Nat Sec Adviser on massive hack: We're looking beyond sanctions


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    CNN's Christiane Amanpour talks to US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan about the SolarWinds hack. Sullivan says that Biden's White House is considering a range of responses to the suspected Russian spying campaign, not just sanctions.
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    1. Valeri Temp

      The Iranians have very truthful and peaceful government. Moreover Iran is the only democratic and peaceful country in the region. Iran also never attecked US troops and US allys, never operated terror organisations or organised terror attacks... In the name of the "Human rights" Iran need Nuclear weapons and Billions in cash... Only CNN fans will think that I'm not parodying...

    2. Bismuth Crystal

      Good. It's about time we once again had a president who won't lick Putin's boots to prevent tapes of him being peed on from getting out.

    3. baangoo

      Maybe it's the...ALIENS!

    4. Chris Johnson

      The U.S. walked away from the agreement and it is highly improper for it to make demands or place conditions on reentry. Good faith is a two way street. The root cause of all of this is still not being addressed which is the invasion of Palestine.

    5. Jon Dough

      Putin assured donald that russia wasnt at fault tho!

    6. NoName Rocks

      Trump was responsible

    7. nakedshadows

      Why doesn’t the US first get back into compliance?

    8. joe pimental

      Huh ! A govt spokesman speaking /answering truthfully and wisely. What a difference an election makes.

    9. Alter

      It's unbelievable how hypocritical, lying and devious America is. Everything in america, media, politics, people ... you are the purest plague!

    10. Got Power

      Welcome Chamberlain

    11. Mr Nobody

      America is all bark no bite, nothing significant will happen.. just a slap on the wrist.. they love to make themselves look big to the rest of the world.. hype things up with the help of politically backed news outlets like CNN

    12. Mike Lynch

      Appeasement Biden .. just Biden his time .. Appeasent never works and that so called "deal" was BS ... Keep up the Sanctions

    13. Serve You

      Yea we all know this administration foreign policy agenda in two words strategic patience

    14. Mo7

      'nat sec', i chuckled reading it cuz it sounded like 'nut sack'

    15. Gunk Wretch

      the hypocrisy and tyranny of the U S A is endless

    16. Wes Caldwell

      Good old honest joe going to save your soul's because he's been in politics so long, really people he straight up practicing Hitler's ideals do your research stop the madness. Love don't hate.

    17. Wes Caldwell

      Good old honest joe going to save your soul's because he's been in politics so long, really people he straight up practicing Hitler's ideals do your research stop the madness. Love don't hate.

    18. Wyatt Browning smith

      I guess the question will Iran comply. Will have to write and see.

    19. saleh Altamimi

      J.Sullivan 👌💯👍💌

    20. Marchant2

      Thank god we have a REAL president again who isn’t going to let an adversarial authoritarian attack our country time and time again. trump would look the other way, and send his love to the authoritarian, which is one of many many examples of trump’s treasonous behavior. He needs to be in prison.

    21. Harry Johnstone

      Under a 2015 agreement, Iran limited its enriched uranium to 202.8 kilograms. Trump withdrew the U.S. from the agreement in 2018. International inspectors say Iran now has 2,105 kilograms of enriched uranium.

    22. Anquiro JM

      The HACK, sounds like, we want to protect something and some said: "hey, the back door could be open".

      1. Roger Out

        Yeah... we should make some shit up.

    23. Chris

      trump let them in

    24. sandy7m

      Listening to this argument for Iran to come back in line is a bit of nonsense. You dont walk out on a deal and then stril back in and say "take the same deal" Got to be a bigger catrot to dangle than "do as I say not as i do.

    25. MrLoobu

      Iran: "we have a bomb please just leave us alone now..."

      1. reza ghazanfari


    26. Toughnut

      Why would Iran change course? A crazy Republican could become president in four years and then what?

      1. Bozorg

        +Toughnut As an Iranian I can say for two reasons: 1st. At that time you could not pass it by Congress and Senate. You have them both now. 2nd. If they sign an agreement and their relationship grows in a positive manner in the next 4 years and Iran shows compliance, then its too late for a republican to oppose the deal and do not see backlash from their own party. People like Tucker from Fox or Rand Paul from the senate.

    27. TheJimprez

      Can you also look for the little twerps from Russia that hacked the Canadian Revenue Agency site and get them for us? You guys owe us after 4 years of forced Trump shiat and the PPE embargo.

    28. Martenson Lee

      I think it might take two pallets of money in the night this time ???

      1. Roger Out

        Did we steal more??

    29. Elfin4

      I think Israel have taken maters into their own hands as normal and just eradicated the Nuclear Scientist. Perhaps the world should just let Israel sort things out for themselves.

    30. Mike 72


    31. Helmut Zollner

      The USA is in non-compliance. How about the US explains what they were doing before! How is anyone supposed to trust a deal with the US if you look at the track record! - Attacks on NATO allies - Quid pro Quo in Ukraine for a starting political he also is an investifation of Hunter Biden. - Unilateral revoking of the Iran deal. - Abandonment of the Syrian Kurdish allies. I think that Iran would be crazy to go back into an agreement without sanctions against the US if they break it. Bidens hold on House and Senate majorities are so tentative that it hardly can guarantee adherence to any deal struck for longer than two years. Look at North Korea. They just ignored the US and soldiered on until they got their nuclear weapons. Now the little dictator us untouchable.

    32. m. alonto

      man-child: "...that assasination of the Iranian general greatly helped the nuclear deal! no one does nuclear deals better than me...!!!"

    33. Victor Robinson

      Iran has no reasn to trust the US at this point.

    34. Timothy eric Lane

      Amanpour wearing a snake for a neckless, a perfect representation of who she is !

      1. WildHeart

        What is your problem? Lack capacity of true egalitarian to accepting strong women as competent and successful orators and disseminators of correct and quality worldwide news updates?

    35. rockin' ricky fan

      It can't be said enough,"CATASTROPHIC FAILURE!"

    36. Emiliano Zapata

      Wait, so Trump didnt even took countermeasures ? Holy sh*t

    37. rockin' ricky fan

      Trumps cabinet should answer for every problem they refused to address as keepers of our country's security or did their complicity line their pockets in which case they should be labeled traitors and dealt with accordingly.

    38. Castle C

      Trump has destroyed all of our ties, that's why the whole west is banding together now. We aren't strong without each other. Trump has put us in GRAVE DANGER, US and EU. The SolarWinds hack happened under TRUMP. That was war. The traitor Trump did this to us. The Republiklan enabled this...

    39. steve sangster

      Why would Iran accept? They will just expect the same again the next time there is an administration change. Like other countries, all trust is lost.

    40. Sez zed

      how to get US back to the deal it broke . hypocrites.

    41. Marcee Christensen

      Thank you God 🙏. Diplomacy is Back!!!

    42. Thomas Smalls

      Isn't Iran a sovereign country? I do not understand why America should be dictating to them and not to other responsible countries. This is all messed up, in my myopic view. I do not like how Palestinians are being treated, unfairly, either. Where is the diplomatic balance here? I am not seeing it. Somebody, please clear this subject up for world view and assessment.

    43. Brenden Y

      If a deal is struck, it will be a minor miracle, as Iran has no reason to trust america on this issue. Currently, there's no reason for Iran to bother, since all the actions taken with the last administration

    44. William Graham

      😂😂 America pulled out of the nuclear deal for no reason, killed a number of Iranian officials and they're the ones who have to bend the knee to America and be held accountable? America can't even hold it's former dictator accountable yet they want Iran to be held accountable 😏

    45. naper806

      What if Iranian asks if Trump or someone like him comes back later. Is there anything US can offer to assure them, actually the whole world, the treaty will stay?🤢🤢🤢

      1. A C

        And donny had nothing to do with that. And after what he did I'm half surprised an a team or two didn't go and settle some scores off the books. That is also why he didn't just lose the military vote. But lost it so badly that 3even Clinton didn't lose by that much. Trump even lost the infantry vote. But 7understand most soldiers don't vote. The boss is still 5he boss no matter who that is the enemy are still the enemy which ever that may be. Only the 3evangelicals and hard core right wing dbags vote. Why bother when you have a chance to catch up on sleep. Two presidential elections when I was in and Idon'tremember anyone in the voting office. Except bored clerks. Meaning he was so despised that non fundies voted.

      2. A C

        Write into it similar conditions like the NATO accords have. That is one thing donny never understood as well as most things. But had Russia violated a member nation like he tried 2with Turkey even though what they were doing wasn't covered,it is all out total military response. After ww1 and ww2 when most nations didn't honor their obligations. And not counting soldiers 25 to 30 million people died. Europe decided that the next treaties had to be iron clad. No matter who is in charge of where. Violate one face all. That's why the instant it could Poland was the first former Warsaw pact country to join there was still a Soviet union. And they joined. Remember when the gun truck full of green berets drove into the Russian convoy and slammed one of that taskforce commanders vehicle off the road into a ditch pinned it in place and mad dogged the 3entire convoy. Sending da clear message to putin.

    46. Nose Candie

      um.... jake looks creepy and untrustworthy. idk why it’s just the look

      1. Q. E. D.

        I should stick to mining that nose candy, if I was you. There’s a well known saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

    47. Dan Marquez

      I hate how we call leaders countries. The leaders of Iran aren't Iran and the leaders of United States aren't USA. With that in mind, it is easier to negotiate a deal.

    48. FalconXE302

      Iran has already done that once... and it was America who reneged on the deal. As a sign of good will, America should first remove some sanctions before the talks start. After all... we are at where we are because of Donald trump and the previous American leadership.... while I don't agree with, or support Iran, the only choice they were left with was to continue to do what hey did once the American introduced more sanctions. The previous administration simply did not recognise the word Diplomacy.

    49. scott McIntosh

      Do we only get the 2 page Muller report ???

    50. Richard Mc kenzie

      Constitution of Ms pots of the c co-operative republic of how word pots.

    51. JRR31984

      Someone needs to tell this dude to relax. Stop sucking your own webos and wake up.

    52. JRR31984

      4:12. Sounds about right.

    53. JRR31984

      3:50. Hey lip smacka, Iran was not following the guidelines that was even before Trump. And Iran and Trump were playing chess games with each other. If anything, politicians are the ones squirming and are most likely making the deal-breaking-Iranians feel big.

    54. JRR31984

      3:15. If a German said that about Iran then analytics (scientists, engineers and legislators) is going to be "the most".

    55. Melinda Foster

      Biden = WAR!!! WITH OBAMA & HILLARY!

      1. Roger Out

        If I recall correctly, Republicans started the 2 endless wars.

    56. JRR31984

      3:01. LOL. THAT'S a dam tbc if I ever heard one.

    57. Free Palestine

      and the nukes in israhell ????

    58. Steve Bell

      I can not this this

    59. Sun Dial

      TYT/CNN/MSM BARELY COVER CHRIS CUOMOS BROTHER MURDERING 15000 SENIORS IN NEW YORK ...EVEN THOUGH MOST WERE DEMOCRATS AND LIBERALS..A COVERUP IS TAKING PLACE... FAKE IMPEACHMENT.. FAKE INNAUGAURATION.. FAKE PRESIDENT BIDEN.. FAKE V.PRESIDENT HARRIS.. GEORGIA STOLEN BY COMMUNISTS ..HUGE ELECTION FRAUD Biden STOLE the election...Trump easily WON with LEGAL votes.. ...HUGE suitcase of empty ballots suddenly pulled out from under a desk by a Democrat operative...and then stamped and counted as a vote for Biden PROVES beyond DOUBT.!!!..that Democrats used FRAUD on a MASSIVE SCALE to STEAL this Election doing Massive FRAUD in Georgia by registering out of State people and students as Georgia residents Democrats win was by FRAUD..which Liberal Judges are covering up. If only LEGAL votes were used Trump WON by atleast 400 Electoral College votes...😁 decision..Americans will NEVER accept Biden as Legitimate and will always be regarded as a FAKE Potus If you live in a Blue State and you voted for Biden..and LOST your oil or gas jobs by Biden signing EO to end Oil and Gas jobs then STOP FUCKING COMPLAINING .Trump wanted to OPEN UP more Gas and Oil jobs in the Country but you MORONS voted for Biden...SO SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES.. AND STFU ....🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸.... TRUMP IS OUR ETERNAL PRESIDENT...AND ALMIGHTY GOD.. TRUMP IS OUR ETERNAL PRESIDENT AND ALMIGHTY GOD..🇺🇸🕇🇺🇸.

      1. Roger Out

        😆 cultist Reality must really burn you up.

    60. Mr K

      Jake 'Russiagate' Sullivan is also on the Alliance for Securing Democracy. Formerly ICG or International Crisis Group. He was with the Carnegie Endowment for the duration of the interruption to complete business as usual that was the Trump Administration.

    61. Jordan Tuey

      CNN don't give a shit about a hack!

    62. Meygol Taban


    63. El Ingles

      Every American must rea George Orwell 1984. Here is a progressive liberal who saw what,s coming. Every prediction this liberal predicted, has come true. The globalist machine has took hold of the Democratic party, they don,t even know it. The MSM, Joint chiefs of staff and 80% of America know that election was rigged. The principle culprits to the globalist machine, is the heads of the CIA, FBI and leaders of the democrat party machine. America they did the same here in Britain, it was 4 years of winning hearts n minds. Trump won that election with between 16-22million votes. Do not back down. DO NOT BACK OFF !!!

    64. Heidi Hogshire

      How can it be a question of Iran getting back in compliance when *the US broke the agreement and punished all other countries who stayed in!* ?

      1. Stefan Schleps

        Pay closer attention. Stop it with that anarchist outlook already, and the America bashing. Yes trump and his RepubliQon supporters pulled out of the deal. This was almost exclusively due to John Bolton. However, Iran was not abiding by the agreement. Iran IS working to develop a nuclear bomb. So yeah, Iran needs to return the protocol of the agreement. Unfortunately Iran is going to be mollycoddled just like NoKo was. At least until preemptive actions are taken to prevent it from obtaining a hydrogen bomb. America is trying its best to avoid a war with Iran. Iran sees this as being weak. Remember Iran is a theocratic autocracy with an apocalyptic belief system. And its current government is deliberately causing a great deal of pain suffering and death in that region of the world. If they get the bomb, nuclear terrorism. Or nuclear war WILL be the result. And they will use that power to spread their diseased thinking as far as an ICBM can reach. Iran has mad ambitions to return to its glory days like the Persian empire. Iran and Saudi Arabia are, and have been, enemies for hundreds of years. The politics between the Sunni and the Shia is deep and deadly. The stakes are too high to let them get the bomb. The situation is rife with nuance. Get your facts straight. I hope this helps you see the complexity of the situation you beautiful woman you. Good luck.

    65. Robin Holbrook

      Thank God people that didnt buy a spot in the Government but got it the good ole fashioned way called work.

    66. Bunda169

      I like that he acknowledged his dodging on answers 👍🏻

    67. Notafratdude

      Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so That we all make it to heaven. Like so more people can see this.

    68. Edward Greysand

      Why is their so many white people on CNN where is the Diversification in Anchors?.... hmmm por que???

    69. bcconman1

      It is going to be hard to convince Iran to agree to anything when there is still a possibility that Trump or a Trump like politician will get in office and renege on the deal again.

      1. Evelyn Rodriguez

        Iranians are ready to blow Dumpster cover off.

    70. Glorious E


    71. M McTest

      Let's see what happens, hacks happened what seems like quarterly during Obama / Biden and nothing happened then except they gave Iran $15B, China a pass and Ukraine to Russia. My opinion

      1. Roger Wilco

        Wtf are you babbling about??

    72. Semi-Conscious American-Joe

      Iran doesn't need the West; it has no incentive to cooperate. This is just a charade.

    73. Chris Young

      For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

      1. Roger Wilco

        😆 nutcase

    74. wattsup1004

      Watch another plane load of cold hard American cash fly over to Iran but end up at Obama Airport.

      1. Roger Wilco

        Did we steal more money from them??

    75. Skip Ads

      You mean Dr. Rachel Levine has been digitally altered all along?

    76. Mee Hung Lowe

      Before Trump, there was a chance that Iran would eventually adhere to a deal. But now? No way.

    77. Anna Rulewicz

    78. Luke Rabin

      Ms Amanpour, please, let me tell you and the one or two people who watch your program what we’re going to brief Congress on in a month, because they don’t want to hear it first. Yeah, right! 🤣

    79. Tom Nowocin

      Amanpour the global ambassador of nothing she talks like she knows world news facts but says nothing

    80. Jonathan Jollimore

      See if you guys can find the fake Russian accounts posting in comments section😉

      1. Bozorg

        We are smarter than you. Kidding, not a bot and not a Russian lol

    81. Scott Mika


    82. Scott Mika


    83. Experience Scotland Differently

      The USA is such an arrogant country with a few thousand Atomic bombs, the only country who has bombed Japan not that long ago, has napalmed Vietnams people into there on soil and only had 20 years of peace in there whole existing history. If I would ever have to deal this the US, I would have to have as many weapons as them to still never feel safe from an attack. Luckily non of the EU is on your site any longer, since the second Terrorist country UK has left!!!!!!!!!!!! Set Julian Assange free, if your words will ever have a meaning.

      1. Roger Wilco

        😆 nutcase

    84. atomicmozart

      FYI.... Sweden is "BANNING MASKS" 🇺🇸🇺🇸

    85. ridin dirty

      Why isn't the govt helping the people in Texas??? They are freezing, contam water and foodless. AND NO ONE IS REPORTING THIS!!! NONE OF YOU CARE ABOUT AMERICANS!!

      1. Semi-Conscious American-Joe

        That's something the govt. of TX did to Texans.

    86. A. Merican

      America should be grateful that we now have a president who's willing to listen to the National Security Adviser and/or take America's side over Putin's! Speaking of 'massive hacks,' at least America ONLY has to deal with SolarWinds since Trump is no longer in the W.H.! Hmm?

    87. Lear King of Albion

      Jake looks tired. Too much time on my front lawn....?

    88. Ryan A

      Gov. Cuomo killed a lot of people in the nursing homes!!

    89. Joseph Elijah

      my phn says the time is 10:09... my az thought it was sayn 100%. I think I need a drink. 😔

    90. crookim

      CNN speculation news channel says it was Russia without any proof, just like everything the US gov says about its so called "enemies" its all a fabrication of "highly likely" and "anonymous intelligence sources"..... full of BS and hate!

    91. OhNoNotFrank

      Translation for the conservative challenged: 1.) Think alternative to alternative facts. 2.) Stay focused.

    92. SotheaVIK Gaming


    93. Jonathan F

      We need to improve our national security

    94. Mc Lovin

      Democrats planned the insurrection .That's why Drunken Pelosi did not put additional security at the Capitol when she was informed that there have been plotting up to a weak in advance. Democrats are domestic terrorists

    95. E. W.

      Will BLM be held accountable for all the property damage and theft committed by their members?

    96. Elaine Johnson

      This is Trump's fault. He took us out of the Iran deal.

    97. AB C

      It's urgent that Newsom & Cuomo be RECALLED 🇨🇳

      1. A C

        They are skeezy politicians who need to be up on charges exactly like Abbot and de santis noem out of south Dakota and about 10 others.

    98. Kostadin Kostadinov

      Be sure your response will be met professionally.

    99. Binary Recoil

      Fucking christ. The oppression is so ridiculous that my comment was auto deleted in 4 seconds I hate this species, we deserve to go extinct.

    100. Mohsen ?

      As long as I can remember Trump administration failed to convince the UN Security Council to use the nuclear deal's "trigger mechanism" against Iran to impose international sanctions on them. Then the argument was the fact the US had unilaterally violated the deal thus had no authority to use the mechanisms provided within the deal against Iran. Now telling Iran "We are no longer following Trump's [failed] policy to use the JCPOA's trigger mechanism." Is not only ridiculous but rather insulting. I can understand any effort to deescalate Iran-US tensions can provide the domestic opposition in both countries with a golden chance to pursue their propaganda against the respective governments, Yet initiating diplomacy by publicizing a farce as the steps already taken to honor back the commitment further emboldens such radical groups.