Anderson Cooper asks Bill Gates if he'd eat inside a restaurant 1 year from now


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    As more and more Americans receive the Covid-19 vaccine, CNN’s Anderson Cooper asks Bill Gates if, one year from now, he would be willing to sit inside at a restaurant or resume shaking hands with people.
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    1. zumzum

      Hey Bill, What's the joke? why the grinning? This pandemic not affecting your pocket book/lifestyle? Don't be an outlier, get a bit of gravitas.

    2. Sue Prost

      Expertise like don't wear a mask? And then wear a mask?

    3. xonslaughtlioness

      Why is BG talking with a turned head like posing for a magazine cover or painting?? Lol

    4. mdmoore23

      Newsflash: I'm black and I don't want the damn vaccine. These guys made me laugh speaking as though we're children that need to be coerced into our vegetables or something.

    5. mdmoore23

      Why the hell is Bill Gates always asked questions about everything except Microsoft? I don't want to hear this weirdo speak on any issue not related to computers.

    6. Jeremy McGough

      This interview was like watching two demons play as humans subtly manipulating the chickens who eat the feed in blind trust being led to the slaughter.

    7. lynne rondell

      OMG !! You actually interview the guy who created the virus !! And who now has created the supposedly vaccine!!!! Wake up people this man Bill Gates has NO ones best interest in mind it’s all about money , power and Dominance!!! He’s sold the world down the river and without a paddle !

    8. Jeremy Two

      All countries that deny the one true God can never have freedom. Sin worshipping leaders always lead us to tyranny. Their false God's have money and power but, no good ideas, no Divine Philosophy for Humanity. God's Divine Philosophy for Humanity exist whether you believe God exist or not. Kinda crazy to pass up the greatest Philosophy know to man. Don't you think? News and opinion from a Patriot

    9. The Good Society

      What with the random bursts of laughter? Scary

    10. Lisa 1734

      Not recalling when gates became as dr or a scientist.... Bueller?? Bueller ?

    11. Steven Garcia

      Every 100k deaths from covid is a Super Bowl touch down to these creeps.

    12. Pitboss

      Bill gates thinks we should have genocide bc there's too many ppl in the world according to gates. Hes a murderer, just look at him laughing about opening restaurants. The man is crazy amd cnn is 100% fake news

    13. Jo Chris

      Blacks are not suspectable to infection........ What is the death rate in the Afrucan continent as compared the USA?

    14. brian stollings

      Who the hell cares what he thinks?! He doesn’t eat at restaurants anyway. He has people who cook for him. Get real. Us regular folk should listen to this fuck or take his advice when he lives nothing like us? Nope.

    15. PB

      Why do you have to ask Gates about it? Who cares what he says!! He is another human being trying to mess with our society! Sick bastard that thinks that he owns us because of his money..

    16. Bayrem

      For people wondering why CNN always always seeking advise from Bill gates its because h'es the Creator of Covid-19.

    17. Theresa

      In the name of Jesus cast our enemies down

    18. Anne Marie Smith

      Gates is no more than a tool for the NWO Rothschild and Rockefeller crime families. He is NOT a climatologist nor a medical professional therefore his opinion is of little value. We don't need to listen to these carpetbaggers.

    19. Lissa Cabler Ware

      Scary everything this guy says and frightening that he knows the power he wields globally. He’s promoting his investments to line his pockets and further his agenda. His narcissistic smile is disconcerting. Not touching or hugging is typical of a cerebral narcissist. Works his plan perfectly. Isolation and distancing are perfect for Bill.

    20. Interest Part

      Top German Dr & Politician speaks:

    21. Interest Part

      Top German Dr & Politician speaks:

    22. Dave

      Don't you like the way that gate's gives us that knowing nod and that little smirk every time he's been interviewed

    23. Dave

      Gates owns stock in vaccines that is all he is about, the money.

    24. kentucky fried

      BG is dangerous.. Cooper kissing his as* - BG's is buying up farmland in the US and filling it up w/Monsanto GMO and ruining the food supply - he did it in India will do it here. I think he's involved in this pandemic - he donates millions to this big media outlets - is this a surprise Anderson is kissing his as* too? Anderson = sellout

    25. davitofarito

      Can you imagine being Anderson Cooper's dry cleaner? What a horror show that must be. I bet the back of his underwear looks like the flag of Japan!!!

    26. Kelly Ferguson

      This is the most EVIL plan to kill billions! Watch gates Ted talk where he clearly says we need to eliminate human beings for climate change. Only he and his minions will survive. He is a sick person. His parents where full eugenists. See how he smiles when talking about this. In every video he’s done in the last year, he’s laughing when discussing this with anyone. I certainly would hate to be gates. The judgement that’s coming his way will be way worse than Covid. God will not be mocked. Pray this man will see the evil errors of his way and get right before it’s too late.

    27. Allison Shaw

      I think the mRNA factor is freaking lots of people out. More explanation on how the Jnj vax is a more traditional type of technology could be helpful

    28. storm parris

      PEOPLE wake up havent you noticed none of these clowns are talking about clean organic food to eat that boosts immunity all the talk about is drugs

    29. storm parris

      when kill bill said BLACKS you could hear the racist conversations he has with his wife

    30. Anne Abbott


    31. betty N

      Why they give this person air time because he’s the fourth richest person in the world he’s buying up farmland like the old game Pac-Man one should question why is this???That’s the question you should be asking not where he eats the main stream media get more ridiculous every day. So afraid of these billionaires and millionaires that you tiptoe around what their object really is

    32. Karen Gvozdenovic

      Sick people...Bill Gates agenda is evil...who the hell is he to tell us what do...why does he not vaccinate his own children...colds and flu are the immune system working properly tovm eradicate toxins fyi...dont want or need these poisonous genocidal vaccines for culling the population...

    33. Interest Part

      His advice “Follow the Socialist convention” He wants to invent a Vaccine that will kill every respiratory disease!

      1. Orlando


    34. JanSun Ocean

      Bill Gates is an ass

    35. Tonya Craig

      The real Bill Gates is dead anyway.

    36. Rashell Sanchez

      Geoengineering makes climate change worse not better. Why do people continue listening to to Bill Gates on heath issues 🤔 Isn't he a college dropout? People Love his kool-aid 🙄 💀

    37. Ricky Early

      Bill Gates is a doctor now?

    38. Eric Schryver

      Were living 'The Emperor's New Virus '.

    39. B k

      I cannot stand Bill Gates and that evil shit grin, Dont know when this lame became a doctor and expert on everything, He's now the biggest farm land owner in the USA

    40. Scott

      Did you know Gates is using the pandemic go get richer?

    41. Yo diggadydig

      Two strange characters....lmao

    42. Smallaxe Bigtree

      Thank you! The mark of the beast is the pinnacle of a massive gradual technocratic agenda using social and economic coercion to institute a scientific dictatorship. See my channel if you want help "sorting this sh*t out."

    43. Melanie

      There isn't a pandemic. It's more like a plandemic. Bill gates owns the patents to viruses. This is a global agenda to reduce the population. Anyone who believes this horseshit is a lost cause

    44. shabana saeed


    45. Kathy Leicester

      Trump won bigly. Trump is POTUS. Trump won bigly. Trump is POTUS. Trump won bigly. Trump is POTUS. Trump won bigly. Trump is POTUS. Trump won bigly. Trump is POTUS. Trump won bigly. Trump is POTUS. Trump won bigly. Trump is POTUS. Trump won bigly. Trump is POTUS. Trump won bigly. Trump is POTUS. Trump won bigly. Trump is POTUS.

    46. Martha Canady

      Why is Bill Gates a guru of everything? What makes him the person with all the answers? Fawning over him just because he’s made a lot of money with computer software inventions makes him somehow omniscient? The news media makes me sick. You are just a pack of sycophants.

    47. Esther Chapman

      What is wrong with Bill Gates (LUmp) his head. How is he an expert on everything?


      WHY is this guy always laughing and smiling while he's talking about people dying and the fact that no one will get to live "normally" again?

      1. Allison Shaw

        To diffuse tension. Because it’s uncomfortable, and awkward, and terrifying.

    49. Bob Foster

      This is the first time that I have heard anyone talk about an obvious benefit that might follow COVID-19. If the medical community has been able to mobilize and create a vaccine for Covid this quickly, can they now proceed to dealing with all corona viruses, including the common cold?

    50. Lady Virgo


    51. Shannavegana McInnis-Hurd


    52. Shannavegana McInnis-Hurd


    53. kitty kitty

      Did anyone see B.G get the vaccine? It would've encouraged so many people to take the vaccine.

    54. Home on the Range

      Bill has bought everybody and everything that is for sale. He must really care.

    55. miss jo jo

      So bill is a farmer and a doctor now. Wow😳 he wants to vaccinate and feed us with veggie burgers.🧐🤔 GTFOH

    56. Stop it Stop it

      I ate inside a restaurant five weeks ago and I never got sick. Support your local businesses

      1. Eric Glueckert

        @d rod Biden said he'd only do 4 years, what makes you think he'd do 8?

      2. Stop it Stop it

        I’m sorry that happened to you and your family and I hope that you are doing alright but I am Christian and I’m not going to live my life in fear because I know where going when I die and you shouldn’t live your life in fear.

      3. d rod

        I had two relatives die of covid . An uncle and a cousin. I'm not going to follow the stop it stop it guy on the internet that's disgruntled at the fact that Joe biden is now his president for the next eight years and not Trump LOL I'm going to go with the scientists.... and science.somebody else will open up a restaurant when this is over and they'll have a chance to have the American dream. That's the realities of a complicated world🤔 there's going to be winners and losers. If you or a friend of yours or a relative owns a restaurant, Mr stop it guy, you'll or that friend or relative will have another chance of becoming a successful restaurant entrepreneur.🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲❤️ Stay safe everyone. it's not the end of the world. This isn't a biblical Armageddon

    57. Marcus Aurelius

      Anderson Cooper is a great actor. Give him some extra WALNUT SAUCE!

      1. Brandon LeGars

        I read he was executed, because of walnut sauce.

      2. B Hewi

        too woke for most

    58. Marcus Aurelius

      Satan runs CNN.

      1. The ProDuCtIonZz

        Lucifer does .

    59. Helen Todaro

      U can be at risk for flu also. This is redickulous. We dont wear masks for that

    60. Jane Edwards

      Let’s start with culling YOUR Demolay brood, yes? Go peddle your BS, yes Pfizer sponsored Cooper among your own, you transparent FREAKS!!!

    61. ErisLee

      Dude has billions and still isn’t satisfied, however he’s smart to have invested so much in vaccines. Megalomania pays!

    62. Stephen Arkland

      Damn, Anderson blinks way too much. Wtf.

    63. Memphis Sommers

      Tuberculosis is a global pandemic such as the world has never seen. It has been for decades. Just last year 10 million cases were reported and 1.5 million died from it. ONE AND A HALF MILLION! That’s how many people die from it each year! EACH YEAR! It is the “most contagious disease in the history of mankind.” . It is spread from infected people talking, singing, laughing, sneezing, coughing or spitting. It is the most contagious pandemic in world history and has killed tens of million of people worldwide and is going on stronger than ever. . So, why were/are there no tuberculosis pandemic response demands from the WHO, CDC, governments, doctors, or the UN to wear masks, washing your hands? Where are the food shortages, toilet paper shortages, disinfectant shortages due to the tuberculosis pandemic? Where are the job losses, the shut downs, the layoffs because of tuberculosis pandemic? The quarantines, the social distancing because of tuberculosis? Tuberculosis has ALWAYS made flu-viruses like Covid-19 look like the sniffles. So what’s the big to do about Covid-19? New statistics are proving that even the elderly are not as high a risk as previously touted. . There are no knee-jerk reactions to the tuberculosis pandemic as with Covid -19 because masks and all of the above CANNOT STOP IT! In fact, herd mentality history indicates that those ‘preventative measures’ make it much worse. . Covid-19 is real but the toxicity is immensely exaggerated and the mortality rates are purposefully inflated for the sake of monetary greed within the medical profession and for the benefit of liberal politicians and their power grab. . For once, just once, people need to do their own research. There's an elephant in the room and it's called 'tuberculosis', and it’s exposing the lies about Covid.

    64. bob99795

      How come everybody just let it slide that Bill Gates was friends with Jeffrey Epstein? They at least took a picture smiling together, and according to the NY Times, that was after Epstein and already been convicted as a sex criminal...the first time. But Bill Gates just keeps smiling and looking unassuming. Check out the article from 2019 :

    65. Cory Mackin

      Democrat glasses. It's the try to look smart to hide the psychopath look.

    66. mark twine


    67. Mike C

      friggin nonsense

    68. GregC

      When some people have to much money they think we care what they say ,a sickness

    69. Nadia Naomi Brown-Wotrang

      As a restaurant manager, I wouldn't dare go to a restaurant and dine in now, it's too dangerous. People are creatures of habit, some people don't give a damn and a lot of people don't comply with rules. You never know who you are sitting next to or the person or persons who sat at the table before you did.

    70. Irene Owins

      Lizard creeps me out.

    71. Guffy_ Ree

      Bill gates racists ass shit people of color come on

    72. Nooush

      I eat at restaurants and all is well🙏🏼 please stop scaring people this is too much!!!

    73. Jump-Start

      Hey Anderson what is the problem with you as a journalist to report what you should report! Mr Cuomo. Interview him! If you don’t you have kook-aid in your veins!

    74. mij cirtap

    75. Unknown Colorado

      As if Bill Gates dines in restaurants like the lower classes.

      1. Unknown Colorado

        @C Bryce Millions? Try billions. Dude it's fucking Bill Gates. I can most certainly judge him if I want. And you're one to talk, since you've just judged me as well. Pictures of him standing in line at Dick's or it didn't happen.

      2. C Bryce

        Actually, I have seen him standing outside, in line, at a Dick's restaurant in Seattle. Even with his millions, he is still pretty down to earth. It's not cool to judge people if you don't know them .

    76. MR. Meeseeks

      🤣🤣come on Gates give me a break man. This guy has no poker face. 🤣🤣that smirk when he talks about investments and human suffering

    77. 254sweetcheeks


    78. Travis 1994.

      Just clicked on the video to dislike. Why does the average person care if Bill Gates would eat in a restaurant a year from now? The types of places he eats out at is nothing like us peasants eat at. Fuck him, Cooper, and CNN.

    79. Rocky 36

      Who gives a shi@ about where he will eat......

    80. p Van

      If either depopulation person goes into a restaurant refuse to serve them they enabled covid scenario and insisted planes land with infected people so they could play this end time game on all of us..suicide rates and attempts up thirty percent by younge people and unemployment doesn't cover lost tips.tell.majority of servers and other in restaurant hospitality industry.

    81. Katherine Hancocks

      Romans 12;19 Do not avenge yourselves, beloved, but yield place to the wrath;*+ for it is written: “‘Vengeance is mine; I will repay,’ says Jehovah.”*+ Roman's 13 Let every soul* be in subjection+ to the superior authorities,+ for there is no authority+except by God;+ the existing authorities stand placed in their relative+ positions* by God.+2 Therefore he who opposes* the authority has taken a stand against the arrangement of God; those who have taken a stand against it will receive judgment to themselves.+ 3 For those ruling are an object of fear, not to the good deed, but to the bad.+ Do you, then, want to have no fear of the authority? Keep doing good,+ and you will have praise from it;* 4 for it* is God’s minister* to you for your good.+ But if you are doing what is bad,+ be in fear: for it is not without purpose that it bears the sword; for it is God’s minister, an avenger+ to express wrath upon the one practicing what is bad. So when Jehovah tells Christians he will give us Revenge... sometimes that is by US using the legal system to avenge yourselves. I am not allowed to kill anyone to get revenge. I am allowed to use the legal system to "avenge" my brother's wrongdoing.

    82. Katherine Hancocks

      THIS IS NOT A THREAT! THIS IS NOT A THREAT! THIS IS NOT A THREAT! The only times I have been suicidal is after the MORON doctors drugged me illegally with powerful antipsychotics against my will. I am more homicidal than suicidal. NO.. I do not plan on killing anyone... But I have MANY more violent thoughts towards OTHERS than myself.

    83. Katherine Hancocks

      Jake will people PLEASE make EVIDENCE-BASED decisions regarding me... Am I regarded as a threat? There is video of Omar khadr making "ka-b***ms" on the internet and he is not under a press ban. Please help me.

    84. Katherine Hancocks

      A clip from one of the best episodes of House... Yes I believe that there is a threat from SOME men who pretend to be women to invade female spaces... And Blaire white is not a real woman... she is a trans woman... And a man who is went through puberty should not compete with women in sports.... And yes I believe there are some girls today who believe they are transgender when they are not... BUT YES... ...There are all kinds of things that go wrong in development and not everyone is clearly male or female. There are men who developed female breasts: Enlarged breasts in men (gynecomastia) - Symptoms and ... Gynecomastia (guy-nuh-koh-MAS-tee-uh) is an increase in the amount of breast gland tissue in boys or men, caused by an imbalance of the hormones estrogen and testosterone. Gynecomastia can affect one or both breasts, sometimes unevenly.Oct. 2, 2019 But yes I believe a man can have a female brain and a woman can have a male brain.

    85. dale padgett

      Bill Gates has created and demised the fall through computer technology the fall of the United States. Aiding China, Italy, Russia and others on the take over of the U.S. Even developing the tool to reverse votes into Joe Biden's favor. Now he has been cheating land owners out of their land grabbing all he can so he can be in control of farm growth directed by George Soros. Controlling land, controls food source controls life... Be the judge !!!

    86. Katherine Hancocks

      Jake... Of course if someone robs my home they are responsible and criminally guilty. BUT... If I hired a security conpany and the guy monitoring my home on camera ignored live video of someone in a mask breaking my door down... ...they are very responsible for loss of property.

    87. News Now Columbus

      No even if I didn't have private chefs, I wouldn't eat in restaurants.

    88. Buford T. Justice

      Give me a Break ! Ask Bill Gates if he would ever go inside of one of Cuomo's NY Nursing homes after the Evil & Sick Democrat scumbag Gov. Cuomo ( Fredo's brother ) forced Nursing homes full of vulnerable elderly people to take Covid infected young people. KILLING THOUSANDS ! Bill is in support of this Policy but would Never come close to one of those nursing homes. Just like all of the other Democrats that are going to restaurants and living their lives.

    89. Troop Troopie

      Bill Gates the only way I believe you took that shot is if I gave it to you myself...Black people got the strongest body in the world, so why we need that shot? We have learned through time how much you care about black people. Stick with computers..."Killer Bill" Gates.

    90. Nicole long

      What an idiotic interview. 'Is the handshake a thing of the past?' Huh! How about 'Please tell us some of the ideas on how to save ourselves from climate change that you spent years researching and writing about for the book you're here to promote.'

    91. Mike Peterson

      Cancel Bill gates

    92. Tommy Johansen

      Anderson has funny smelling fingers.why?

    93. Tommy Johansen

      Make a computer that won't get a virus in ten minutes then you can run your mouth.

    94. Marlyn Aburto


    95. Margareth Liew-On, penname Margareth Lee

      Too much money leads to too much worldly power and sadly corrupts. But Bill will exit in 2025.

    96. Rajkarega Khalsa


    97. Katherine Hancocks

      Jake if you're single and you want to show up at my house.... That would be cool. No I DO NOT want to marry you. And if some MORON Jehovah's Witness Elder tells you "my heart is deceiving me" tell him to f*** off!

    98. Rajkarega Khalsa

      Please watch Dr Sam Bailey for the real facts

    99. Rajkarega Khalsa


    100. Rajkarega Khalsa