Biden used 3 key stats to make a point. They weren't true


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    During President Joe Biden's CNN town hall, he made several false statistical claims. Here's what you need to know.
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    1. Margaret M

      Have any of you heard of the "Consular registration or the guatemala Consulate Card? Although no US bank will do business with, check cashing etc. But local check cashing places will.

    2. Freedom Finder

      Thank you for the fact check. Too bad more of it didn’t happen with T****.

    3. Odd Vlog Media OVM

      Why didn’t you fact check him on the “China culture norm” comment he made? All this soft ball bs is what divides a country.

    4. Seventizz

      Senile old fool.

    5. Jay Weckerle

      Now CNN wants to be honest?

    6. RufusVonDufus2

      I can only think of two words to describe Quid Pro Quo Joe and those are "total asshole."

    7. Jose Reyes

      Go Mr. Biden and Ms, Harris, more power to both 💪 of you. Thank you 😊.

    8. JayJ

      Bahaha faux Jao Bai Din commander in theif

    9. Dia Atkin

      Demented joe only repeats what he is told he doesn't have a cognitive thought he is waaaaay past sell date.

    10. John Vickers

      This doesn't bother me I'm used to all the lies I heard from Trump

    11. Wilber Bacol

      CNN president is a joke.

    12. Entertainment Banger

      Well ain’t this something.... CNN Finally is giving out the truth 😂🤦‍♂️

    13. G Washington

      This man looks scared for his life. Calling out Biden as a liar without looking like he's calling Biden a liar, dazed and confused is a challenge.

    14. Ellis Woodall

      It's all about "FACTS"!

    15. 17

      Cnn telling everyone biden is a liar???? Even I thought they would let him stay longer than a month....get ready for kamala

    16. tgmad

      What about Biden claiming that when he came in there was no vaccine?

    17. JR Martin

      Joe confused? You don't say CNN. No!

    18. Phillip Valeri

      Sometimes it really does baffle me how people who watch CNN can function in every day life

    19. DavidJLim

      Hey CNN. Don't try to sugar coat his lies with trying to explain what he really meant

    20. V8JOHNNY

      I am yet to see any integrity from the entire Democrat cohort. Filthy cheating liars that deceived the American voter.

    21. Roger Phillips

      I am shocked to be allowed to comment at all. Many sites are blocked by the George Orwell libs. They are tolerant only if we agree with them. Are we losing our freedeom to comment?

    22. Maggie Haught

      He should just stop talking. It is embarrassing.

    23. uberman6023

      A Yale study says there's 30 million illegal aliens in the country. That means there's 40 million easy.

    24. JJ

      Fact!!! CNN are back stabbers.

    25. Jane Nguyen

      Wow, I had to double check to make sure this is CNN, not FOX news. CNN actually admitting that Biden is lying and has no clue what he's talking about??? Miss TRUMP yet anyone???

    26. itkojecockot

      this is why CNN doesn't report on Biden...... it would be just lies all the time :D:D:D:D

    27. kelly castillo

      Is CNN opening there eyes finally

    28. Johnny Siegeler

      To many people talking. CNN and Democrats main stream midea all new this guy put together a thought a sentence tie his shoes. They all lied to american people. Election rigged..

    29. Al Carmona

      Criticism! The end is near

    30. TDM MCL

      moral hazard: permitting the most powerful figure of all superpowers to be occupied by someone who is severely deficient in mind and body. elections have consequences people.... next, up? Let's start looking at Kamala, another unqualified dumpster with both pants legs on fire..constantly. this is the state of the Democratic Party. This is what they sold you, America! had enough yet? next up? why isn't the administration talking about a drop of close to 81% to hospitalization, severe symptoms AND deaths across the board ...these cannot possibly be a cause of vaccines? Notice also when the "tide" changed! Isn't it just more than a little too coincidental it just happened like clockwork since biden took office? if you doubt this, look at the global numbers....the US figures jump out as a galactic sized statistical impossibility. One would have to assume this virus just decided to call it quits...but only in the US! I can assure you, no such thing IS POSSIBLE. try to figure that one out. Go ahead...look at it...then start asking the right damned questions.. that is, if your really the election results, one could make a strong case, few did care. exhibit A: ambulatory biden and embecile Harris. this IS YOUR FAULT! YOU! YES< YOU!

    31. Yo diggadydig

      Poor old Joe is struggling his first month in office, good job....lmao

    32. William Lawrence

      Fake news CNN

    33. Farang Explorer

      CNN going right?

    34. yanto manuel

      calling out his lies....but making excuses for him? Sounds about right CNN.

    35. VC

      CNN don't be afraid. You can report the news.

    36. GhostSpectre

      Oh, he's bloody confused alright.

    37. michael johnson

      He’s an empty shell

    38. Bob Davis

      Uncle Joe has no idea what he’s talking about. The onset of dementia is real.

    39. Donald Boissonnault

      Why should this surprise anyone he cheated and lied his way into politics i think his whole life was a lie.

    40. Betsy Ross

      Why the hell are we bringing foreigners here during a pandemic, and especially when so many Americans are unemployed. It doest take a genius to that is the stupidest thing ever. Biden and the Democrats are a danger to this Country, and CNN is helping destroy us.

    41. K B

      CNN doens't have anyone else to go after now...except their own. I love it when they eat their own.

    42. Adrian Velazquez

      Wow. Now this is a once in a lifetime event.

    43. B P

      Even his reasons Biden cited for running were based on things that weren't true! 1. Trumps comments about Charlottesville 2. Trumps comments about WW2 veterans As major purveyors of the above, I can't see why CNN would have a problem with Biden now...except to make money. It ain't about the truth! That would make no sense!

    44. D JoT

      Should we check to see if Hell has frozen over? I am truly worried.

    45. Eric Schryver

      Just 3?


      All Biden knows how to do is lie just like all the other democrats

    47. Citizen Troll

      Why is it that every freak, misfit and moron is a Biden supporter. Just take a look at Biden’s selection for assistant secretary of HHS. That says it all. God help us all.

    48. Majed Talib

      I’m surprised CNN is doing this 🤯 However, there is one more lie, about the vaccine. It was there before he became a president. He took both shots before his inauguration.

    49. Randy williams

      Come on republicans where are you to claim fake news here lol

    50. Michael Sathekge

      👏🏽 great job CNN... I’m the fake news camp but journalism should be commended whenever we encounter it. Thank you!!!

    51. moods4indigo

      Thank you for fact checking. Perhaps the difference between Trump's lies and Biden's is that there does not seem to be a malicious motive behind Biden's lies. Perhaps it is just my perception, but I will continue to monitor this.

    52. eban hale

      What a loser! Joe is the President, he should not be lying whether it’s intentional or not.

    53. kydrythm

      We're on big trouble with Joe the puppet and his globalist handlers.

    54. Max Martinez

      Debunk 3 of Biden’s false claims. Pretend your news group isn’t biased.

    55. Nay Rose

      He's not following through on progressive liberal they are mad at him 😂😂😂 they see he's sticking to his capitalistic/corporatist background ......we knew this guys....he's not ur friend, he's not our friend, his only priority is his wallet. Period.

    56. Frank Harris

      CNN is just following instructions from KumaLiar Hairyass and Nazi PigLousy to begin the take down of biden as PLANNED.

    57. Frank Harris

      This is pure bullshit. CNN just feels its safe to try to give the "appearance" of journalism to save their sorry asses from oblivion without ACTUALLY hurting biden. Show me some in depth investigating on Hunters Laptop scandal and voter fraud, THEN we will see.

    58. Frank Harris

      Looks to me like CNN is trying desperately to find some kind of boogy woman to get ratings up.

    59. Frank Harris

      CNN you are a BIT LATE TO THE PARTY aren't you? Your filthy lies put him in there , now you pretend to be "journalists" again to save your sorry asses?

    60. Poland Ohio

      Help us Mr Trump

    61. GWW

      Biden will be gone by the start of 2022.

    62. PoundingHogs

      His entire campaign was based on lies and you sheep fell for it.

    63. tpeasetiger

      Whoa, CNN calling out Biden lies? Now I know the Trump well is running empty.

    64. Steve Knowl

      Shit I just had a mild heart attack from watching this... CNN actually reported something truthful. But wheres the racist part when Biden spoke about Blacks and Hispanics don't know how to go online?!

    65. Tony Buck

      Where are the die hard Liberals that like to troll Conservative media at?

    66. Tracy Ralls

      Anderson Cooper let these 'facts' fly over his head.

      1. Frank Harris

        actually most of them fly out of his ass.

    67. Ken and Brandi

      Newsflash: Almost everything Bejing Biden says is BS. He usually gets his list of talking points wrong. This puppet doesn't even know where he is at times. He can barely follow a teleprompter. He's a career liar and thief. The poster child for everything wrong with our political system. Unfit to be president is an understatement. World leaders are laughing their asses off at the US with the weakest president in history but they'll kiss his azz because they want to keep him in power so they can take advantage of his America last agenda.

    68. NYC RL52

      What a jerkoff sleepy Joe is MY GOODNESS PRESIDENT I CAN'T BELIEVE

    69. Luke Devine

      So now they call him out on his bs bit late now

    70. Sky Eagle

      What the hell happen there now changing there minds oh there great want be so call leader Biden who got more dumb answers then yours they actually covering this I about fail over when I seen this one he got there pockets to

    71. Abbie1570

      Not my President!! Lock these criminals up already!! The entire administration are illegitimate & they all committed treason. President Trump won & everyone knows it!!

    72. Pedro

      Wow CNN is being honest? Thank you!!!!!!!!

    73. David Patten

      If his lips are moving he's lying. Come on this guy belongs in a nursing home.

    74. David Patten

      Excuses, Excuses, and lies. We do even get the truth from this nut job.

    75. Grace Bertrand

      You mean he lied? 😳Donnie Trumpski still lies every day..🥴👎

    76. peter ganem

      Yeah but I bet they wish they never implemented that "1 China" policy.

    77. Mike Scheler

      Everything out of his ass he calls a mouth isn't true its all lies just as he won the election LIES

    78. Samuel Lee

      Anderson Cooper did an awful job.

    79. Samuel Lee

      Wow. Good to see CNN doing it’s job!

    80. Truong Uyen Tram

      The sophisticated numeric mechanically please because twine optionally disapprove excluding a thirsty bathtub. damaged, tested salt

    81. Nándor Török

      Wow, lots of butthurted Biden fans are just straight disliked this video, even though it's from CNN

    82. Phillip Turinsky

      I can't believe this is on CNN.

    83. Kattz Jackson

      This guy is gross

    84. James Wentz

      Dan Crenshaw for President

    85. Huntress Snow

      Now do ya understand Daniel Dale will fact check yo arse no matter what. Whatever is left of the right that believes know that...he who is orange and shouldn't ever been a PATHOLOGICAL LYER!!! Take off the Q shades and poo covered glasses! That whole family and circle of friends is toxic!

    86. SkinStepSoar withSam

      About damn time sweet hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn liar

    87. Jonathan Restrepo

      It is true that majority of people that immigrants are coming from airplane ✈️

    88. Unknown person

      The dems want world war 3

    89. Philip McCloy

      One more for the care home. Get your slippers on Mr Biden,watch TV,and devote your time to voluntary work.

    90. John Prendergast

      I certainly hope they take away The Nuclear button from Biden and give it to Kamula ,Pelosi or Shermer

      1. John Prendergast

        Sarcasm going along way these days ...

      2. beach chicken626

        but if they do that then they will probably take it away from future presidents because they had the power to do it to biden.

    91. tugboat2030

      Democratic fact check: "Let us discuss the differences between inflation and workers' productivity numbers." Republican fact check: "Bleach does not help you cure diseases if you drink it and will kill you."

      1. Nay Rose

        Ahahahahaha never mind that your fact check is not even checking on the actual statement. Fact check ur fact check u ninny. 😂😂 Never once did he say drink bleach to cure the coronavirus....I got an iv in my lung that was sending a "Anti-viral" or disinfectant if you will into my lung when I had a bad bout of pneumonia a few years back...a straight line of medicine into my lung...that is what he meant when he said inject a disinfectant....not the best description, a wrong one...yes. but no, never said or meant for anyone to drink's pretty clear.

    92. Mama Bear Claudia

      Old joe is the best you all could do? Wow! Pathetic

    93. Mama Bear Claudia

      I thought we were worried about covid?? How is it ok to let illegals in🤔

    94. Mama Bear Claudia

      Is he intoxicated? Why does he always slur??

    95. Peter Richardson

      Wow really you’re going to attack him? Seriously? Wow we work so hard to win and you go after small technicalities and not his major accomplishments in just a few weeks? Seriously? You start right in with attacks


      We’ll see you soon Kamala

    97. CJTutorialSpace

      Someone should this footage/video to Fox news on how to cross party lines and fact checks a sitting president purely on actual FACTS and what ios published on Q and other conspiracy sites.

    98. Marsha Chesbro

      He lies all the time.

    99. TheTruth

      Petrol prices up, unemployment rising and Biden says vaccine didnt exist . CNN is such a blunder .

      1. Unknown person

        They video of Biden taking the vaccine was fake, it was just a flu shot.


      CNN is criticizing Biden! It must be opposite day.