He took the symbolic photo of Texas crisis. Hear his story


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    Thomas Black took the powerful image symbolizing the winter weather crisis that continues to pummel the state of Texas. Black spoke with CNN's Chris Cuomo to detail the challenges he and his neighbors continue to face.
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    1. Chris Randall

      Leadership failure!!!!

    2. Bianca Hills

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    3. illiac

      And Texas wants to secede. Lmao

    4. Levi Farr

      Wow,. the fact this is not a national Crisis that is immediately dealt with is absurd.

    5. Mila X

      Global warming

    6. Spark TheLight

      Been there in another state we got very sick from Black Toxic Mold don't stay wait it out like we did

    7. ThE LaW

      What was the temperature outside and for how long?

    8. note book

      This administration is a joke!

    9. Ageof Craccadillia

      Fuck Texas ya thought you was so special better then everyone

    10. Exiledwest


    11. Amy Anderson

      If CNN cared, then maybe they would be down there helping and providing assistance. NO they are just exploiting the situation like hungry wolves. CNN SUCKS

    12. Peacemaker 315

      youre all experiencing what isolated reserve 'indians' go thru all over Turtle Island. even, still right now theyre boiling water and snow since the 1970s.. how come yous dont care about the ininewuk yous stolen the land from? double standard. warrior up. we do everyday we wake up as canada and amerika sh*t on us 24/7.

    13. Mike g

      I hate the news with all my heart

    14. ćŔŮŅçhÝ $ FŔœĢ

      What ever happened to coming together with a plan on a grassroots community level. Show the guv that they are not fit. Show the kids what survival is really about. These are the type leaders that you are voting in office. How can anyone even attempt to point a finger? You can't leave your survival up to rich Congress officials with $1000 suits.

    15. Nicki N

      Are there not stadium, or museums, malls or buildings that have generators kick in to serve as emergency shelters?? Texas definitely has the infrastructure!? Most commercial buildings should have generators that kick in? Am I wrong? Get power to these places first and shelter people, then worry about residential in order of priority to people do not freeze to death. Texas better find/elect a senator with a better sense of judgement. The captain of the ship jumping ship and leaving its passengers behind is disappointing.

    16. Elizabeth Martin

      Natural disasters doesn't discriminate against anyone. You can't control the weather.

    17. Elizabeth Martin

      All their common Sense went to double mask

    18. Elizabeth Martin

      Where is the governor and major and the lieutenant governor of Texas?

    19. African Vulture

      It’s like an ice age in Texas.

      1. Patrick Taylor

        Uhhh..it's over now

    20. HaXxXo VtotheZ

      How the hell did this happen in the first place? What did you do now Obama???

    21. Common Sense


    22. Ms Amphictyonis

      New strain of co- video due to co-sheltering ! Vac sin ate the sht out of those trouble makers! How dare they succeed from our glorious co . Me union! Whose ordering Chinese food?

    23. hopeseeker97

      Where is Kenneth Copeland and all those rich so called pastors? Shows their true motive!

    24. Janesblonde007

      What has the so-called fighting administration done for Texas?! Why isn't the federal government helping Texas, because they're a red state they're being racist political racist help the states in the country before you let it in any illegal immigrants!!

    25. lisa lisa

      the fake image that pictures been circulating on the internet from the last yr maybe two ... crisis actor say boiling the snow ... yeah u go out and try boil snow and see if it melts... HAARP DARPA BAPHOMET BOWERS - MOLECH LOVERS THE CABAL WANTS POPULATIONS DEAD

    26. Ana Bella

      I left the US 3 years ago because I saw how the country had declined in the last decade. My son is school age and I didn’t want my child to have to go through shooting drills. Also the racial tensions have been at an all time high for many, many years. I am proud to be an American and I love my country, but I have to do it from afar. Things will only get worse. The US needs a major shift. There shouldn’t be working families starving because even with two incomes they cannot afford enough food. We need to care about one another. It’s unacceptable that anyone in a country as rich as the USA goes hungry or without a roof.

    27. Luke The Gamer Boy

      its the you know for me

    28. Catherine Montalbano-Harris

      I can’t imagine having to live like this. As a NY’er I’ve dealt with snow storms in the past but nothing like this. I’m praying for my neighbors in Texas. I just moved from Long Island to California to get away from the cold/snow. Where can donations be sent that will directly be used for the citizens for food or toiletries?

    29. Al Gore Rhythm


    30. Tristan Taylor

      Ok first of all... they have to boil water to drink water....but they have like everything else?... and this guy how many times said... shouldn't have to... deal with this.... my whole life has been shouldn't have to..... get over it...... drink your snow...with your stove and internet and life that looks pretty freakin good you dumbass from texas. your problem is a 2 year old white girl problem.

    31. Pinche Gringo

      Go back to New York and cover your pathetic pathetic mafia want to be brother

    32. Pinche Gringo

      Hey Christopher why are you covering this dues let’s cover your brother come on man go against the grain cover your brother we love that idiot

    33. Ibelongto God

      So where is your Biden helping these people?

    34. 408Magenta

      Fredo, fuck off!!

    35. roberto444hot

      Can’t wait for the Cuomo Mafia to be exposed. BTW - I’m not even American. “The best is yet to come”


      Texas is your future.

    37. Patrick Wealhairss

      Fake news

    38. Cashless

      This is part of the agenda-and they know----no cap

    39. westcoast1axxx

      You better focus on your brother Fredo....

    40. Elsie Schmaltz

      Fire places and generates.

    41. Elsie Schmaltz

      Prayer is needed churches.

    42. Benni Gin

      This right here needs to teach us independent Americans to know our neighbors and rely on one another. They speak of people of the top that were elected by us not doing their job & realize don't just elect someone that tells you they will do something for you when it really is about money & power for them. In fact the people at the bottom (which is the majority) need to come together and realize their strength & actual skills which are many, for sure. Love your neighbors guys and rely on one another and try to see that truth. You really are brothers and sisters, mothers & fathers, ect.

    43. Miss Lucky

      Thomas said they are boiling BATH TUB WATER!! The commentator says, TWICE, they are boiling snow. What's with the media deception? Snow is different than bath tub water.

    44. Darlene Howard

      up tro biden go after the clown biden

    45. Pete Clarke

      So still have internet???

    46. Teresa Merimee Stack

      Worst face on TV. Chris lies about everything. Metals in snow because it’s artificial.

    47. John Doe

      How is FREDO's bro?

    48. Cherokee Girl

      What about the outrageous electric bills getting laid on Texans? Gouging

    49. Antivenom Adams

      What a nightmare! My 💓goes out Texas🙏

    50. kaylabalay

      owosso middle school!!

    51. Doro Parker

      Whow, looks like winter in Texas. When did climate change like this? Stay strong in Texas.

      1. illiac

        People have been talking about climate change for decades. It did not suddenly change.

    52. Sue

      Walk off Cuomo.

    53. Catalia Bloom

      Prayers up for those in Texas.. This is soo crazy man ..sorry for those poor folks hope they get help soon 😢🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 .

    54. mikegs400

      staged answers typical cnn...

    55. thomas john devine

      God damn the CIA & their Geo-Engineering programming this homer disaster, believe me, people they brought this upon y'all...🙃

    56. a ww

      That is what you get when your government spent all your money/ taxes to the military for warmongering all over the world instead invest in your country and its ppl.

    57. Miele Wilkins

      Yes Cruz does not care about people

    58. k98237

      Stop whining! Start surviving! Texans were NOT PREPARED. Y'all prep for hurricanes and floods, but forgot about other possible disasters then want govt to bail you out? Having to pee in the toilet more than four times before you flush it is not a crisis situation. Take responsibility for your own survival! The longer you wait and wait on government aid and not handle it yourself somehow some way, you just die a little more everyday with disappointment in the processes. I am not without compassion, just live on my own, watch the weather, plan accordingly. And decisively know that if I don't do it, it don't get done.

    59. Lonnie Hegwood

      Ted Cruz just showed you Republican Texans what you guys are to him. Nothing

    60. Gabrielle Lowe

      We all know that HARP sent this weather in to the good people of Texas. But the wicked ones are falling down one by one. The same ones who sent in the storm Katrina .....order out of chaos. Wake up people. We are removing the lower vibrational entities of reptilian bloodlines and their advocates and bringing forth a heaven on Earth as intended. Trust and have faith that God always keeps a promise 🙏. Stay safe and protected and warm and know that you are loved unconditionally! Say no to vaccines that are not good. The wicked ones are trying desperately to introduce Artificial intelligence into your DNA. The children are being removed from the tunnels under the White house and the other tunnels around the world. From Vatican's leaders straight to the puppets on a witch hunt to try hide the truth from humanity for greed power and control. We are winning the good Lord's battle and removing the wicked bloodlines and their advocates from getting out of jail that have been using the money to traffic children and families and use them as sacrifices. Hollywood is falling. And the true stars are coming together and helping raise the vibrations of Mother Earth to remove the past lower vibrational entities that have not had the best interest of humananity at heart. #warroirsforlove,peace,lightandtruth and the truth shall set everyone free at last !

    61. Jeff Sommer

      Cruz let Texans Down? You fool, where is Federal Relief? If Trump was still office the Dems word be roasting him for not helping. All you hear is crickets from these Socialist. CNN fake news.

    62. My Life

      That ceiling fan is crazy! Ceiling fan: oh! So you want it cold! I'll give you cold 🥶

    63. kittylover247 kenelia

      Big lie why do you all believe anything produced by CNN central negative news lies $$ Donate $$

    64. Cathy Fields

      I seen what your brother did Chris and this man is on your lying show and tell this man to reseach HAARP

    65. Michael Grubbs

      So bias in its conduction of news

    66. Michael Grubbs

      Who's going to pay for the extra infrastructure that it would it would take to handle a 100 year storm

    67. Germany X

      Sandbranch Tx has never had water in over 100 years

    68. Kelly Corcam

      Demented Biden just learned the other day that Texas wasn't in Europe.

    69. Yawa Is natural

      Did he say boiling ❄️!???? How is this possible when You can’t even melt it when you put a lighter to it😩😳🤯

    70. Kathy Ireland

      Remember Biden said it would be a dark winter? This was done deliberately.

    71. Gary Cummings

      CNN communist news New World order. Look at your $1 note Americans With love from Australia

    72. Kathy Ireland

      This is the Cabal's doing.

    73. Elizabeth Evenson

      The scientists said we needed to upgrade our grid all the way back in 2001. They did do SOME stuff, but South Texas had 100+ hours under 20 F, the wind turbines froze up, and my bff and her dude had to come in and crash with me for multiple days because he's on home dialysis and while *I* never lost power they definitely did. (I'm in San Antonio, and basically mine stayed on because I'm about four long blocks from a power station and five from Lackland.)

    74. Natalie FromCA

      No food!!! No water!!!! But perfect WiFi 👌😜

    75. Bonnie Hundley

      Im thinking of that Frozen movie all of a sudden.

    76. Drakoshi

      Show this to climate change deniers. And why the hell do you pay taxes if then the government won't care in times like these?

    77. Redox Bear

      CNN is garbage

    78. Jada

      Weather catastrophes are horrifically humbling. Our compassion goes out to all in harms way!

    79. M E

      The culling of America

    80. M E

      Why is this happening

    81. Ann Marie Luyando

      Where is biden during this crisis? People are freezing to death and starving!

    82. Amber Lovaas-Pearce

      I have been watching a lot about what's going on in Texas, and it just saddens me. My heart goes out to all those people. I do have one question, and please correct if I am wrong, it just really confused my friend and I. We were looking at the slideshow pictures in this video of the damage and flooding, from the younger gentlemans apartment and my friend noticed what we would assume is the date the picture was taken, now, I am NOT implying anything, we were just confused and curious and thought just ask rather than assume. Nevertheless, our thoughts and prayers go out to all the people being affected by this tragic crisis...

    83. Dan Konzior


    84. Mary Sybil

      I will tell you what we all need. We need to be BORN AGAIN AND BAPTISED IN THE HOLY SPIRIT. This is the only way to get saved. ....JOHN 3: 5 Jesus answered , Verily Verily, I say unto thee except a man be BORN of WATER AND OFF THE SPIRIT HE CANNOT ENTER THE KINGDOM OF GOD!!!!!!You must save yourselves and your loved ones.Because all HELL will break loose When the RAPTURE happens and OUR LORD GOD ALMIGHTY take us to meet him in the clouds. The left behind on earth will suffer so much every second of the day and night, People will do what ever they want, as there will be no one to stop them. There will be no police to phone for help .It will be the survival of the fittest. Evil people will run rampaging . They will rape the children, and much worse.....I pray to my LORD GOD ALMIGHTY that I make it to heaven....( please GOD )...we have to help one another..............Yeah directed energy. can make these terrible weather conditions and all the fire that has been going on all over the world...Its those evil pricks that are causing so much devastating ...They are just continuing the depopulation agenda, They want the number of people in the world down to Five hundred million, as they...( The new world order and the Illuminati ) they reckon that amount of people will be easier to control......Its just to much.

    85. andrew jones

      Is it a coiencidence that months leading into winter is when the LA looneys all moves to Texas an now this happens lol

    86. Corrupt Mask

      You know does Canada go through in the winter?

    87. Polar One

      I thought USA always claimed that they are the best country and super power of the world so what is happening to that? With all your resources and power yet you are not prepared for COVID and now this. Its another embarrassment for the world to see.

    88. Jamia Burcham CNHP

      Boiling snow!?!? That man made concoction is toxic nano-particles! This was weather warfare not Mother Nature.

      1. C15 0001229684

        Nutjob... It's fucking snow.

    89. Colspiracy

      Weather modification at its finest. Sorry but your fucked. #corruptworld

    90. nicole lammers

      Welcome to what poor people have to go thru on & off thru thier life. You will make it.

    91. Jacob Smith

      How is he boiling snow that is right bath water. Not snow because whatever is falling is not snow I know several people who laugh when they are told this ..... They go grab a clump ball it up and put flame to it and it burns does not melt!!!! Wake up

      1. C15 0001229684

        Moron pass high school physics first.

    92. Barbara Ann

      But boiling snow for water is safe you if safe too drink it

    93. 1luv4j

      Ok 2 texus has had snow storms before. This ie anther example of government abuse. If it was like it was a snow storm in desert. The governor needs to be arrested for treason. California gov to they make laws to make money that is treason. They are in my opinion racist neo nazi kkk. This is to creat war. Fema will murder people. We need to stop them. The injections thos "shots" is code fore kill them. And they have shooters aka nazi gun squad. They giving them zombie shots to murder our people. Stop them!!!

    94. 1luv4j

      You used haarp to do this to them. Or, Other possibilty we about have an ice age.

    95. Dindu Nuffin

      Can someone tell me exactly what Cruz was supposed to do to keep people warm? My boss goes south for the winter and that's bad? We did without power or roads for 2 weeks last storm. Always looking to blame some one for anything, when there is not 1 thing he could do. That's what comes for depending on others for every thing , then when you're not ready to fend for yourselves and something happens, you can blame some one else. So why isn't Ted Cruz here helping me cut fire wood, shoveling snow, out getting food. Don't worry the government will help, maybe, probably best if you stay put and wait on them, though Biden hasn't done shit, but that's ok he's a Democrat, they get great praise for not doing shit.

    96. dana gegner


    97. Giovanni Lopez

      Wow....Texas in turmoil and where’s our government? Where’s the help?? No.....They are to busy worrying about foreign countries, No Their main concern is impeaching our “EX” president. And where’s that Stimulus package? What happened to that??

    98. Listra Gilzene

      He would have the temerity to mention what if the fire fighters can't get water then ends the interview. Insensitive. Talking about how amazed he is, that the documenter is keeping it together. Now come all the excuses which helps no one.

    99. Marion Schubert

      Why is there a photo date stamp of '98 on there, on the hallway photos?

    100. Billy Gil Music

      Greed will be the downfall of the United States. When Mega-Corporations and the Government can get away with murder, do we still have the nation our Founding Fathers fought so valiantly for?