Bash: Cruz looking for Fox News sound bite at Garland hearing


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    CNN's Elie Honig and Dana Bash point out Sen. Ted Cruz's (R-TX) line of questioning to attorney general nominee Merrick Garland about the partisanship of the Justice Department noticeably didn't include the Trump administration and Cruz's own role in the discourse.
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    1. Bee Kind

      Wonder how many you pay for these fake comments on a fake news network !

    2. Susan Anderson

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    3. Gaylord Manlove

      Google 👉Urban Dictionary 😋 Google Felching 😵 TURD Cruz 👈FELCHER 😩

    4. Luke DaDrifter

      I love it!! Keep it up Republicans your stupidity is on full display guess he won't mention A.G Barr going to court to try and stop the Mueller report from being Unredacted.🤔

    5. Schoon Family Ranch

      Don't believe what is corrupted. This CNN news is all propaganda. I am calling to all red blooded Christian Conservatives to forsake this propaganda. All those who have not accepted Jesus Christ into their hearts please do. You will then see the truth.

    6. T W

      Lying T.E.D. An Embarrassment to my Republican Party

    7. MRD


    8. Tinstrings

      Ted Cruz looks like a newly homeless divorce who just got his first shower in a week at the local YMCA.

    9. agnes14ish

      Cruz is such an asshole y'all had Barr

    10. gen manion

      you know those assholes are feeding trump all the information they can get their hands on

    11. Patrick Henry

      Please stop giving this creature air time

    12. Mike French

      Maybe you dems want Cuomo for department of justice? Fake news here

    13. Team Napoli Adventures

      He's not wrong

    14. micheal shawn

      Bias cnn working overtime for democrates again how many deaths did cnn help cover up again.

    15. Leo Sjöstrand

      Continue to follow Trump's lies and the United States will have no respect from the rest of the world. Gop behaves like babies. No courage or own opinion. Terrified of Trump. Its crazy to see. Getting worse everyday. We all laugh at you. Leo, 13 year. Sweden.

    16. Shawn rb Perfect pattern

      He said tool right

    17. Well Cabledriller

      Being a republican is worse than being a communist. Ded ted

    18. Eamon Augustine

      Ted cruz and marco rubio shout quit . Two of the greatest flip floppers

    19. A B

      Republicans REFUSED to even have a HEARING for Merrick Garland, just because they wanted to fuck over Obama. And now THEY’RE questioning GARLAND about PARTISANSHIP because they believe OBAMA was partisan? What the fuck is happening?

    20. Raw LAHiabetes

      He is getting fat af.

    21. Javier Gonzalez

      The absurdity is astounding. We've just come out of a four year sh*t-show that's left us dying and our faces covered with masks.

    22. Lawrence Carter

      Ted Cruz is just a little bit of a hypocrite trying to question a honest person about integrity when he has none what so ever shame on his lying ass

    23. Miguel Jasso

      Bla, bla, bla,bla, 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    24. J Landon

      Too Late Senator we know your're an illuminattie hack!

    25. J Landon

      Well Trunp still has the Nuclear Codes and you're all going down! So play your last card 's and get ready for the gallos or prison!

    26. J Landon

      And you think you're exempt! lol

    27. J Landon

      How's your ratings CNN are you all lawyered up? Better be because the American People want you all to hang for what you have done to us! And it's not just CNN!

    28. Teddy T


    29. J Landon

      Has there even been a session of congress since jan 6th. Are they all in jail? Are camera's even allowed in the capirol? Does the White House even have any furniture in it?

    30. J Landon


    31. J Landon

      At this point we don't know who's dead and who's alive! We really don't!

    32. J Landon

      Hey Ted are you a Rhino? I saw the fingers inside the suitcoat. Illuminatti. Repent or your done!

    33. Bobbie Angel

      Cruz stood behind Barr’s interference and helped him with political in.difference ,Why has he not resigned over his dereliction of his duties to the people.

    34. Cornell Howard

      This guy Cruz, isn't all there we should create a Board game called Cruz the Trick Political Hack.

    35. Chris Mackall

      Lol Cruz basically saying “I hope you don’t hold me accountable and prosecute me for the riots”

    36. APS Chauhan

      Look a politician talking of apolitical culture.

    37. Mike Boate

      He def looks like a Cuban...just saying

    38. Nemo Jedermann

      Cruz has raised hypocrisy to the level of performance art

    39. Jose Echeagaray

      He just wants to make sure it's not going to be prosecuted for promoting insurrection. He may have to run back to Mexico again when the DOJ charge him.

    40. Savy Simon

      Why is he still here, ?!?!?

    41. Carlos Molinari

      Cruz has no shame .... stone faced , trump politicized the DOJ more than any other president in history. He seemed to be ok w that ... go back to Mexico Cruz

    42. I_Nvade

      These guys wanna build a wall and first time something bad happens they escape to CanCun. Hilarious! Anything negative he says falls on deaf ears.

    43. Jack William


    44. Jack William


    45. Simple Ideas by Julie

      Two Face Ted !

    46. Ngozi iyke

      Good someone is making sense. Thank u senator cruz.

    47. Jacqueline Wiltshire

      I want to throw up.

    48. Millicent Clarke

      ted crazed is a big lump of human manure

    49. Michel Willems

      Typically Cruz. Blaming Biden and Obama for what Trump did.

    50. Franswa

      How can anyone take this man seriously?

    51. Dori Wilson

      WILLIAM BARR!! He was the biggest tool used by the trump administration for attacking trump opponents

    52. Moe Goda’alo

      Where has he been the last 4 years?

    53. Dorothy Kirkland

      He participated in the Big Lie.

    54. maryruth fast

      Does he think he is talking to w.barr

    55. realdeal139

      Lying Ted- holds the Bible high, then puts it down and begins lying. Lol

    56. Ben Ostiguy

      Cruz is the only tool in this clip.

    57. Elmond Huff Jr.

      Ted Cruz questioning a good man's integrity when he bailed on his state in a crisis. Ted who along with others in his click, continues to spew lies about the election. Ted Cruz who helped encourage the insurrectionists and faces no consequences for his actions.

    58. Sandra Walusimbi Nanteza

      Ted Cruz really has no shame!

    59. David McClellan

      Flyin,lyin Cruz has the audacity to question Garland is ludicrous. This jerk needs to resign for ineptitude. Cruz is a moral failure in the 1st degree.

    60. Andy F-D

      Cruz's mouth must burn as he says those words. Can't remember ever seeing such a hypocritical grand stand by an elected official ever. His memory is obviously very selective as he can't remember 2016-2020 era with a certain Mr. Barr. Utter gob shite. He has no shame, none.

    61. Jose Dias

      Ted cruz out

    62. Villa Moderno

      Integrity? You must be shitting me?

    63. Boon Yap

      Ted cruz texas senator on biden attorney general questioning was totally an embarrassing and shocking in the eyes of world . This ted cruz and merrick garland questioning at senate heating must be broadcast to the whole world

    64. Ed Acevedo

      Deport Ted Cruz to Cuba

    65. Waguma Elias JB

      Such BS Ted Cruz should actually look back at what the trump Justice system did

    66. Lindsay Te Whare

      WTF is Ted Cruiz talking about of all ppl who trying to talk righteous & up hold the rules & regulations of the political direction FO Ted Cruiz your full of it your all S_ _ _ e

    67. iestyn ap Dafydd


    68. Adam Schroeder

      My man Merrick blinks a lot.

    69. MrSwervy101

      Obama . Obama! They just can’t get past it! So hard to watch someone who no doubt is absolute garbage question someone who has had a stellar career in PUBLIC SERVICE!! And what the fuck about trump and bill ballbag!!!!!! THIS Has to be a god damn JOKE!!!

    70. Lord Crimsonstaran

      Ted Cruz, one of the most partisan hacks to ever exist, questioning someone else's Bipartisanship 😂😂.

    71. Nick Name

      Cruz has to be one of this planets most outrageous grub. A pathetic weasel.

    72. Nom Pol

      Cruz is such a big lying sack of sh..!

    73. mezzad

      Is he serious?? Don't know whether to laugh or cry!

    74. dan gonzalez

      Cruz is a partizan tool!

    75. Singing Bird

      Go back to Mexico, but Mexico doesn't want him back either.

    76. Patti Ellis

      Go to Cancun

    77. label Mail

      hearing this Ted Cruz person talking like this I burst out in pimples and will probably go down with summer cholera as well

    78. tyler veitch

      Cruz is the man👍 God bless America

    79. Cheryl Farmer

      CNN looking for their Trump replacement to bash

    80. nathan podsakoff

      Why does anyone give a s*** what Ted Cruz has to say anymore?

    81. User Name

      That describes Bill Barr pretty well, Ted. Warning: Not an actual TED lecture.

    82. kaylabalay

      owosso middle school!

    83. Doreen Peterson

      Cruz has the nerve to talk about Justice Dept not being political. Where the hell was he during Barr's reign? He was so far up tRumps butt Willie boy couldn't see daylight.

    84. Noel Bockholt

      Hahahahahahaha. Great joke ted

    85. Francis Key

      Black Lives Matter and yours don’t. Kamala Harris will be President in 2024.

    86. maestro2523

      He Cruz ....ya ever heard of Guevos?

    87. maestro2523

      Hey it's Mr jelly for a spine. He has a latino Last name but the were finished passing out ball when he got there. Fuck him.

    88. elizabeth chase

      This guy looks like someone started to make a face, went outside for a cigarette break, and Ted's face froze like that.

    89. Windler Eli

      The three swordfish microcephaly admire because olive dfly race given a dependent rose. alluring, unhealthy comparison

    90. K M

      Michael van der Veen is clearly the legend of the week They literally kicked the president off of social media, and they say his speech was never censored, Soo much BS Soo little time. Democrats are a joke, they should all be locked up and charged with treason. Including out sitting president and VP, and the speaker of the house and all the lying cheating democrat senators. Making our country a joke, u all need to go, and the ones that vote for them, should stop being brainwashed by their lies. They hate America, that’s why they want to make us a 3rd world country. Proving all Democrats are willing to ignore all laws to get rid of someone. Even a President of the United States. What would they do to you and I? Totally control is their goal. Democratics are guilty of riots Democratics should be impeached from office now. Trump was a good president. The sheep fell for the media's misinformation campaign. It's all political bs. The establishment never thought he would win in 2016 that's why they didnt rig the election for Hillary like they did Biden.

    91. yoshiotamura

      I was wondering why Obama was mentioned

    92. Benny Lopez

      Greed is stronger than Hunger. Hunger can cause a man to steal food for survival, but what causes a rich man to try and destroy another so he can become richer?

    93. Thomasmen523

      Rafael is such an EMBARRASSMENT to the state of Texas. God help us get more Californians and more young liberal people voting to swing our state.

    94. Ronald James

      OMG this leaking ass-fungus.

    95. Maria Rory

      Mr. Monster TC willing to Lie on his children 👀👀.Hes sad and sick twisted. and a Do Boy for Cult 45.

    96. Jonathan Garcia

      Vote that man out diong photo ops to show that he "cares"

    97. Justin Karte

      Funny how he doesn't mention dump's 4 years.

    98. Laxto Buttgroyn

      We have Moscow Miitch. Now we have Cancun Cruz.

    99. Micheal JF

      CNN's old Soviet-flavored smear machine, trying their darndest to make public denouncement and conformity acceptable. When did goose-stepping conformity become "cool"?

    100. Samuel Gomez

      Ted Cruz is a jabroni