Georgia Tech student celebrates her work on Mars rover


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    Georgia Tech senior Breanna Ivey helped test out the mathematics and coding on NASA's Mars Perseverance rover while she was on the team as an intern. Ivey tells CNN's Fredricka Whitfield about the experience and shares advice for students of color interested in pursuing S.T.E.M. sciences. #CNN #CNNBusiness #News

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    2. Eleanor Andrews

      Representation is such an incentive.

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      Black or white, people are subjected to the same knowledge.

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    6. Dom Jú

      Ehhhhh!!! Ppl believe in that

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      Why put an emphasis on color??

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      Congratulations ❤️

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      Excellent achievement! Keep em coming!

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      A helluva engineer!!!!! 🙌🏽 🙌🏽

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      That is awesome!!!

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      Awesome. Inspiring. Amazing. 👏🏽👏🏽

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      Brianna, so much to be proud of. Good for you!

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      Congratulations Breanna! So proud of you and your work on completing this mission. You are an example for our brown skin girls and boys. Be blessed!

      1. One 4 Truth

        @Pandasrules Excuse me? Breanna, not Ivey (her last name) is very much an example for our children at a time when we need that positive image gracing the news and social media platform. Sure, all kids can look up to her, but will they do so without some adult microaggressive lens. Save your 'racist' comment; it holds no merit here!

      2. Pandasrules

        Don't insult Ivey with your racist comment. She can be an example to white skin boys and girls as well.

    18. Bill G

      CNN some good News Finally, Let's Go Ahead and Thank TRUMP!

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      Very nice, how about the white students that worked on it?

    20. Mrs. Amazing

      What about the oriental who helped?? Or are you racist? Of course you are your Democrat

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      Hmm. Would be better if that racist Fredricka didn't push her hate agenda in the reporting.

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      Wow dream internship

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      How cool, I bet all her friends and family are so excited!

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      I love to see our young people win! Keep going Breanna!!! 🙏🏾💥🙌🏾😊

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      Very proud of this moment but we can use some of this knowledge for better life down here and not for talking furniture

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      She's a Ramblin' Wreck and an helluva engineer! Congrats to Breanna!

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      Okay cool they went to Mars can we get clean tap water now?

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      WOW!!! AWEDOME!!!!! SO PROUD!!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

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      Proud of you girl Brianna God bless you☦️🙏🥰💝😘😍🥰💝😘😍🥰💝😘😍🥰💝😘😍🥰💝😘😍🥰💝😘😍🥰💝😘😍🥰💝😘😍🥰💝😘😍🥰💝😘😍🥰💝😘😍🥰💝😘😍🥰💝🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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      Wtg, young lady. All the best to you and your family.

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      Robin DiAngelo for prison on HATE CRIMES!!!

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      Presenter your a role model to black boys and girls around the 🌏 !!!me you a role model to every young person around the world.

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      Of course she's happy she's just reassuring her income for the next few years ,,,meanwhile most of the world is Suffering

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      She said georgia tech university rip

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      Not quite hidden figure.

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      Breanna your Brilliant!!❤❤

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    45. Salty Nicholas Pride

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      This is why Black Lives Matter you never know what they grow up to be an accomplice for the world love it

    47. American Naturalized

      Well Biden ain't too happy cause you know if you don't vote for him you ain't Black and now this ofcourse fake news CNN won't report 🤦

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      Earth is Flat.

    49. rolback

      Does Joe corrupt Biden get 10% kickbacks from NASA contracts? Joe’s owns 3, 20,0000 square foot houses and corvette. Let’s look at Joe’s tax returns and see how he could afford all those expensive luxuries on the salary of a government employee.

    50. Jem Sopp

      This young woman is such an inspiration! I have 3 young ladies who are science & math lovers. They were so excited about the Mars landing. I’m going to make sure they watch this interview so they know that, as young ladies, ‘the sky’ is not the limit to what they can achieve, and they can literally reach for the stars. 🌖🪐✨💫


      "Helped to test" the work of others? So did I for a major softw. company. Never bragged about it.

      1. Z1BABOUINOS

        @Natasha Gordon FYI, about 20 years ago, the local TV station send a crew to my workplace to make a piece about our work. We would be featured on the news! The CEO said some things, and then they went to the team, who did the actual programming. For some reason my colleagues didn't want to be interviewed. They came to me. Although I'd love my family & friends to see me on TV, I declined. I was just the rookie tester and I would take all the (publicity) glory. So, you see, it was a test for me, a test for THE CONTENT OF MY CHARACTER, and not my photogenic green eyes (MLK, in your face!) You are the embodiment of a generation of low expectations and high praise for trivialities. I pity you...

      2. Natasha Gordon

        You wouldn't have had a problem if she wasn't black. FYI everyone that did something, no matter how small or how great deserve recognition and to celebrate. Hater. Smh

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    53. Ashley Vaughn

      This is so important and impressive!

    54. Eb 23

      wonder how she knows how to use any kind of technology according to biden black and Hispanic folks don't know how to get online...yes he said that at his town hall...biden is sooooo racist its crazy how he gets away with this imigane if trump said that would be three months of coverage....wake up peeps

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      so proud

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      Great job Bree

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      There should be more stories about people like her who helped with the rover even tho they dont work at nasa or jpl.

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      Big up beautiful n May your star keep shining 💕💕❤️❤️

    59. mula gumby

      Way to go,Breanna.there's no stopping you now

    60. Bill Moody

      Breanna Ivey has so much to be proud of! To accomplish something like this at such a young age is extraordinary!! Congratulations, Breanna --- I wish you the best in your future endeavors!

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    62. Collin Henry

      This not only part of African American history since February is Black History Month, this is world history by this great woman from the south.

    63. CKYFM8493 laWaii63

      Atta girl, Breanna!👏 Congratulations! More power to her! We need more brilliant scientific minds like hers at the helm!🚀🪐

    64. Gus Kadare

      Spacex will come knocking on your door well done

    65. patricia finn

      Congratulations! You are best of new women in science and pride of Georgia tech. You are a superstar!!!

    66. Johnny Fash

      Lol They’ll scour everywhere to find the one non white to give credit!

    67. Dani Llanos

      Her smile is so big ! I love this !

    68. Tom Osborne

      Wait, I thought there was systemic racism in the USA. How did your guest achieve her goals? Guess CNN lied again as usuall.

      1. Kenneth Titley

        Tom..stop it!!!!.....

    69. Kobe Virus Hoax

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    71. The Truth Is Out 777

      She probably cleans the bathroom

    72. Sean Inness

      I helped coordinate a local S.T.E.M. program for teens and enjoyed it immensely. A lot of it focused on speaking out and being comfortable doing so in groups as they worked on group projects. Part of that was in contributing to group project but also in relating a public presentation and discussing it's properties with people less aware of the concepts involved. Congratulations Ms. Ivey. Thank you for your contributions, as well as a bright future of contributions.

    73. Weirdunclebob V

      Wow, she's amazing! She has the universe at her feet, not just the world 😁💚🌱☮

    74. Lady A

      Inspirational story, especially during Black History Month. Congratulations young lady! Keep up the good work. 🖤🤎🖤🤎🖤

    75. Mitch Mitchell

      Wow a black girl that wasn't even born when the Rover was created now gets all the credit. Only on CNN

      1. Aquarius Avenue

        @Flzrin are you serious? she helped this launch. what’s your issue? she isn’t getting all the credit, she’s a college student she did something fucking amazing.

      2. Flzrin

        They’re trying to turn the whole world around and make black people supreme and get all privileges, just trust me.

    76. Abdullah Al Mahmud

      Congratulations from Bangladesh

    77. Good Looking Honkey

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    79. Niyi Aina

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      Wondering why there is ZERO coverage of the almost 99,000 COVID deaths since January 20th? CNN spent close to a year highlighting the 400k deaths. Seems odd such a high number of fatalities in such a short period of time is being ignored.

    83. Barry Webber

      What a wonderful achievement and what a lovely and smart young woman. Well done all round.

    84. francisco varela

      Well said.

    85. No Filter

      That's totally awesome. Congratulations!!!

    86. shayshayberry

      This is amazing and I hope this furthers her career in the future, she's gonna go on to do great things ❤

    87. Smirf Loc

      She knows the earth is flat. Why keep perpetuating these lies

    88. Philoctetes

      Congratulations to Brianna!!! And to everyone involved! Our reaching out, beyond our own safe bubble is one of the most amazing human endeavors... Math is fantastic!

    89. Boreyrak Kim

      That's awesome Astronaut

    90. D RiteMoLawzBks

      Gone Breanna! I'm so proud of her. 🚀🛰️📡🔭

      1. D RiteMoLawzBks

        @adat smith Sure. I went to grad school for STEM and was mostly foreign students. In a class of 50, I was the only American and I'm not White. I really don't know what you're talking about, but clearly you have experienced high education.

      2. adat smith

        Riding the coattails of white culture.

    91. adat smith

      Notice how this breona wasnt shot by police? Because she was working and not selling drugs.

    92. adat smith

      One race goes to mars while an equal race struggles to feed itself in 2021.

    93. Japanese Japan

      If it finds evedence of previous life will it send back pictures or do we have to wait 10 years?

    94. SJA

      Cancel Culture is coming after you! In the United States, we have an iron triangle between the Democratic party, and the media and corporations. The media and the democrats agree on virtually everything. Democrats have an agenda, the media pushes that agenda, then the media and the democrats pressure corporations to do their bidding in order to foster this agenda. "Unofficially" they're allowed to use threat in order to make clear what exactly they want to happen. This results in corporations pushing to cram down a particular point of view on you, and then, cancel you!

      1. adat smith

        The iron triangle. Or iron troika.

    95. lonny W

      This is racist...

    96. Teffi Club

      It is a great pleasure to see young people helping the humanity! ❤

    97. THINK The Arts

      amazing mission on Mars

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      lets go 👮🕋👮🕋

    99. SCMP Reading

      While this girl achieved such extraordinary thing, she stayed calm throughout this interview. Her humbleness and confidence are really impressive. She's the beacon for numerous students of ethnic minority .

      1. Pandasrules

        @SCMP Reading I believe race issues have become too political - they've increased racial tensions in many ways, and undone some of the efforts and achievements of the civil rights movement of the 60's. I am not white person; and I have noticed a change in attitude. It was better pre - 2000 than now - and I blame certain media and certain politicians.

      2. SCMP Reading

        @Pandasrules I agree on this point. To be frank, I hated it when the host highlighted this girl's race specifically.

      3. Pandasrules

        According to that logic Einstein, Issac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci etc are beacons to white students. NO. Einstein, Newton, Da Vinci can be a beacon to all students. Let's keep race out of this, this is science not politics. Ivey can be a beacon to ALL students of any color or gender. I am sure Ivey is not a racist.

    100. Bridget Engle

      Mumbles Biden trying to get hostages released from Iran? Lol! Get the popcorn and watch how far he bends over and gets nothing!!! The Hussein Obama foreign policy.....