'This is about making it more difficult to vote': John Avlon on new GA bill


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    CNN's John Avlon and Van Jones react to a Georgia GOP bill intended to restrict voting by taking measures like eliminating Sunday voting and limiting the use of drop boxes.
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    1. Chairman Jiao Bai Dun


    2. Lori Nelson

      Republicans have been engaged in Gerrymandering & voter suppression for decades.

    3. Lori Nelson

      Make election day a national holiday!!!! Long overdue! Democracies lesser than USA's even have an election holiday.

    4. Lori Nelson

      Time to seriously reevaluate your party & its platform when your sole focus is voter suppression because you know you can't win any other way.

    5. Lamont

      And what's wrong with that? I agree with what the GOP is doing in GA. GOP needs to step up in PA too. Stricter voting laws. No ID no vote and no more vote by mail. In person, or don't vote. If you can go to a store, or a nail salon, or barbershop, restaurant, casino etc... you can vote in person. No excuses!!!

    6. Alan Boothby

      Trump 2024!

    7. R. Marie Mouton


    8. T R

      Why make it easy? If you can't afford to get to the polls you aren't a contributing member of society so you should not have the right to vote.

    9. Leech

      Left: Let's cheat by making illegals able to vote in 8 years or less Right: Let's cheat by making it difficult to vote for minorities, especially black. Fair play imo.

    10. Christena Smalls

      I laugh when I see what the GOP is doing in GA. As a georgia voter for over 50 years the GOP is fighting against time and God. In 2022 and 2024 blacks will vote by any means necessary. The black turn out will be the greatest in Georgia history. People will walk off the job, churches will take people to the polls on days other than sundays, young people will take their peers to vote, the elderly like me will have their aged parents IDs ready. Nothing is going to stop us from getting to the polls....we will remember January 6, 2020.

    11. Ron Mathews

      The Democratic party cheated the criminals in the Democratic party cheated more racism nobody said black people were cheating we said everybody needs voter ID everybody everybody doesn't have a color?

    12. Ron Mathews

      Oh I forgot it's all just a black thing it's just all about the blacks if I was a black person I would be insulted to think CNN doesn't even think I can get a ID it seems like it would be insulting to the black community they didn't say just blacks have to have ID everybody has to have ID

    13. Ron Mathews

      33 States have some form of voter ID laws

    14. Ron Mathews

      Voter ID verify to certify in 2024 you can't cheat and think they won't be repercussions?

    15. Julkarnaen Jul


    16. 1000 Cars Plus

      🇺🇸🇺🇸 A NOTE FROM "WE THE PEOPLE" 🇺🇸🇺🇸 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 🇺🇸🇺🇸 🇺🇸 What all of you in Washington DC call domestic terrorism and insurrection is simply all of the American people showing disgust with all of you in government !!! You have become "King George" !!! You have failed to listen or to represent the American people and now you fear the American people will justifiably retaliate and so you all repeatedly coax the media to constantly promote the narrative and accuse "we the people" of illegal insurrection and revolt !! We are not the criminals as you would have us believe !!!!! It is you who are the criminals and crooks who have cheated us out of our deserved rights and American way of life and you have become disgustingly wealthy while doing so at our expense !!!!!! Like dictators of undemocratic countries you are afraid of being deposed from your positions of seemingly untouchable power and you therefore deflect the blame on us !!! You are now reaping what you have sown !!! That fence around the "people's house" in Washington DC will not change the people's minds !!! 🤔🤔

    17. Yannick Bourassa

      Just like Cuomo,I like strip poker

    18. Denise Ervin

      That’s the penalty for stealing an election! #TRUMP4EVERMYPRESIDENT

    19. Ro King

      Commie trash can news -44% ratings.. you will bee unemployed soon. you are becoming a meme

    20. wipeyourchinoff

      Didn't Trump get more black & brown votes then Biden lol why not make a story about Biden just saying the N word 🤔 crickets huh

    21. Trixie Toodle

      RIP GOP!!!

    22. Tesla

      As a European it seems crazy that you can vote in the USA without a photo ID. A country with only two parties, no requirement for photo id, no true proportional representation nationally because of the electoral college. This is barely a democracy, and the blame falls on both sides.

    23. Charles Edwards

      The van Jones you want to rub elbows and s*** with the Republicans and go against your own people man we don't trust you

    24. Kevin Ander

      People that voted for and support Biden should have to have "I'm stupid" tattooed on their forehead.

    25. Matt Melis

      It's pretty simple. A couple decades ago, as demographics shifted, the Republicans decided it was a better idea to suppress the vote than try to win new people from different walks of life to their party. It's the party of voter suppression and Donald Trump. What a legacy.

    26. dudu gaga

      Lo why is #CNN keep lying to your face it says Pushing bill to restrict voting... but his clearly stating the new enforcement for voting not that voting will be restricted.....and has far has I know and ID would be great for absantee voter we wanna make sure your not a dead 😇 voter.... #CNN sounds more like Democrats some scary bitches

    27. BOOM7STAR7

      I remember they were tossing around the idea that if you don't have a car you can't vote. 😑

    28. deez nutz

      Oooo what's Van Jones hot fucking take. Don dude I love you, you're an amazing human. But those other two are self-serving assholes.

    29. tim morales

      How does everything always end up about this dumb ass don saying it has to do with black people. U can only cry wolf so much. If u r working they have to let u leave to vote. Why is having an ID and making sure people gets their votes counted a bad thing. If u have a ballot to send in. U have a month to do it. If u don’t vote before then u didn’t want to anyway. The only excuses would be for military. But very few. A lot of these states had thes ballots for a month and took them to a week after. Come on people. They rigged. They wanted to wait and see how many votes they needed to dumb it. I know for sure trump was winning in a lot of them states by hundreds of thousands. And in 3 hours he lots those by 100 thousand. Bullshit.

    30. Tia Russell

      Its very to easy to understand to me they never REALLY intended for Black people to be equal ever in anything. They always intended to control and steal everything to stay in power to make themselves feel like they were strong. Scary asses LMAO!

    31. nautiquecowboy nautiquecowboy

      I don't see anything wrong with voter ID seems like the liberals or the Democrats not exactly sure which seeing how I'm not a Republican .Are the black people in this country not smart enough to get a voter ID looks like that's what they're saying. My black friends seem to be fairly intelligent. If I was black I would consider it an insult.

    32. Peter Sumpter

      In every genuine democracy elections are run by an independent organisation. Only in the US and corrupt countries are electors run by the governing party. Why do Americans put up with it?

    33. Fay Maye

      Welcome to the Three Stooges...

    34. Rose Faulkingham

      Georgia u did the right thing making Georgia blue. Fight hard to keep it that way. Dont let the Republicans win cause they don't give a s..t about us.

    35. Marty Baldwin

      There are your Republicans, you disenfranchised Americans. Same as it’s always been. Gerrymandering, screwing up the Postal Service, fewer drop boxes. Van hit the nail on the head. Don’t do anything for your people, just screw the people who aren’t going to vote for you. That’s Republicans MO

    36. bossaliniem$B tv

      They dont want to lose again lol.but it will happen anyway

    37. patricia finn

      Just when I thought GA was coming out of the 19th century. Sad.

    38. ML Feathers


    39. Evelyn Warner

      What a Shame!!! Anyone can have a shot at winning, just represent the majority and do not CHEAT. some White churches do the same as Black and Brown. Letting the PEOPLE decide is best, this woman does not realize white folks are voting against what she believes. Well Bless her Heart. LOL

    40. Laurent Saint-Laurent

      Time for "Civil Rights Act 2: Make this real"

    41. pazaida guanzon

      The GOP are the worst kind of losers.

    42. Rob López

      uncle t 0 m jones

    43. American Naturalized

      Hey puppet Don here Biden was talking to you ithomes.info/net/u6ehp5lpi3Z3i4I/video 🤫

    44. Selah

      If Republicans want to win they need to grow up and do what the people want rather than what they want. No wonder you have to cheat, cheaters!

    45. Mary Ann M

      We are going to have to fight back. Voter Education is so impt. But they will try to make any help given to also be illegal. Ppl will have to ck registrations and check their signatures. If you win they will lose the power to gerrymander as well.

    46. Joycelyn Burke

      Here we go again. Let the protestering begin again. Republicans always changing the voting laws and it always bites the Republicans at the end of the day. Give us all government ID

    47. Jeff Burns

      It would certainly make voter fraud more difficult.

    48. G J CENTRAL Radio

      Making it difficult??!! Since when has the Republican Party ever stopped with any form of voter suppression since the last of the JimCrowers migrated to their party in the 60s.

    49. LSW

      How does stopping voting on Sundays increase security? That is just forcing their religious beliefs on others.

    50. greg l

      How can anyone be against showing an id at the polls?

    51. Elen Allen

      Republican know that blacks , brown, Natives, Asia - Americans and poor whites don't vote for them ! So being true to there racist nature they want to make it difficult for us to vote at all ! But what they are also doing is letting me that my vote does matter , else why would be doing all this ? And this goes to make me want to excerise my right to vote even more ! Am remembering those that came before and what they endure , beating , water hoses , fire bombing , lynchings ! And so I can not turn around I will keep marching ! In memory of those who came before and those who come after me ! ✌✊❤😷

    52. evilchaperone

      You had to have an ID to buy a pack of smokes, but you don't need one to vote? Why would you not want to verify legal residency in your district.

    53. chaminda Tiamu

      Because democrats cheated, fake and stole the election. Stop hiding behind black people, black people can think for themselves. The Democratic plantation is enslaving black people to the voting system

    54. Michael44

      WHINY LIBERALS=Classify everyone according to their race and not as an individual: Always loudly acknowledge the skin color of every person you talk to and make it the main subject of the conversation. If you are white, do not have any black friends: This may trick you into thinking you aren't racist. To help atone for our racist past, try some casual segregation: Create safe spaces where everyone is segregated by race, gender, and gender identity. It's the only way to achieve unity. Anyone who objects to this is racist. Always have extremely low expectations of minorities: Be sure to constantly remind them they can never overcome their circumstances without your help. Vote for policies that sound virtuous, no matter how much they actually harm people of color: Always vote for policies with virtuous-sounding names, even if they destroy black and brown communities. Appearance is everything!

    55. Carthy Grickwirt

      Do you guys wonder why don lemon had a big plastic sheep in his living room, visible on camera? Maybe think about it.

    56. Nate Foote

      While the republicans aim to restrict access of Blacks voting are alarming its actually not alarming given the history in which the process of elimination has always been to make sure blacks can’t vote. The judicial system on its face has been designed to deprive Americans citizens of the right to let truth be the defining factor

    57. Frank Castle

      Hypocrisy is the only consistency with Democrats

    58. Buddy Dial

      My time and service in the military was in vane. We allow this in this country and we sanction and invade countries we insist behave in this fashion.

    59. Gray Webb

      Republicans are sh@t.

    60. beckitai

      "This is not about integrity."

    61. colaboytje

      A 'democracy' where one side is making it harder to vote, is not a democracy. It is undermining democracy.

    62. Denice Boney

      We are going to continue to vote I don't care what these white people do

    63. Josh R.

      Before this can increase security of the vote, don't they have to show there was fraud?

    64. DA Porter

      republicans have two priorities now that they have packed the courts: gerrymandering and restrictions on voting.

    65. Annmarie Löfvenholm

      This Great US. Can not do anything but laugh. Why not a new votingsystem and rules for the hole nation? 🤗

    66. Gbadamosi Olasile Qudus

      Why won't you be a certified voter to vote??

    67. Qabil Qaran Ma aha farmaajo wadanka ka erya

      Black people should organization more

    68. Huzz

      Land of the weak home of the slaves

    69. Brian Kin

      Dirty tricks of G o p again.First Gerrymandering, now this.

    70. Tina Clark

      They tried to destroy our country and Right s But trump and the Republicans party Along with his crazy family members Plus trump rioters are all unfit to Be American s

    71. Hazmatt 193

      Aaaaand how is this racist?

    72. Eric Parks

      Was it illegitimate when Obama won Van?? Oh you liked that one, and cried like a little girl when Harris won. Sorry I meant president RIP. You won again, but act like a baby about it.

    73. Linda Elliott

      Wow, can we say discrimination and voter suppression? GOP is just mad that they lost the state of Georgia in the 2020 election. Truth is, Georgia is tired of their BS.

    74. leroy lindsay

      What a ridiculous country It just can’t stop playing itself,in front of the whole world Full of the most unintelligent people,on gods green earth Corruption is simply a way of life

    75. David Padilla

      If the people of color were to unite the white supremacist wouldn't have a chance except by stealing the vote

    76. Stephen Anderson

      This is way kumbaya does not work with today's Republican party. Van you can play patty cake with them all you want but Democrats need to fight back and play a little hardball ourselves by making every American legal citizen have access to voting. When everyone votes we (the Democrats) win.

    77. Damion Al Barr

      FUNNY...how these votes are suppressed in MOSTLY areas where African Americans live

    78. Angelique B

      How are any of those things making it more difficult to vote or hello how is it racist at all that so much bullshit literally some of the dumbest shit ever you have to have an ID to get a job you have to have ID to drive you have to have an ID to pick up your kids from school if you can make an appointment on time to pick up a paycheck Social Security check or I don’t know anything you should be able to get your vote in by certain deadline if it’s something that truly matters to you

    79. Lil Pudge

      They think only Blacks vote this way? LMAO..

    80. Kenrick Benjamin

      Trump is done, thus the voting issue, GOP only hope is an African American Republican for 2024.

    81. Kenrick Benjamin

      Trump is done, thus the voting issue, GOP only hope is an African American Republican for 2024.

    82. Emilio Chin

      Why is it the Republican leaders do whatever they want while it seem the Democrats sit aside and watch and complain

    83. Darren Bradley

      Here's an idea, oh I don't know what, why don't you try to reach out to minorities for votes. As opposed of trying to sequester them, maybe if you put in the hard work. You might have a chance of getting the vote so you need from that community. Or would you rather use the same old races Playbook of suppression

    84. Lou

      So, we only preach democracy and playing by the rules to other countries, but we don't practice what we preach? Gotcha! The old boy's network is as old as humanity itself. It is a powerful tool used to suppress the people you are trying to rule over. unfortunately, it will always be around. Being vigilant is not enough, we must act to counter such forces, as soon as we see them.

    85. Darren Bradley

      See here's the problem. Why do the Republican Party. Always want to make enemies of minorities.

    86. Chuck Cox

      What's wrong with an ID to vote?

    87. Cathy Lane

      And you people actually believe in parts and pieces of videos that the media shows you. American people crave so much info they will accept what little is thrown to them. Don't let the media fool you.

    88. Edwin Garcia

      ENOUGH! Just pass the John Lewis voting act. The hell with the fillabuster. And do it now before the 10th amendment prevents it.

    89. aZebroadcast

      Where is Mass murderer Cuomo?

    90. passiegames original

      so signature matching and id requirement is also voting suppression instead of securing

    91. Edsknife

      I don't care if it's a Republican bill or not; mentioning the party labels will make America hyper-partisan. Identity politics divides people.

    92. John Johnston

      Don, why is there a photo of you and Epstein circulating the web?

    93. Steve D

      It's called vote theft. Call it for what it is.

    94. Isaac Hanley

      No it's not suppression it's making sure that things are legally and done correctly something you guys do not understand I mean look at your party right now they have Gates over the White House but they want to take everyone's guns away and they have fences all around the White House but doesn't make sense to have a border up that's what I mean I don't understand the madness they spit out of their mouth how do you people deal hypocrites

    95. Isaac Hanley

      I am so confused on this whole racial thing black people get it it stolen if white people get it i do not understand will they come up with these great ideas this is why there's so much division between everybody right now because people want to always put this black and white thing on everything it's getting old

    96. Isaac Hanley

      This is a joke. I can't believe they can even believe what they're saying, he can't stop laughing because he knows he's lying to you people, It's not about that it's about making sure ,that everybody that votes is of age, is legal and you vote on time that's all common sense to.

    97. All The Smoke


    98. Anthony Ballard

      These damn politicians

    99. Edward Guillory

      Why is Jones on there....I hope he doesn't start FUCKING CRYING.HE NEEDSS HIS FACE SMACKED

    100. Thenooz Nooz

      This is a load of hot garbage. How can anyone think voting by mail or without ID is secure at all? Have you ever mailed ANYTHING, ever? Do you agree with IDs for gun purchase? You think you vote matters so little, you don’t even care if it actually counts. Wake up and Woke down.