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  1. Da Man Above

    When bodycam footage come back fast usually the cops done the right thing. But when they hold bodycam footage for an "investigation" the cops have been Bad Boys.

  2. ORD 4R

    STFU LeBron James!

  3. loner joe

    The suspect may had have a knife and she's using it attacking another person. Did it deserve a fatal response from the police? Police in America have both gun and taser, right? Can that police disarm/disable the suspect by tasing her instead of shooting her dead? Just askin.

  4. PB DaEmpress

    Yeah, this is a different situation here. She could've killed that girl & I don't think the police would have gotten to her quick enough before she stabbed that girl she was holding the knife to. This whole situation is sad for all parties involved & could've been avoided. It's sad that she got shot, but the officer was saving the other girl's life. Another young life gone 😟

  5. Nelson Hernandez

    I wish Don would apply this thinking to every situation.

  6. Dd Rock

    There are not many restaurants, good quality concerts, nor shopping in Duluth. It’s very “clicky.” Very very small town atmosphere. They don’t welcome out of towners well. Small town mind. Very sheltered people there. It’s as if people in Duluth have never traveled outside of their surroundings. Odd.

  7. Angael Tartar Rose

    In all fairness, the experimental, emergency-approved vaccine is not proving to be the best answer. It is being outgunned by IVERMECTIN, which has been around for decades, with a much stronger safety record. Ask your doctor, & do your own due diligence.

  8. Norm MacLeod

    Jordan needs a slap. What a fool.

  9. Crystal Bee

    The police wasn't wrong this time... The only problem is the officer could have shot someone else.

  10. Anthony Ocran

    King of fake news (BBC)

  11. He Was Fuzzy Wuzzy

    The girl with the knife knew she wasn't going to get the chance again to do what she was determined to do-"the law and death be damned" was definitely her mind set.

  12. O

    I don't give a damn about lemons reaction.

  13. Ryan

    This is some great reporting! Wow awesome story guy! Cnn keeps losing credibility by the day. It’s actually getting embarrassing now.

  14. Corrina A Genter

    I am totally impressed at how she presented herself in this interview.

  15. heyoa

    He's not black man! He's brown man mixed stop calling us black!!!

  16. mylifes a movie your life is my life

    If you dont have a weapon.......

  17. Safety Freedom

    ❤️TRUMP 2024❤️

  18. Marven G

    The officer's absence is validation of her approach was not by the book.. anyone feeling that they were right and they would have went to give an interview or even gave a statement she didn't do either she should be fired on that alone

  19. Truth Respect

    She is the lone voice because SHE is the only one with balls to stand up vs a bully 🤔

  20. Juan Gonzalez

    This literally shouldn't have to exist

  21. nama Saya

    My heart broken after seeing the baby

  22. Bill Billson

    “Our hearts go out for the he who had the uhhhh” Joe biden

  23. joe bunda

    As a European observer i must say that in my opinion this lemon guy is one of the biggest promoters of racism in America, its actually disgusting.

  24. Toke Joker

  25. Tommy r Westbrook

    Blm founder's are croaked

  26. TheHate FuLL1

    Only if you are a weak as bit

  27. chagerts

    john mccain was a representative of the good kind of republican

  28. Rather Not

    Trump is correct. Biden covering up problems domesticslly

  29. junito crespo

    CNN news should be banned for life with their propaganda!!!

  30. Sea King

    Chauvin was just doing is job. The jury was threatened by Joe Biden.

  31. crzchris 246

    The cop open fire at both the suspect and the victim. They weren't trying to save anybody they were looking for an excuse to discharge their weapon

  32. ナタリー猫

    Cop gave instructions. She still attempted murder and you’re still exploiting her death as a hate cop stepping stone.

  33. Headstrong

    I agree with obama and valerie jerrat. The Officer should`ve walked away and let these saggiN fk`n kill each other. Who cares!!!

  34. shahid yoosuf

    In America if someone act like this it means she is peacefull? So is this racist or not?

  35. Glenda Green

    Cheney won’t be around in 2024. The people of Wyoming have already let her know that when she doesn’t represent them rather than her own political agenda they will censure her-recall/impeachment is next. Right Liz. This is a mute subject

  36. Francis Chambless

    CNN, traitors you can count on to lie and distort, defame and enflame.

  37. LRuss

    Hey propaganda pushers, can you do a story that doesn’t include Trump? Didn’t think so, gotta get those ratings somehow since everyone is on to your LIES

  38. Dennis explorer

    I don't believe anything CNN puts out. Yes I hope these thugs face justice for the choices they made. But to blame President Trump is nothing than grasping for views b/c they are masters of deception.

  39. Pamela Lenski

    America crap

  40. melaminated soul soul

    The father should have been deesculating the situation and trying to calm his daughter and getting the knife from her instead of kicking someone in the damn head!!

  41. Asghar Asghar Ali

    All this happend because of terriest county israil.

  42. dragonrushruler

    He had that face like “god dammit that was stupid”

  43. Stephen B. Smith

    Why would you reveal yourself??? Every cop gonna come after you until you have nothing left.

  44. theBeatsbyj

    What was the purpose of the rectal question?

  45. MadClanPC

    I wonder how many of their elections we interfered in LOL we should just do our best to buckle down on our own election security. This isn't going to change. But if we are to beat China we will need Russia on our side.

  46. GhostTownJuggalo

    Some of these people in the comments really think cops can just take a split second decision and just magically shoot the legs and arms. This isn't a movie or old western. Center mass is key. Tasers fail. When your trying to save another life, you have to react in an instant. You go for the sure thing. When he got there, they should have stopped, end of story.

  47. Tyler Johnson

    Like how dumb are these people, cops are literally walking up and you’re attempting a homicide right in front of them

  48. Steven Phillips

    Thank You The Word of God is established forever.

  49. R E

    Poridge for Chauvin for Life for George

  50. Tommy r Westbrook

    Putin knows Joe Biden is weak

  51. e r

    Liz cheney will not win next time, shes out

  52. Brian Ernst

    So the girl was 'defending herself, from the others two girls. She's like 6'3 350 and the dad looks like a shooting guard (albeit not a good one if you catch my drift). Well if you've managed to hold off your 'defense' until the police arrived, you have succeeded in your goal of calling the police. Why continue to use force with a deadly weapon when they show up? Where was this foster home? It looks like a rather nice neighbourhood

  53. R S

    I was hoping to click in & see Val punching him in the face.

  54. Louie Niglio

    The guy that kicked the girl in the head I wonder if he was part of BLM protest buy the looks of it he does not care if he killed the girl buy kicking her in the head.

  55. Azul Horan Hemmings

    I'm crying :'(

  56. Weirdunclebob V

    He's a typical Republican. There are some atypical that are possibly redeemable but the vast majority are arrogant, racist, sexist, homophobic, genderphobic compassionless arse-hats.

  57. David Starr

    Jordan's an ass hat

  58. Him

    This guy acts like a middle school he is so stupid

  59. Red Mustang 1976

    I would enjoy watching this if there was no cheesy news reporter voice yelling the whole time.

  60. Julian Torres

    Crazy to think these two dudes are gone.... but they sure seem Alive in this interview to me. Masters in their own arena most def! Glad they had the conversation recorded.

  61. FunctionForm

    Must be John Kerry or Oprah on their way to a Green New Deal summit. Or maybe just going to get a burger.

  62. rek131

    God damn, I wish Stacey Abrams was our VP. There has never been a more honest and freedom fighting American.

  63. Sea King

    Everyone knows b on b crime is the problem and travesty. White supremacy is just another ruse by Biden and his godless democrat party.

  64. Dayna Balcom

    It's funny how ya bring up trump tripping. Now your president eats crap falling everyday.

  65. Tyler Johnson

    Just stop responding to any blk police call ... I mean honestly because this is what the evil MSM is going to do is try to divide

  66. junito crespo

    Sorry about your nephew but if he had cooperated, and not escalated the situation, he would have been here today.

  67. Carlos Delgado

    Trump 2024

  68. Richard Mc kenzie

    Of interest to executives Dealering with people ....... Even when it t seems hop less to draw any thing nearing perfection out ofa worker, try to make something of him . Many managers rule by affection. If you have successfully operating department or branch you need never apologize for having founded your security on the affection of your people rather than on your dominance over them.

  69. gutz1981

    "She lunged at SOMEONE with a knife." Notice how the news plays up the gender and age of the person shot, but ignores all that for the person that was saved? The media is dividing the world.

  70. Ovila Labonte

    Biden is their leader and supports street gangs too!

  71. rabidsamfan

    I wear the mask so I don’t have to handle it again and again. Saves on hand sanitizer. Also, the masks and what is now being pooh-poohed as hygiene theatre, combined, almost certainly cut down on other infections, saving hospitals from having to deal with stuff like food poisoning or bacterial diseases.

  72. SouLoveLee_

    Has anyone ever said something about the fact, that the didn’t take the little girl away from the scene and let her watch someone die?

  73. ORD 4R

    don't try to make this into something it's not CNN

  74. Jeremy Vanbuskirk

    I see how trump won. He took the less morale route, used people's inner racism to gain votes. Like you have to be blind to not see these peoples hates towards non whites. It's crazy...really sad

  75. Dave Jones


  76. Dashboard F

    Thank you for sharing

  77. Dave Jones

    Holy shit it's a WHITE MAN

  78. baby locs

    This made me cry😰💔