Texas homeowners take in delivery driver during winter storm


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    When a delivery driver's car began sliding down on an icy Texas driveway, the driver closed her eyes, praying she wouldn't hit the client's home.
    She didn't hit the house but Chelsea Timmons' car crushed a flowerbed outside an Austin, Texas, home as a snowstorm paralyzed the state. She didn't know it yet, but she would soon be grateful to end up in this particular driveway.
    Homeowners Doug Condon and Nina Richardson checked on Timmons to try to help get her Toyota Rav4 up the driveway, but it was stuck. They invited her to wait for a tow truck inside their home.
    The bad weather persisted a lot longer than any of them thought. Five days later, Timmons was still living with the couple.
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    1. kd d

      This hardworking woman was delivering groceries in wintry weather. Im so glad God sent his angel of mercy to protect her when her car slid. And I'm grateful the couple was so compassionate and Chelsea was welcomed into their home. Chelsea probably was thinking about that movie "Get Out!" but luckily it wasn't one of those situations. She said "Make a break for it" and I think that hurt the couple's feelings. Nina was very kind hearted and I thank God for her compassion.

    2. Jesse Martinson

      Love y’all ❤️

    3. Devsen gupt

      The unlikers are.. White supremacist

    4. Crer007

      Why would she feel comfortable , staying with strangers?? She made sure she posted those pics on social media. Just in case...😂

      1. Devsen gupt


    5. Wanda Santillo

      This family was amazing. This is a rare thing for someone to be compassionate especially to someone who they don't know and is of another race. (Race shouldn't matter but this is the "real world" and most people who say they aren't racist -- are racist.

      1. Devsen gupt

        ✌✌✌yes u r right

    6. Terry Dobson

      We got part of the tropical storm last year up in michigan , so you get snow this year

    7. Carroline Newton Isaac

      This is all love 💕

    8. Antoinette Harvey

      Thats GREAT!!!

    9. Dolly Dinkle


    10. CeCe G

      Love makes the world go round! 🌍💞 Imagine if even everyone commenting here replicates this level love and generosity, giving and receiving, care, responsibility and gratitude. We've made the world an exponentially better place! Love begets more love. 💕🙏🏼✨💎

    11. Donna Lofton

      Sweet story!

    12. Yoo B!

      Now this the type of stories I want to see on the news and social media.

    13. Marcus Aurelius

      This is the real America, not this fake white supremacy dominated America that the mainstream media often wants us to think it is. 🇺🇸

    14. Chung Suh

      People are so nice in Texas, I want to move to Texas.

    15. Maria Gutiérrez

      How sweet

    16. Zelda Zelda

      We're in Oregon, 30 miles east of Portland...we have huge home and guest home and a large sized generator w few hundred gals propane to run it. The Sheriff came around, seeing we're the only house for miles around thats all lite up, christmas lights with 2-3 foot icicles hanging on each light, its gorgeous. But the power had been out several days and warning people it won't be on for another week. So we opened up our home to older folks. It was a huge ordeal making dinners, breakfast, showers and feeding the fireplace inserts...it was an epic ice storm. We had an epic fire storm several months ago....and Friday, we had an Epic hail storm...was crazy, but we felt blessed having a home we can share with others...ended up having 8 people!

      1. Devsen gupt


    17. Mike Nice

      Hey rest of America better learn from this it may be you indeed someday!🙏🏾

    18. Krys King

      They were so loving and kind to her!!❤😊

    19. RichesofGrace11

      I heard this on my christian radio station, glad to see the actual people in the story lol 😂❤️😍🥰

    20. Ras Adam

      Her home is about 3 hours away !! ... and that's not far in Texas. Only in Texas.

    21. Julie Enslow

      Beautiful story, thank you for sharing it! It is nice to hear about people doing right by each other.

    22. Ahssillav Rolyat

      God bless them! That's the most kindest act in 2021. Thank the Creator for giving us great humans. I'm crying.🥺😢😭😳🤗

    23. Mary Jane Horseman

      God’s blessings

    24. Riva ocean view

      Suspious.. They need to open this case.. They're trying to cover for someone else in this video and that wouldn't be fair to the persons that get injured this way....if everyone else stays home then she should've stayed home too unless she was prepared to walk to get back to wherever she needed to be.. This situation is how people stray away from their marriage and those people aren't even married.... That looks even more suspious.. They don't deliver groceries to able bodied people they only deliver groceries to people that are extremely old or frail in conditions that risk the driver's well-being.... And not even when certain conditions are not for anyone to be outside in unless they've cleared all the streets.. I'd think the news wouldn't support stories that are questionable in why the person was even out in the cold icy weather at all.... Situations that look somewhat questionable shouldn't be aired on television.. they're just wasting peoples time.... They should've been investigating or watching these people from the beginning when they were watching where the tow truck drivers were called to.... This is questionable because of moral issues.... And wasn't a stranded only vehicle where someone was removed from the scene.... They shouldn't leave people in vehicles stranded outside. They're not supposed to cover up moral issues that look bad in life if they expose one person they have to expose all of them. They exposed Trump For his infidelities. Wouldn't be fair not to expose others at least to themselves.... And those that have been injured by their actions. It's like if they read the signs wrong that's different as in someone being taken advantage of, like they could've sweet talked the girl into thinking she wasn't doing anything wrong by having sex with them..... Then they are injuring someone to an extreme that causes further injury.. but these 3 people seem perfectly happy with what they were doing so they should get exposed to the public if they did things wrong that are morally questionable to caution the public into chosing not to ever do something like this.... There's alternate ways to find a better solution if someone got stranded... Like put the girl into a married families home or an old lady on the block ... She could've helped the old lady stay safe and kept herself from an extremely questionable situation.... So exactly WHAT did 3 unmarried people do in that house? For 5 days???? Looks really really suspious..

    25. Patty B

      God Bless that couple.

    26. Phyllis Finch

      GOD. People need to take note on how to treat each other.

    27. Gloria Onyebeke

      This is humanity in its purest form. God’s blessings to you. 👍🏽💕

    28. Virginia Garcia

      U do not hear people bring so WONDERFUL and generous like they were. Many GOD'S blessings for sure. We need more people like them in this world. Many blessings ur way from us out here on this earth.

    29. Al Pac ino

      Music industry has done it before eg. helping Africa to get back to it's feet in 1985 with many singers coming together to make the hit song "We are the world" (composed by MJ and Lionel). ithomes.info/net/p65vuquHbot8Z44/video Why can't the music industry do it again ie. gather as many famous singers as possible, to make an album to help the US homeless people. This will also spread the awareness of homeless people. Another thing is, can't the music industry create the "1% album" label ? This 1% sales of that album, will be donated to the homeless. It is up to individual singer if they want that "1% album" label on their album or not. If they feel they can donate then why not ?

    30. MJ Zoom

      Definitely would have parked at the top of that driveway and walked the groceries down. Lol

    31. MJ Zoom

      Aww, that is so sweet. Looking out for fellow man as we all should do more often.

    32. Britt817

      Also! How dare anyone dislike this video. Shame on them whoever thumbs down this vid!

    33. Britt817

      Blessings to them! 🙏🏼

    34. Cynthia Brown

      Chelsea T had the bravery to deliver the groceries and the family had the shelter to keep everyone from very cold conditions add up to a perfect combination.🤜🤛👍👌

    35. Dana Fowler

      That was SO GREAT!!!!😍

    36. Catherine S. Todd

      This sweet young woman "fit right in" and these good people are so wonderful... gives me hope once again for the human race; we need many more just like these three! Gracias, amigos!

    37. Althea Thetford

      Father God bless this couple put your shield around both of them lovely couple

    38. Kayl'Amor

      I love this! The ultimate factor cementing that Chelsea would have fit right in: the dogs were chill with her too😏 Love, love, love this!

    39. K Smith

      Thi makes my heart feel sooo warm and fuzzy . Thanks to this kind couple for their unwavering hospitality ‼️ May God bless you and Chelsea ... ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    40. TheSshhhh

      Lovely story. Bless your hearts.❤️

    41. Mark I

      I bet the little porker ate all their food too.

    42. John Karpierz

      So what?

    43. Dawn M

      These are the stories I want to tell my grandbabies about. There are decent people left in this Country.

    44. No Name

      Enchanting story. Made in Heaven.

    45. mark shaw

      Very cool

    46. Ellen Conway


    47. Marjorie Bourgouin

      Perfect love cast out all fears, Jesus

    48. Naija B

      Beautiful story.

    49. Latia Avril

      This is so beautiful!!! I would be forever grateful 🙏 ❤ I would Love them like family. One hand wash the other we all need someone in this life time God bless them . Very kind people 😇🥰🤗💞💞💞

    50. fck you

      the vodka addict nancy pelosi whom is also the speaker of the house did not speak to the POTUS for over a year she even bragged abut it she is the speaker of the house, the house is the house of representatives which is full of representatives for the people of the 50 states the speaker of the house leads the house & is responsible for speaking to the executive branch for the people of those 50 states she didnt do her job for over a year & didnt get fired but she did get richer

    51. Mel Mel

      That was an awesome watch!.. way to go..

    52. Gaby Ramos

      Earth angels exist!!🙏

    53. Linda Gutierrez

      Amén 🙏

    54. Sandra Lyons

      Thats awesome

    55. Gwenie M

      Beautiful Story!!..We Need More People In The Worldwide To Be As welcome With Kindness Like Them!!..May God Continue To Blessed All 3 Of Them Always..😇😇🙏🏽🙏🏽

    56. Vanessa Jones

      They did what any caring people would do. We have to care about o e another.

    57. Pat Brown

      What a blessing. 😄

    58. LaTrece Bradley

      very beautiful and heartfelt story praises and blessings to you both for offering your home to that young lady may the Lord bless you all abundantly

    59. Janice Garriga

      God bless..Hope to meet you guys one day..to say I Thank you..and I know either

    60. Renae Carpenter

      So sweet

    61. Pat d

      3-hour drive from home! Chelsea should consider becoming a nurse if she haven't already.

    62. kid of the king

      This story was so heart warming ♥. It just reaffirms that we are healing and showing love and kindness to one another. It's been rough the last couple years.I really needed this

    63. mike askme

      Humanity at its best. Most people would want to sue the driver or the company she works for.

    64. Chayah

      This is amazing and during COVID! Just amazing!!

    65. Renee Mixon

      Hands down story of the week for me, it put a great big smile on my face and in my heart. God sure does work in intentional ways.

    66. D Wright

      God bless you all

    67. gia

      Oof I’ve been stuck a few times in front of houses while doing grocery delivery. What an awesome couple. Awesome delivery lady! Some of my customers are so awesome they’re super considerate when the weather is bad. This is above and beyond!!

    68. Margaret B

      God bless wonderful people as always💙😍

    69. Deeb

      This is the kind of story I needed to hear. Now that was newsworthy!!

    70. Queen Tv

      Love it!

    71. sugarjuicysugar

      Kindness came from within

    72. Evlin

      Wow God Bless you Guys .

    73. angela manu

      We really are all human..❤

    74. Maria Zouania Agustin

      Never down the American people good hearts but not the government

    75. Irish Stabler


    76. Robert Cowan

      That's sweet. That's the way people are supposed to be. It's fantastic to hear of three such nice people weathering a bad weather event together. It's uplifting and encouraging and it's the way that Americans should always treat one another. It's the way that all people regardless of nationality or any other factor should always treat one another. Great story.

    77. Cecilia Poon

      What a great story. 👍.

    78. Crystal Williams

      Crystal J. Williams- This was a very sweet stories! That was really ,really nice of the couple to take her in! It's good to see that there is still nice people in the world! May God bless you all!

    79. Grace Abel

      This warms my heart...this is truly hearts of love.. helping and caring for each other..if only all of us in this world would be this to each other what a beautiful world it would be....God bless the good Samaritians among us and all my brothers and sisters across the length and breadth of this world....

    80. Hisbeautiful Truth

      Real good people. God bless them!!

    81. April Shorty

      Why am I crying lol😭😭😭😭 definitely a feel good story which we all need right now

    82. big D

      Looks like someone has a new uncle and auntie 😆 very cool story

    83. grash

      Why i am crying like a baby???😢😢😢

    84. Diane nails

      What a beautiful powerful storyWhat, Look at God, Blessings to All

    85. Edith Phillips

      I'm happy this family helped her ! she would have been out there 🙏.

    86. Vermin Watch_Out

      So not all Texans are xenophobic bigots, that's amazing Lolz

    87. Angela Jones

      There are good hearted people in the world who cares. God Bless. The Condons🥰🌺🌺🤗🤗

    88. Horseracingworldwide

      that smile on dougs face tells me he had a great few days

      1. Horseracingworldwide

        @Krys King take your meds and stop believing in a fake character.

      2. Krys King

        I agree! He realized that GOD put him in this woman's path to be her ANGEL!!! I KNOW for a fact that no one would think you meant anything ignorant or sinister! No way!!😒

    89. Cherry lin

      This, is America.

    90. Shaheeda William

      Wouldn't the world be a great place if people didn't see race, just humanity? This story warms my heart and gives me hope!

    91. Marion Saioni

      AWESOME! World needs more people like them.

    92. Lisa Palmer

      Black helping white and white helping black ❤

    93. Candis

      BEST STORY OF THE WEEK!!! I hope they all end up life long friends.

    94. K D

      What a beautiful story! Blessings! 🙏 Jesus Christ Saves 🙏 1st Corinthians Ch15 Verses1-4 KJV

    95. Aletta Powell

      Amazing story

    96. Pebbles Wilson

      I just love the beautiful couple who helped her, angels in disguise! ❤❤❤

    97. Cranky Grandma

      It’s nice to see good people.

    98. Lavern Jones

      The Richardson's are such wonderful caring people, I don't even know them, but I know I love them, thanks for being who you genuine are!

    99. Prudence Discussions

      The World Needs More Of People Like This!!!!!!!