Dr. Fauci explains why we might be wearing masks in 2022


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    Dr. Anthony Fauci shares his thoughts on the coronavirus pandemic as the US approaches the grim milestone of 500-thousand deaths from Covid-19. He also explains why Americans might still need to wear masks in 2022.

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    1. Red Stag

      Bc we need to commit mail In Fraud again to protect our spots in the house and senate 🙄 duh

    2. SubFlow22

      I haven't worn a mask yet.

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    19. NaturalBeauty214

      I remember telling people last year that this would not be over in a few weeks and that life will never go back to normal. I told them that it wouldn't be just 2 weeks here and there and then that's it. But what did people do? They chose not to believe me, a person who has nothing to lose by telling them what I see clear as day what's really going on. Instead, they put their unwavering faith and belief in MSM and decided to follow the scientist and well look here we are, a year later and TPTB are still waving the carrot in front of the donkey by saying we are still to continue on with this mess. Haven't yall ever heard the saying, "A monkey can only ride your back as long as you bend over for it"? And as long as people keep allowing themselves to be controlled this will continue.

    20. Carol

      Oh by the way.. Matt Meyer Berkeley Federation of Teachers President, California, blocks opening public schools in-person, yet has had his own child in in-person school since June 2020. Stop the hypocrisy. Our children are suffering. Open schools full-time Now

    21. Carol

      If masks, social distancing, lockdowns, and vaccines work? Then why are we still wearing masks? I hear the plan is to continue this charade until 2025 .........and then.......???

    22. Charles Colfax

      "BuT tHe sCiEnCe..."

    23. Fred

      Just long enough to rig another one...🤣

    24. W Campbell

      wearing masks. Hear is a thought for people to think about, I wonder how much money china has made selling mask world wide to supposedly protect people from the very virus they loosened upon the world. Think about the irony of it.

    25. Brent King

      The sad thing is that The people that watch CNN believe everything they say bc they hate Donald Trump. Imagine being so dumb that your only justification for believing what the media says is bc you hate another person. CNN has the most redactions and corrections out of any other media platform.

    26. David McKelvey

      Why on earth do we need to continue doing what we are doing if fifty percent of Americans are vaccinated by the end of the year?

    27. Glutamate Sulphate

      All of you who voted for Biden deserve this!

    28. crsl111 c

      Even CNN leftist are finally now fed with this. Senile tiny leftist tony who should be in a nursing home

    29. Waywardelements

      Wow just thought I'd compare fox new too cnn. Cnn views are way lower and everyone is trolling the shit of of them.... and Biden won?

    30. Ro King

      BTW -- the vaccine still doesn't completely protect you from CORONA - you can get both doses and still get corona ...

    31. Ro King

      Wait till you have to have a vaccine passport to leave your state thats when the fun begins

    32. Jack209

      Fauci in 2022: We might be able to approach some degree of normality by 2100

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    34. Peter Kwon

      This old pouch 👝 what ever should go to jail ..

    35. NFJ 98

      Phycho s ht hole lover always has a mask actual humans see through you

    36. Denise Riley-McCray

      Ummm we are wearing Mask Now idk anymore 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    37. Jack Ripper

      Based on the science I will continue to bullshit you sheep!

    38. Dave Stewart

      Dr. Fauci saying the vaccinated must continue wearing masks SCREAMS zero confidence in the vaccines. If that is not the case then it screams CONTROL. Please keep in mind Dr. Fauci admitted that he has lied to the American people to get them to change behavior so be sure he will continue to feel no guilt continue doing so.

    39. R1GAMBLER

      Dr. Frankenstein 🌞 💵💵💵👋

    40. Aklilu Medhin

      What doing this person half million is die still he is working.

    41. Verb Noun

      If 1 mask doesn’t work wear two, and if two don’t work wear 3. And so on, and why am I getting the vax, if I have to wear mask till 2022 and nothing is going to change...

    42. Joboo Luvs

      Fauci Has made millions off of this pandemic it is disgusting he’s a filthy human being and he will get what he deserves

    43. Mark Janowski

      Fauci is a fraud

    44. truimagz

      Where 6 masks, get killed by drunk driver.... Lockdown for years, find out you got cancer and dying in one.

    45. Jen Ramos

      Fauci is Fake science!

    46. SWog

      How is it that an immunologist has been allowed to influence decisions that have had such a crushing effect on the economy; the long-term welfare of our children; everyone's mental health; other critical medical issues and procedures; etc.? They've created a monster. Shocking since he's already admitted more than once that he misled the American people. And now he has us giving $200 million to the WHO... the organization that didn't warn/protect the world from COVID-19 in the first place. One day maybe the truth will come out about his connections to the Chinese labs that were doing the coronavirus research. THAT is where this plague originated. It's a wonder he's getting any medical work done. He's talking into a microphone every time you turn around.

    47. Gold Baby

      11 states in usa did not lockdown they have fewer covid deaths per capita than the states that did lockdown? strange that

    48. Rod Ortiz

      I am Sick of this Man ! He spits out dates and Data. I think he has a problem of never enough MEDIA exposure !

    49. Covert Messiah

      Power grab, subjugation, and compliance. The new America. When News becomes the voice of Government, it is the instrument of the evil within us all. Get some popcorn, and enjoy the show.

    50. Melissa Justice


      1. Big Hammer

        The vews are the only rational thinkers on this planet. They must rise to the top and lead us all. The time of the gentile is over.

    51. Melissa Justice

      Well the MASKS help with agenda 2030. The MASKS help push the transhumanist agenda.

      1. Big Hammer

        So. Take a good look at humanity. you may not be another pathetic sheep but most people are.

    52. Honesty

      Dragging their feet to open schools is an understatement... Parents want their kids back safely... let’s plan for it

    53. Pranav Sai

      Any publicity is good publicity. CNN making a clickbaity headline even if it brings out a dislike ratio just to get the views. Fauci didn't say we WILL be wearing masks but rather in his normal tone declined to commit anything on how normal things will be in 2022 giving neither an affirmative answer nor a negation. TLDR: video title is clickbait. Things could very well be normal. We just have to be more patient.

    54. BL ສີນວນນາທົ່ງ Somp

      Sorry, I don't believe or listen to Fauci.

    55. Spinko Kerplinko

      The Corporate bad medicine demon head of Fauci sure can bomb the thumbs down approval rating.

    56. Chris G

      Joe Biden says the genocide of the uyghurs in China is okay it's a cultural norm!!! you people voted for this Criminal, so-called president

    57. James Donelson

      Uneducated people are the only ones still trying to make excuses for a virus we have zero control over how it acts. People complaining are ones that have no idea there are 8 different corona viruses, covid 19 is only one of them. Uneducated people are complaining about what we are going through when our great grandparents went through the same thing. Uneducated people have zero education about the fact there are about 35,000 different viruses on this planet so by not doing things like wearing a mask when you are sick or staying home, by the way, they told us this in 1901 to wear a mask and to stop drinking from public fountains (schools still hasn't learned and they teach history and science.) but you all think you are smart because you get news feeds that have been shared so many times, you don't even realize that it came from a website you don't understand because it is ran by kids punking you, you all are smarter than scientist, but yet God stated all that worship a golden god will be destroyed, yet here you guys go. Good job!!!!


      People should rise up and take control of the media and our government.


      Shoots...take the vaccine and then what...still gotta wear masks and stay 6 feet apart and limit businesses from operating..... Dont listen to these idiots......

    60. Michelle Mich

      Wake up world

    61. Ginga

      if you think we should still be wearing masks just lock yourself in a room and never come out.

    62. J Justi

      Ah, Forget the mask since there won’t be any population left very soon since Cutting of JJ and sawing up PP are THE TREND now.

    63. Schoon Family Ranch

      CNN is propaganda! Watch Newsmax and read the Epoch Times.

    64. Blues1 J

      Fire Fauci Political operator and has too much power -open America. Let’s live with the virus and get vaccinated

    65. Titus Roybal

      Nice ratio you got there. Any chance the “80 Million” might have buyers remorse? Might be tough to hold this narrative up as Biden continued to ruin a good thing. Tell me again why I should take a vaccine when I still have to live in your dystopia even when I do.... NOPE! I will not take risk in the form of a needle in my arm until you promise to open the country after I do. Or.... would that cost you power? We wouldn’t want that that now would we...

    66. Chosey

      Next year they will recommend we wear 3 masks. It never ends with these sick people. They just dangle the carrot on the stick while all the morons chase it like a brain dead animal.

    67. William Saffos

      Return them to sender & drop off some to Gates headquarters, Zuckerberg,Fauci,Francis Collins Klaus Schwab,CDC WHO,NIH,for them to inject their own body's with this junk.Warning it is a BIO WEAPON for many people have died from the jab already & many more & will suffer severe autoimmune reactions & all sorts of malady. DO NOT TAKE THE JAB.

    68. Jeff Fleischman

      Dumb A. Fauci is dumb, lies, doesn't care about anybody unless it involves money, changes his story all the time, will say whatever the democrats want him too for money, hasn't practiced anything since the late 90s. Isn't really a doctor, is old and pretty much useless. His conclusions are so stupid he makes the weatherman look like a saint.

    69. Elizabeth Taylor

      Hell no!! Masks suck. lI’m done with the fear mongering too. They have been talking about all these “variants” for months yet cases still keep going down. Fauci just doesn’t want to lose his role of media darling 🙄

    70. Joey Garcia

      92% of Americans wear their mask every time they go out in public. Telling me that this mess is the result of people not wearing masks is like pissing on my leg and telling me that it's raining.

    71. tmwall25

      wear as many masks as you want, as long as you want. i have antibodies and i wont be wearing a mask.

    72. Cuauhtemoc Rodriguez

      When liberals don't even trust Fauci it brings hope into humanity

      1. Glutamate Sulphate

        Exactly! They finally got over the Deranged Trump Syndrome

    73. abcdefg

      Still wearing masks after injecting the vaccines? Horrible!

    74. Buzz Lightyear

      If masks were an effective preventative tool in the fight against COVID, the states with the strictest mandates and most Draconian lockdowns would have less COVID deaths per capita. That's not even close to what the data shows.

    75. Rhetoric

      He will wear masks in 2022 because (1) He is crazy, (2) he doesn't read science, (3) the Dems may ask to extend the COVID fearmongering if they think they are going to lose the House in 2022, he's leaving the option open. Too funny, 13K dislikes!

    76. UlfrLock Seven

      We can't force teachers to go back to teaching!!! We can't push out vaccines because of the barrier of politics

    77. Galeon Jomar

      Covid is BS just like Fauci!🤪

    78. MrHeavychevy86

      You mask yuppies might be wearing masks until 2022 but I won't be. I have yet to wear one.

    79. Mr. Talbott

      Dr. Falsity. His Warhol 15 minutes are OVER.

    80. 1ronin

      Fauci can wear 3 masks for the next hundred years.

    81. serruptitiousfool

      Whatever Fauci says is always outdated or inaccurate. Just add 6 months to anything he says and you'll be safe. #movegoalposts

    82. Daniel Ericsson

      Not smart man is so wrong 😷 Sweden for Donald J. Trump 🇸🇪 Trump MAGA 2024 🇺🇸

    83. Max D

      What should we do with the anti-vaxxers?

    84. A and G

      His answers are as slippery as black ice! Nothing specific!!!! Why are ppl getting vaccines if nothing will change? Ridiculous!!!

    85. Ivan Placido

      Nobody is buying the bullshit anymore. This is old. Fuck their agenda

    86. Ivan Placido

      The Nazis also had doctors. Being a man of science doesnt exempt you from being evil

    87. Mark Romero

      Thou shalt not muzzle the Ox that treadeth the field...

    88. eban hale

      Anybody else smell that?

    89. Johann Penner

      This man knows nothing he is still a 2 year old child

    90. Ron Swanson

      Sheep wear masks. Healthy people do not.

    91. Robert Lesaca

      Dr. Fraudci

    92. Anthony Bradford

      Democrats are liars, should not be trusted followed or heard. Democrat= parasite

    93. Anthony Mosco

      Notice he says “guidelines” THESE ARE NOT LAWS

    94. Pragm Aticamente

      LMAO.. Americans liberals.. I can hear Tony Soprano from his grave : "Ma!.. Fauci!!.. Va fa Napoli!!.. 2022?!?.. Rompicoglioni.. Perché cazzo non me l’hai detto?.."

    95. Chris Kilkenny

      EV WEST IS doing a EV SWAP on a 1985 toyota rock crawler..to promote desert toys w engines to install motors to help the EPA

    96. Dill Will

      Fauci burns that OG.

    97. The End

      Can we get that Fauci guy back on air , he is an absolute piss head


      Who the fk is fauci and what gives him the right to dictate how I live my life

    99. Jimbo Jones

      Need you all to stop watching CNN mind control and resist the New World Order Agenda. Sooner this happens , sooner we are free

    100. JanSun Ocean

      Wear a mask Dr. Death so it will shut your mouth