back!

  42. Hank

    Does anybody believe CNN or Jim Acosta would give a objective analysis? The guy is a joke for a journalist. Fake news.

  43. Uncle Step-Dad

    I drew a ⭕. That reeeesembles the Nazi insignia!!! All it needs is the swastika. Reeeeee!!!

  44. Stephen Potter

    Fake news canceled

  45. linda salway

    I'm not worried cuz he can't do anything from prison 🤣😂

  46. Gerald Collier

    Am I the only one that had Bad feelings with this trash a year ago when this pandemic shit started.

  47. John Sims

    Joe can't face the public without mumbling and getting agitated because he knows president Trump got most of the legal votes and he knows we all know it too.

  48. Shadow Star


  49. Jeanne Foster

    Sooo.... all an invading army needs to do is dress up as white nationalists and carry flags and they can overrun the capitol? Interesting technique.

  50. Harley Potokar

    Biden and Harris is making America a shithole again.

  51. Martin Olson

    Thank you.

  52. Euro ANTIFA

    expected nothing less from the orange lying whiner

  53. The Terrain Wizard

    Chad Wolf is a criminal.

  54. Chris 159

    ATT- Cnn, trump is not potus anymore. How about reporting on Biden? Stop sniffing trumps sack cnn.

  55. Jim Hamrick

    I’m shocked there are people who still take lying Jim and CNN seriously.

  56. Activation Codes 🔥💚🔥

    All news anchors talk like NPC's. What's wrong with them ?

  57. Veronica Hillery

    Where the Spirit of the Lord Jesus is there is Liberty!

  58. Therd Ai

    What is wrong with CNN?

  59. Deplorable Gear

    So, how many dislikes have been erased?

  60. j39 91f3r

    I miss him already.

  61. Kai Fiji

    1:19 A conversation you can hear

  62. Rolling Stoned

    CNN = Communist News Network - The left and big tech is scared shitless that the Trump Train is stronger than ever... #Trump2024

  63. Angela Q

    May the republicans party Rest In Peace. Very sad I actually had more in common with republicans then democrat now it’s just a joke.

  64. Calvin Gaming

    Yall are so pidaful

  65. Brenda Smith

    we do know hillary wipes with a nasty woman.

  66. *Esaíah*


  67. Paul

    Kinzinger should just change the R behind his name to a D bec. he sounds more like a Democrat than many Democrats.

  68. elbori2822rs

    The BIG Lie

  69. Brent Bowers

    Boy meets girl. Boy beats girl. Awesome! NOT!

  70. bee Cee

    F you jim

  71. Fred Max

    Hey Trumpturds: How does it feel to have been duped and swindled again by the most despicable Con-Man on the planet….Donald J. Trump?? He claimed massive voter fraud. He claimed rigged election. He claimed thousands of votes switched. And guess what??? When Gouhliani and his henchmen attorneys went to court, do you know how much evidence and proof they presented of this MASSIVE FRAUD?? NONE….ZERO….ZILCH….NADA!! Why? Because there wasn’t any. FACTS: There was NO voter fraud, there was NO rigged election, there was NO switched votes. It was all made up lies and conspiracy theories from YOUR Commander-in-GRIEF. FACT: YOUR Dotard LOST(by a landslide). FACT: Biden WON( by a landslide) and a FAIR ELECTION. Fact: Dotard's own appointee, Chris Krebs, said this was the most secure election ever! Bill Barr, Dotard's Attorney General, said he found no widespread fraud that would overturn the election! FACT: DOTARD’S OWN APPOINTED SUPREME COURT JUSTICES VOTED AGAINST HIM!!!!!!!!!! So, 76,000 Americans say to you: GET OVER IT! And we say to Donald J. Trump: THE ONLY FRAUD IS YOU! GOODBYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE. I SURE HOPE THE WHITE HOUSE DOOR SLAMMED YOUR ASS REAL HARD ON THE WAY OUT!!

  72. Nate Themac

    That’s the one thing I don’t have republicans gotten to the point where it’s all about 1 person?! Since when has it ever been about one person?!!! That’s like North Korea!

  73. Mike Willams


  74. 79 purple trans am burnout

    Hey cnn you do realize there is more news out there other than trump. You people are obsessed but ten again without trump you will have no ratings

  75. Nate List

    CNN talking about fire hose of falsehoods? The irony.

  76. The Terrain Wizard

    You are interviewing a man who aided and abetted Trump. Chad Wolf is complicit with the attempted coup in the USA. Chad Wolf abducted American citizens in Trump’s name.

  77. Mark Cicero

    CNN is trash.

  78. God [The micronation of 7OD]

    1.Designed to save lives 2.Doesn't


    Wowwww, 29.