Witness describes narrow escape from falling airplane debris


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    A United Airlines flight was forced to return to Denver International Airport after it suffered an engine failure shortly after takeoff, sending aircraft debris raining down on soccer fields, homes and yards in a Denver suburb. CNN's Pamela Brown spoke to witness, Kirby Klements, who walked outside to find a large piece of the plane had fallen right in front of his house.
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    1. Googl Reviews

      Ofcourse it's a Boeing plane, lol.

    2. T K

      I just told my mother in law they found her lost wedding ring

    3. T Brockton

      That's a news guy who's pretending he's one of the people who live in that neighborhood.

    4. bassbuckmaster

      CNN " racist plane attacks house"

    5. samkilltoo

      Everyone that think he should be reporter, he probably got better job and get paid more than news reporter. He is good at being interviewed.

    6. Johnny Pena

      Imagine you’re thinking about proposing to someone and a giant ring falls from the sky. Is that a sign ? 😂😂

    7. Duc Tran

      This guy know his stuff

    8. wtf_ usa

      "Yard artwork in this neighborhood generously donated by the Boeing Corporaration."

    9. marilyn w

      Very suspenseful!

    10. Blake Griffin

      A lot of big checks coming his way. My man just became a millionaire.

    11. Chris Young

      If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

    12. Loyi Kyong

      Am impressed by his knowledge of planes. Thank God no one hurt below or on the plane.

    13. Natalie Cresci

      This witness is very well informed they should hire him

    14. Vick Trehan

      CNN should Hire Kirby for Reporting

    15. James Casali

      I thought this guy was a news reporter!! Great job!!

    16. robert shaw

      Boeing DID NOT build the engine that lost a turbine blade folks, They did not service the engine either. Boeing has not fault here.

    17. NNA

      Greetings ... Feb ‘21 UAL 238 Uncontained Engine Failure…. CNN had early interview with an expert who explained what may have happened. The fellow was an older gentleman who is a pilot AND a lawyer specializing in aviation industry issues. Needless to say that the interview was skewed such that an average viewer might never want to fly again. Please forward the two videos attached to this comment to anyone you know that would like to hear ‘the rest of the story’ about how this incident was handled from the perspective of a well respected aviator and a 777 pilot. Juan Browne is very good at explaining things in terms most people can understand. Wellll……,… Boeing stock will undoubtedly take an undeserved hit, as well as more bad PR. However, seems that this and other similar incidents are really a problem that belongs on Pratt-Whitney’s shoulders. They are going to have to figure out the cause of fan blade failure and perhaps take a look at how well their engines age as hours pile up on older aircraft. Will probably result in inspection interval being shortened for these engines. Good that a great many 777’s and other heavy weight aircraft using these engines are currently sidelined due to Pandemic, so any mandated inspections should be easily accommodated. Some airlines were planning on retiring 777 aircraft in next few years anyway. Interesting interpretations follow based upon Juan’s comments…. 2nd Video discusses ETOPS decision, with an opinion that if an engine failure like that which occurred over Denver had happened between West Coast and Hawaii that resulted in a windmilling fan and shaking/wobbling engine may have necessitated flying slower (and lower) so engine would not eventually shear bolts and fall off the wing. Apparently plenty fuel to do so, since ETOPS would require planning before takeoff for a cabin decompression emergency where an aircraft would need to be flying around 10,000’ anyway. (In my mind, a pilot in that situation might need to be rather creative, perhaps, with his aviating to keep off balance windmilling fan/engine harmonics at a minimum, yet fly stable and conserve fuel.) Juan also pointed out that incident investigators may also have an opportunity to discover if fire suppression systems on aircraft will still work effectively with an engine cowling that is entirely missing. Juan seems to think that the fire that was visible from passenger cabin was from leaking oil or hydraulic fluid. Blancolirio channel: ithomes.info/net/uM-iyMtqkHqXhHo/video ithomes.info/net/qduHpqeroIGhmZw/video Stay Well....


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    19. j M

      this man needs to be a reporter

    20. Sweb 35

      That’s scary ah because what if it struck someone I mean it would decapitate them or kill them. Glad everyone is okay.

    21. John 3:16

      Toxic parts. You need to all relocate to a luxury hotel. Keep safe for we are sojourners in this world.

    22. Jim Holesaw


    23. Julie

      Metal fatigue i hear

    24. Pale Zombie

      Isn’t it great that CNN can do news again, and not focus on donny doofus 24/7

    25. Boy Epic

      "When a engine lands on your car we've got you covered, visit GEICO" -GEICO 2020

    26. Philip Benz

      Why is it always have to be outside, in the cold? You could have interviewed him in his home.

    27. Nils Ottomanz

      "Does anyone have a loose screw?, I found a nut..." Mr.John Spacer

    28. Antony johnson

      Didn't trump save them from going under.. for what? Now they are falling out of the sky.

    29. YieM 1331

      His first thought was $$$$

    30. Frank Kempf

      Covid Cuomo, 15,000 Covid deaths in New York. Watch out DOJ and FBI are all over it!!!

    31. oldi184

      American planes are literally falling apart in the air.

    32. Nikki Williams

      Does he get to keep it?

    33. C Boucher

      This guy just won the lottery.. they're gonna write him a big fat cheque. Lol

    34. Jameel Ali

      Keep your prayer line going brother.

    35. Richard Frerks


    36. Space Lemur

      Does the guy get to keep it as a memento?

    37. Space Lemur

      Truly gives meaning to the phrase "breaking news."

    38. Jonny

      That's what I love about Colorado. We're so laid back. Lol

    39. Greg Brogan

      Wow! Kirby was on the job! Knows his stuff!

    40. E M.

      Lol he sounds like a reporter.

    41. Justin Brazelton

      He should get to pick any truck he wants of the lot. Fully loaded.

    42. Justin Brazelton

      Donnie Darko any one?

    43. hexalone

      Would have been nice if that plane was flying over mar la go and falls on Trump while he's on the golf course !

    44. BoringCanadian

      This is proof, even during a pandemic, miracles can happen

    45. Beeski

      I’m so glad everyone was ok

    46. Stephen B. Smith

      Was this a witness or a reporter? This guy is a natural at talking. Pamela should have let him keep going. Shame on her. CNN should reach out and hire this guy as a full time reporter.

    47. George W Bush Center for Intelligence

      Does it become my property if it lands on my property ? I would like to keep the things that almost killed me as a sovunier. But most like things in life the feds probably will say no.

    48. Varda Sarnat

      airplane is built with light materials - foam or plywood on thin aluminum structure - yet - when it hits 60 steel columns of wtc the airplane goes through and disappears as if the steel beams were simply butter ... no doubt the laws of aerodynamic physics change according to the event.

    49. pc 7x

      Trump makes airplane parts fall from sky - CNN

    50. asiatmpo1

      A airplane part coming through my ceiling would be a horrible start to a new day.

    51. alfred chan

      I experienced the same thing some 12 years ago on a flight from Purto Rico to Miami. Looking out the window I saw the left engine on fire burning bright in the night sky and burning smell filled the cabin. The lady next to me was so frightened she grab my hand and didn't let go until the plane landed. All passengers got off, waited at Miami airport and were told to get back on board some 3 hours later, to the same plane stated by the airline to have been repaired! Fortunately the fight was aborted last minute for unknown safety reason and the airline housed all passengers in the airport hotel for the night.

    52. Viral Construction

      What’s going through your mind?” Well luckily not a piece of a plane. 🤣

    53. Brian Kanner

      He seemed way more prepared to answer questions knowledgeably than she seemed capable of asking them.

    54. DJ Ness

      Wish this guy was my grandpa.

    55. Ulla Sievertsen

      Beeing a flightattendant I would totally keep the big engine part 😍

    56. Octo Girl

      I wouldn’t give them their engine part back until i had a new truck in my driveway.

    57. xlar54

      cnn is garbage

    58. Janick Goudeau

      The lady dosen't stop for once, interrupting the home owner, it took eight minutes just to get through about a thirty second narrative..

    59. Romans 12:21

      We are being taken into communism for our sins much like Israel was taken into Babylon for their sins against God.

    60. Enslaved by No Media

      sheep alert!

    61. Scott Richards

      I wonder if anything was removed before the NTSB arrived .Hopefully everyone was ok but sadly it all looks like it fell way to close to interfering humans and like the Lockdowns of the Corona Pandemic telling people to stay at home it is like pissing into the wind telling people to leave things alone and don't touch .

    62. HALON747

      "Today's weather...cloudy with a chance of scattered Pratt and Whitney engine parts"🤣

    63. Rock Stone

      That is one weird story for insurance....... “yeah this metric ton of a airplane annihilated my car”

    64. Laura H

      CNN has found their new news anchor in this guy.

    65. William Hou

      Damn! Thank god that the plane landed safely and that nobody got hurt!😬

    66. MissThang

      The BOT comments are so obvious it's disgusting.

    67. Massimiliano Di Carlo

      Donnie Darko wasn't that lucky ...

    68. Cameron H

      1:12 Wow, Fantastic Baby!

    69. Fortuna

      This guy has a talent for being a good reporter :)

    70. Emm Yo

      It is miraculous that no one was hurt!!😃🥰👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    71. Slywolf1992

      The prospect of this has haunted me for years. Crazy that is really happens.

    72. Eric Kasey

      F*** cnn...!! #FakeNews

    73. vvebvvaster

      Large, metal ring falls from the Sky. Reporter: So you knew immediately what it was? Impressive! Witness: Well, basic observation contraindicated a bird or Frisbee, and considering Occam's Razor and all...

    74. johnson john

      I use to like and trust CNN I mean everything about it, but lately I'm starting to recognize these unprepared, unprofessional, uneducated fake ass hankers that I wonder if they just fake their way all the way in to the upper ladders of the news business, I mean who knows maybe they even fake their citizenship or even gender

    75. equarg

      That guys truck.....totaled by a massive chunk off a 777. That had to be an awkward call to the insurance agency. At least his house is ok. This would be a great Farmers insurance commercial. “We know a thing or two, because we have seen a thing or two!”

    76. 5 min relaxing

      pilots are heroes

    77. Agolf Tweetler

      1 minute and 53 seconds in and I can't listen to it she's asking what went through his mind I wanted to just snap on her instead I'm saving my data I'm not watching this crap

      1. johnson john

        Tell me about it, she's so annoying, honest to god her over exaggeration turns this incident into something that ppl will never even wanna know about anymore, it's kind of like "a way to set something into the defamation road"

    78. chaun horne

      Thank God everyone is safe but people have to stop trying to blame Boeing for this one you do not know how old that plane was and Boeing only inshore those place for a certain amount of years this is on the airline and there maintenance team I could’ve just been a freak accident and a lot of those planes have been grounded for a little minute because of Covid and are flying without a check out

    79. Ryan George

      This dude is just like "fucking cha-ching $$$$$$$$$$$"

    80. Ch zahid fazal chak pindi FAZAL

      Thanks Allah people’s save 🇵🇰

    81. ParArdua

      Boeing + FAA = Death

    82. Steven Mccullough

      Really not the way you want a new lawn ornament delivered!

    83. Joyce Bowen

      That guy is a great news caster beautiful voice charming person

    84. Randy C

      Hellyeah- Welcome Home

    85. IC URANIS

      So glad everyone is ok. This could have been much worse. Years ago, I made some of those engine fan parts they've discussed.

    86. Spencer Hoch

      What a small world... This was a mile or two away from my cousin's place.

    87. Johnny Mnemonic

      Biden's administration has just been caught emailing the WHO about recalibrating the parameters in which they count Covid deaths. The new parameters would cause Covid case numbers & deaths to drop dramatically when implemented. So I guess this was the "plan" Biden was referring to, the one that would be implemented his first day in office. LOL I guess he's learning from the unemployment department, they say unemployment numbers are falling, but they are just taking people who qualify for unemployment off the list, by changing the parameters in which they're counted. This is the definition of corruption, not to mention that Biden's financial advisors are Black Rock executives, Black Rock has a 16 billion dollar investment with the Saudi government for the oil pipeline they are building there, this is why Biden's first order of business was to kill the Keystone XL pipeline, Black Rock's investment increased by 24% the very day that Biden signed that executive order, killing hundreds of thousands of American jobs. Biden and his close friends stand to profit BILLIONS of dollars just from this one investment. Biden has already sent a letter to the Saudi government sayin he is in full support of the building of the pipeline. Biden is as corrupt as they come, he couldn't even wait 1 single day to screw over Americans, kill they're jobs and then personally profit from they're destruction. He and his friends will become even more wealthy then they were before. You people can't even pay your rent or feed your kids and Biden is profiting off your heads.

    88. Charles Velazquez

      Good lord, the latency between her and the guy must be stupid high. It was getting hard to watch how they would try to talk while the other was trying to talk.

    89. 360Rumors

      hmm how much would that be on eBay...? 🤑😂

    90. Neil Feinberg

      Chicken Little aside, this is my worst fear of air travel personified!

    91. sk8queen

      I knew there would be lots of problems when all those United employees took early retirement during the pandemic. Looks as if all the seasoned mechanics left.

    92. Vortex

      Nobody is " at their home reading their paper". Millionare news host is utterly out of touch with most Americans reality

    93. Ajaz Baig

      Please live Muslims to own way prophet Mohammed sallahualaiwassallam is right way our mosque madrasas otherwise world wait for dezaster

    94. TerraRubicon

      Good job deregulating Boeing!

    95. Just Me

      Karma saying it is IGNORANT TO BE TRAVELLING amidst an extremely deadly worldwide pandemic that mutates faster & risks us all the more it is spread before we get enough people vaccinated 🙄

    96. Kareem Salessi

      @ Flimsy-O-Ring!!!!

    97. todd prifogle

      I can understand the nervous laughter but only so far .

    98. D M

      Amazing that plane did not crash. With hundreds of passengers.

    99. Cristian Carvajal

      One day

    100. Mark Furst

      Donnie Darko IRL