Biden breaks with Trump, affirms transatlantic ties


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    Seeking a sharp break from the "America First" policies of his predecessor -- which often manifested in bitter disagreements, escalating trade wars and rejection of the systems established to prevent conflict -- President Joe Biden on Friday reaffirmed the US position of global leadership, the power of its alliances and the resilience of democracy in the United States and abroad.
    He made passing reference to Iran, saying the US was ready to reengage in negotiations on the nuclear deal, but did not provide a timeline. And while he said the US remained committed to ensuring Afghanistan does not again become a safe haven for terrorists, he did not outline plans for a US troop withdrawal.
    Instead, his remarks were meant as a broad statement of support for US-Europe ties after four years in the wilderness.
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    1. Brenden Y

      Iran will go nuclear, with or without a deal. At least with a deal, the world will be able to dictate when, and work on changing Irans mind about going for a weapon

    2. Kenndy John

      Democrats and Biden will sell the United States to China of TAP CAN BINH

    3. Mike H

      Gotta put trump in the title to get the deranged dems salivating and scared again

    4. DC Homeboy

      Fake election fake President ! 🤮🤮🤮

    5. DC Homeboy

      Impeach this corrupt old fool already

    6. XRP Vegas

      Biden blows

    7. JC Rules

      We should stay energy independent and stop fighting over oil. Bidens and other leftists have investments in oil, and reconstruction contracts, so they want wars. To line their own pockets.

    8. JC Rules

    9. John Broderick

      CNN =down with USA

    10. Kevin Michael jr

      Who built those cages?

    11. Kiki

      Hey sleepy Joe how is castle rock studios. Cnn you should be ashamed for lies after lies. The man has not been at the White House. Soldiers and police officer have yet to see him.

    12. Zeediana Parnell

      Thank you President Biden for your message is always welcome from paris/germany/NATO summit USA now is working with allies 100% than trump involving with Europeans Allies!

    13. Kiki

      This old man needs to be impeach ASAP his involvement with Ukraine,Russia and China. His son also behind bars

    14. K M

      Michael van der Veen is clearly the legend of the week They literally kicked the president off of social media, and they say his speech was never censored, Soo much BS Soo little time. Democrats are a joke, they should all be locked up and charged with treason. Including out sitting president and VP, and the speaker of the house and all the lying cheating democrat senators. Making our country a joke, u all need to go, and the ones that vote for them, should stop being brainwashed by their lies. They hate America, that’s why they want to make us a 3rd world country. Proving all Democrats are willing to ignore all laws to get rid of someone. Even a President of the United States. What would they do to you and I? Totally control is their goal. Democratics are guilty of riots Democratics should be impeached from office now.

    15. Kiki

      Cnn we know that Trump won. Your fake news and sleepy Joe is a fraud. Ex democrat here during this covid . I went down the rabbit hole and took the red pill.

    16. Fred Frederickson

      you can't be serious, iran is and has always been an enemy of the united states'. bidens foreign policies are a joke! shut down pipeline and kill thousands of jobs, stop selling oil only to buy oil from Iran saudi, Russia and china. This kills our energy independence and in turn makes it where we will rely on purchasing it from our enemies. saudi china russia iran etc are and have always been our enemies. all this does is make us weaker and broke while allowing them to build up their military. come on man. aren't you tired of giving all this money and goods to these countries that haven't done a damn thing for the United States. I know what your thinking but name one thing.

    17. Fred Frederickson

      you can't be serious, iran is and has always been an enemy of the united states'. bidens foreign policies are a joke! shut down pipeline and kill thousands of jobs, stop selling oil only to buy oil from Iran saudi, Russia and china. This kills our energy independence and in turn makes it where we will rely on purchasing it from our enemies. saudi china russia iran etc are and have always been our enemies. all this does is make us weaker and broke while allowing them to build up their military. come on man. aren't you tired of giving all this money and goods to these countries that haven't done a damn thing for the United States. I know what your thinking but name one thing.

    18. Andrew Pinson

      Of the two thousand who commented does ANYONE even know what this is about. Answer NO. It is just because Trump was against it, therefore Biden is for it. I think we need to give them a couple of billion dollars to make them play nice.

    19. Rapsha100

      A frail old man with dementia reading words written by some english major. A nursing home poetry slam.

    20. Steve Hodge

      You suck

    21. Lee Le

      Joe Biden you are not fucking President Democrats cheating the Election bylaws made you there

    22. The vaping Polisher

      It’s just more theft of taxpayers money

    23. David Hodges

      More haters

    24. James Jones

      Biden is a idiot. They are scared of Trump knowing he can take the nomination in 24 easily. Republicans will be much smarter in 22 mid-terms and 24 election. TRUMP 2024

    25. Kevin Ander

      CNN is a bunch of dirtbag, gossiping liars.

    26. Kevin Ander

      People that voted for Biden should have to have "I'm stupid" tattooed on their forehead.

      1. K D

        We know that democrats support concentration camps, so that a start.

      2. Prize Collector

        @Darth Shrek AGREE and be sent to "Common Sense" camps

      3. Darth Shrek


    27. mimiwanwan

      🤣🤣🤣 Watch...."THE COMING COLLAPSE OF UNITED STATES".......CCP WILL BE 👏👏👏 and U.S will be forever gum stuck to the bottom of China's shoe!

    28. My American 2021

      USA is BACK eh!!!!! 😷👍

    29. Johnny Mnemonic

      IThomes is deleting dislikes on Biden videos on MANY channels, including this one. On every video that involves Biden, the dislikes are literally 5 to 1 and alot of time they are 10 or 20 to 1. The amount of dislikes FARRRRRR outpace the likes. LOL "Most popular president EVER" LOLOLOLOL

    30. Him Again

      Does getting arrested at U.S. Capitol mean anything?

    31. Raymond Pir

      Joe Kissing Iran AZZ

    32. dls951

      The #1 trade partner to the US is Canada they invested billions in the Keystone pipeline that Biden killed one day one. The Trump Administration had brokered some peace in the middle east with UAE formally accepting the existance of the independence of the State of Israel, Now that Biden has reopened relations with Iran the US will go back to being hated by the Arabs states that are enemies of Iran. Our Southern Boarder is now reopened.

    33. Natalya

      Свободу Алексею Навальному !

    34. the brave wolf


    35. John Doe

      I’d rather let a two year old run the show then Joe Biden

    36. WSOX Man

      Please share with the American citizens why we need to give Iran anything? Obama's dumb deal should not be revised. Liberals awful quit about North Korea that Obama couldn't handle. I remember when liberals protested war...bring our troops home. Now Biden sending more of our young lives and $$## to protect other countries borders. Meanwhile or borders are open. 75k caught and released just in January.

    37. Moe369

      If people did their own research. Everyone would know Joke Biden don't care about America. This will bring America to its knees.

    38. MZR4


    39. Niks

      Which lefty got a fist full of dollars? Which lefty missed out?

    40. InfinityEight

      So...America last then? Great job democrats!

    41. Icha Icha Paradise AMV

      biden relaxes my anxiety lol

    42. patricia finn

      Why is the headline break with Trump. Pres. Biden never followed Trump. We need our real allies, not russia and north Korea.

    43. Shadow Wolf777

      Dam , America coming back to the Paris agreement is like going back to hangout with your friends after breaking up with an abusive boyfriend who didn’t like your friends 😂

    44. Andrea Marino

      Dismantling Trump's foreign policy piece by piece is necessary as well as making Biden the guarantor of an even stronger transatlantic alliance than before.

    45. Alexis Santos

      More Trump news

    46. James Acid

      Great. Now we can be Western Europe's bitch again. We got to protect our allies against Big Bad Russia.

    47. Ricky Richardson


    48. Joel

      What is hiding babbling about he cant even read a teleprompter properly

    49. Tracy J.

      Illegitimate president. Stolen election!

      1. ꧁F҉S҉M҉꧂

        *Braindead Q-tip spotted 👆right above!☝*

    50. Vik

      Isn't this the same guy who told China isn't a threat

    51. Clitckity Clank

      *Consider the facts. COVID cases have dropped by more than 70% in recent weeks* , more than the "experts" predicted. *Joe Biden is conning the American people. He is lying about COVID and he is lying about the economy. We are not in the midst of a dark long winter.* We are on the cusp of a bounteous blooming spring. President Biden doesn’t want you to know the good news. Why? Because then you will refuse to write him and his Democrat colleagues a bit fat $1.9 trillion blank check. And, because if the virus disappears in the next few months, even the most gullible CNN-watching Biden groupie will know that Donald J. Trump conquered COVID, not Joe Biden. Fatalities, which lag cases, are also plummeting. Vaccine delivery is ramping up, and already some 15% of Americans have received a shot. Johns Hopkins’ Dr. Mark Makary, writing recently in the Wall Street Journal, concludes that the welcome collapse in virus cases, which began in January, cannot be attributed solely to the end of holiday festivities or the start-up of vaccines. He says it also suggests that the medical community is vastly underestimating the number of people in the country who have contracted the virus, are asymptomatic, and who have developed immunities. Makary thinks, assessing the data, that *"The country is racing toward an extremely low level of infection."*

      1. ꧁F҉S҉M҉꧂

        ♩♬ *Rock-a-bye baby, in the tree top.* ♪♫ ♫♪ *When the wind blows, the cradle will rock.* ♬♩

    52. Que serra

      Good. Thanks sir

    53. HilarityBribo

      Obiden putting Americans last as usual to the delight of fake news and libtards.

    54. Bhatt Bhatt

      Please. Under stand me America is back. What purpose. Bombing. Newly. Country. Avoid. Bombing. Otherwise. I cut. American. Flying All Vings

    55. Hal Weiss

      The great America that people wanted to get back to, was actually a time when we were involved all over the world.

    56. Jean Eaton


    57. Dee Walker

      Byeden, no more America first. We are doomed

    58. David Furlong

      If we could grant Iran free trade with the USA and free world, I wonder if that issue of open trade would suffice for an Iranian agreement to give up their aggression and retoric against the US? They don't seem willing to accept our eyes on them, but now after 40 years of sanctions, I wonder if they're still hopping for a Jihod with us?

    59. raymond menendez

      Trump unplugged the American taxpayers ATM machines, now Obiden is turning them back on like Obama did, it's like a hooker, they still won't like you even after they take your money

    60. Aaron E.

      I only tonight learned what Qannon is; if the people who supports dmfp do so because of a crazy voice from the dark; this nation is in serious trouble! We need to listen to and support President Biden!!

    61. Ra L

      President Trump is a GOD among men! Trump 4EVA!

    62. XxMaryxX

      why cant everyone just work togetor

    63. Tom Gravil

      Cnn is a joke no use for them

    64. Mack3nzie Dravid

      Instead of democracies vs autocracies, it's more like good Vs evil. Oppressed people's love of their leaders is Stockholm syndrome

    65. Luis Vasquez

      Where's the stimulus package Money unbalanced human eco-system they tighten the money flow on purpose then the people kill each others Go rob banks and casinos every one 3000 people run in side a bank and take all the MONEY now.

    66. John Drinks coffee

      i disliked this video and it was not counted youtube obviously doctored these stats believe these stats only if your a sheep

    67. Serve You

      Hey N don’t you get it cnn still wish Trump was president despite pushing for his removal. Click bait

    68. manx77

      China has a global reach, with major ports all over the place - this is a global problem - only the most ignorant and arrogant would think that America can handle China without the rest of the democratic globe.

    69. Chris DiDomenico

      😂😂😂😂😂 democrats are the party of the educated??? I don't think so. 😂😂😂

    70. Daniel Ericsson

      As we in Sweden say- stackars senile gamle man, det är DU Joe Biden 🤡🤯 Sweden for Donald J. Trump 🇸🇪 Trump MAGA 2024 🇺🇸

    71. lily boone

      Yeah 😊

    72. bingus bingus

      Its so nice to have a new beginning. BIDEN has so much to clean up from Trump.Wish him and all the people in Texas all the luck.

    73. nicolapaciocco

      Now let’s see if I get it... Iran said that in few days President Trump will be dead and nobody does anything about it...?

    74. Jerry P

      It’s disproportionate for the US .

    75. deere72

      Boldly presumptuous.

    76. kanyamagara abdallah

      Bien entendre de Mr. Joe Biden

    77. DavidAWA

      I know it's a tough sell, but a Trans Pacific Partnership of some kind is necessary to compete with China. Without it, they can economically run ram shod over most of Asia and Africa.

    78. Josh Gates

      Russia, China, and Iran will make trillions under Biden's policies.

    79. Jared Cisar

      CNN - The unintelligent leading the uninformed

    80. 1fluffypie

      So the Fake President is going to destroy his own country? I just don't understand what the end game is.

    81. Donald Boissonnault

      Paris climate accord is a communist scam that only hurts Americans it makes the climate worse wake up and smell yourself lefty's

    82. Flat Top

      America last

    83. James T

      No way, the guy who said I wants the opposite of Trump is doing the opposite of what that idiot did.

    84. Truth Hurts

      Trump was never a leader on the world stage, just a placeholder until this sad American experiment was over....

    85. Martenson Lee

      He looked week..... Other countries think he is deal is made to destroy us financially !!! Ha ha the Paris Accord is basically going to take a whole bunch of money.... They're not going to do anything with that money.... but they're going to keep it skim off the top of it... quick Pros...... come on man !!! Joe's going to keep us locked down until we have to take the great reset the great resect just going to screw our country up for the rest of your life.. Come on man !!!

      1. Pat Doyle

        You need to lay off the Kool-aid, permanently.

    86. T Klarich

      Such an embarrassing fool!

    87. Ken Masters

      "reaffirmed the US position of global leadership" USA as arrogant as ever, you never were in charge and never will be.

      1. Ken Masters

        @patricia finn Thankyou for proving my point on US arrogance.

      2. patricia finn

        Don't know where you are from but guaranteed that we pulled your asses out of trouble some time. Vladimir do you miss Donnie, no one to a..f...

    88. bernadette rhodes

      *YOU* *BE* @ *THE* *RIGHT* *PLACE* @ *THE* *RIGHT* ⌚

    89. john hopkins

      "Biden breaks with T*****..."; funny, never knew Biden was subject to T*****.

      1. john hopkins

        @pixurguy "We"...

      2. pixurguy

        But we do know "the Big Guy" is subject to China.

    90. theartist Diamond

      Translation = "Takes credit for Trump's work" E.g., Abraham Accords, USMCA, and NATO thanking Trump for strengthening alliances between Europe, U.S., and Canada.

    91. Mike Cortez

      Like the standard of fencing and guarding Washington D.C. but not California Texas and Arizona ??? The took out Suddan Huessane for chemical war fare on people well isn't the drugs that come from the open border a chemical being used on us to kill and destroy people now it's not just drug addicts on the streets it's all of Texas different walks same destinatiin. So it's an American Issue not racial or financial

    92. James Trotter

      The chick on the right needs to start an onlyfans

      1. patricia finn

        Click? Seriously ?

    93. Ms Stella Fay

      Lame headline. Biden is President, he didn't, "Break With trump," he was never, with, trump. President Biden has his own policy agendas....journalism at its very best folks!!!🤯

      1. ꧁F҉S҉M҉꧂

        @Luis Vasquez No stimulus package for you. Socialism sucks.

      2. Luis Vasquez

        Where's the stimulus package

    94. Snow Jordan

      Biden affirms with Trump, breaks transatlantic ties.

    95. q w

      Will the world look at USA the same again? If any new administration can scuttle what the past administration had done, what credibility it has anymore.

    96. Tina

      It is so sad that Trumps behaviour sets a bad example voor the residents of the USA, this will have to change into living together and solve this big problem together, think for yourself and question the authority Trump had

    97. Mauricio Gutman

      We're moving in the right direction it's just a matter of time

      1. Prize Collector

        Really, what direction is that peter puffer? Down?

      2. Jacob Davis

        How destroying pipeline jobs for no reason and sending billions of dollars overseas. Or letting men beat up women in sports. We are going the opposite of the right direction.

    98. Junior Manning

      Biden hates Americans. We need a leader that thinks about us first. Democrats want to be invited to nice parties. America first or die.

    99. Felipe Mascorro III

      Dont you all know Iran is our all at cnn are evil and you all know and so do we.

    100. aint that some shit

      so if democrat politicians give a shit about lives why is your president KKK Biden defending China's concentration camps? that blood is on YOUR HANDS.