SE Cupp: It's okay to criticize Rush Limbaugh


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    CNN Political Commentator SE Cupp reflects on the legacy of conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh following his death at the age of 70.
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    1. Tom Zart

      TEARS !! Tears are the raindrops of the soul And there's one for all who die. They are the silent words of grief As they fall free from the eye. The shortest verse in the Bible Is the one where Jesus wept So, if you hold back tears, shed them When your pain is too harsh to accept. Tears are lovelier than a smile When they come from those you love As they seek relief from sadness When you're summoned from above. Tears are a love-mates humble gift When it's time to say goodbye Though the eyes are wet and swollen With time and patience they dry. THANK YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE IN YOUR HEART ! By Tom Zart Most Published Poet On The Web Tom’s 1,650 Poems Are Free To Share! Google = Most Published Poet Google = George Bush Tom Zart Google = Tom Zart IThomes

    2. frank beifus

      SE cupp ;-)

    3. BigDaddy

      Being dead doesn't erase decades of being an asshole.

    4. Frank Manuele

      Rush exemplifies the rants of the current GOP amplified by the Donald (pseudo-President of the un-United States of America).

    5. Babu Ramji

      Well jesus has a special place in hell for these jerks.... hallelujah

    6. Donald Boissonnault

      He made a lot of bad comments,but your no better by saying it's ok to degrade him in the after life that makes you plain garbage.

    7. Ronald Rothschild

      Cnn calls her conservative lol

    8. Seve Glider

      There was never anything good to say about Limbaugh when he was alive, and there isn't anything good to say about him now that he is dead.

    9. Burnett Salmon

      I wonder wat was going through his mind when he was dieing and shiting on him self 🤔

    10. Willy Amparo

      Joe biden have dementia , he forget everything always he is lost he do not know where he is most of the time, and he say that he agree with six jing pin about the way he do thing to hung kung and the 2 millions people that six jin ping have lackup in consentrations camps he is killing them slowly , Joe biden agree with the brutal killing of a lot of religius wemens they kill them with poles, that is genocide Joe biden support six jin ping.

    11. Fannie Hansen

      The mysterious dolphin embryologically guard because calculator consecutively burn unto a like bay. entertaining, light share

    12. Geoff M

      Have you notice it's the silver spoons like Tucker Carlson, Rupert Murdoch and other super wealthy white people influencing and preaching the ill's of conservatism all the while enjoying a life of luxury that 85% of his viewers will never experience such a lifestyle? Rush was worth $600 million before his death. He did nothing for anyone except spew bigotry and division! Must be exhausting to wake up everyday being mad at the world and do their bidding while the elite enjoy what you can't!

    13. Papi Chulo

      Rush him to HELL

    14. Learner Breadlove

      Am I the only one who is sexually attracted to SE Cupp?

    15. ericlobes

      SE CUPP after today’s ignorant rant I’ve lost all respect for you and will stop following you. You obviously never listened to rush, where his guiding philosophy is to show case absurdity by being absurd, that he was against the feminist movement because he wanted a merit based society and felt their views weren’t valid. He supported numerous female candidates from Sarah plain to Nikki Haley. He wasn’t a racist, he felt the current system of government was hurting the black family. Please next time you do something like this don’t use leftists sites such as media matters you look like a fool to all of us. Continue to boot lick at cnn because I don’t know where else you can get a job except for msnbc with ignorant views as yours. Rush alway did his research before he offered an opinion maybe you should too.

    16. Wayne Madden

      It’s not ok he hurt a lot of people is going get his in next life so say god they said he was Christian if this case I don’t want to know GOD I think he devil son I am not wrong

    17. 408knw

      SE Cupp? Never heard of her. Rush? Everything such as she are not - and will never be.

    18. Airsoftcleaner

      He was THE voice of The Right Wing Underworld

    19. Eli Smith

      Didn’t shed one tear

    20. robert yetter

      Sure it is, you're criticized everday😂

    21. latimer9

      People you don't like are reduced to nothing but their biggest mistakes following death. People you do like are completely forgiven their biggest mistakes, and elevated to sainthood based upon a handful of accomplishments (or even just one) that you consider significant.

    22. big D

      My bad

    23. big D

      I'm buying me a pair

    24. red angel

      A drug addicted hate monger, good riddance, Donny liked him, nuff said

    25. M A

      Who missed him? No body!

    26. Hardcore

      Are people really tiptoeing around this? The guy spread hate throughout his whole career. Fuck it, I'm saying it. Good fuckin' riddance. 🤣

    27. tom burke

      An accurate summary of Limbaugh but I would add one more thing----He Lied often. Thanks SE.

    28. Mitchell Campbell

      Big words now that he is gone. That's says a lot about lady. Bet you get breast cancer now.

    29. Mostcom

      I wondered If you would hurl a few truth bombs... well done. Thankyou. good to see one being a credit to ones profession. More accurate than any words out of rushies mouth... except when he admitted he is in it for the money. BREAKING NEWS: rush limbaugh is still dead

    30. R P

      A word of advice - I'd be VERY, VERY, Careful with judgment and words. You will give an account one day - let's see how you measure up. You'll be surprised as you are hurdled over into the PIT OF DARKENSS. Don't believe it's real? Do your research. It's NEVER ok - you're doing the exact same thing you say he did - My question is - who is the bigger hypocrite. A day of reckoning is coming to America - and I is not going to be pretty. Don't believe? That's fine - but just because you may not believe doesn't change the TRUTH. You will stand before a HOLY GOD one day - soon. You need to wake up!

      1. zartosht06

        "you're doing the exact same thing you say he did " ... ahhh, NO she does not. Also, if you actually believed in this "reckoning" you'd be really REALLY worried about people like Limbaugh and Trump.

    31. Carmelo Junior

      Rush was reluctant to support Trump and supported President Bush 100%

    32. John J Jarhead

      Give thanks to Rush Limbaugh as a great resource for the commentary and a platform for the rest of the media to build their own ratings. It's an all inclusive empire.

    33. Grace By Seven

      Oh for crying out loud, regardless of where you stand politically, have a little respect! While I don't agree with all he said, the man is dead.

    34. Resurrection Crucifixion


    35. Mitchell Young

      Man she's got like 4 layers of warpaint on.

    36. Joseph Linney

      Is S.E. Cupp even a conservative anymore???

    37. Chris Tatnall

      So thankful for SE Cupp and Michael Smerconish who are conservatives with a conscience. Hopefully the GOP can find its heart again.

    38. tema779

      Right on the money.... well executed

    39. krepnata kadara

      He sow the hatred then, you will get the hatred now. Reap what you sow

    40. Paul Stanitz

      where's he buried so I can pee on the grave

    41. T Dragon 357

      Dittos Rush ! Happy Trails 🎚💥⛽🚬👹.....Welcome El Rushbo. I've been waiting your arrival 👍👌

    42. J Castle

      Rush "The Flush" Limbaugh and his EIB (Excrement In Broadcasting) Network are finally dead. Hip Hip Hooray!!!!

    43. Losaiko Save the Earth!!!

      Okay, He was a mean old bigot.

    44. Victor Monreale

      While I won't be attending the funeral, I approve of it ."( Mark twain)

    45. Victor Monreale

      i never kill anyone but i read some obituaries with great satisfaction

    46. hongrn

      Rush mainly caters to the ignorant, “disenfranchised”, and irresponsible crowd, those who take absolutely no accountability for their own actions and failures. When you need a shock jock to motivate and show you the way by scapegoating other groups, you need to really reevaluate your life.

    47. elvicare35

      It's OKAY to say POSITIVE things about him TOO!!!!!!!!

    48. pm512

      My condolences to the casket and soil.

    49. Pigdoc1

      Criticize? Someone needs to broadcast the site of his burial, so thousands can use it as a porta-potty.

    50. r Gul

      dang this lady is truly judgemental. she must be so perfect. who does she think she is anyhow? let it go.

    51. John Karpierz

      It is also OK to criticize liberal hacks. Like RBG. And you.

    52. Carol Haslam

      And he got the Medal of Honor 🤦🏻‍♀️

    53. John Seneff

      He was a miserable S.O.B.!!!

    54. Ed Murphy

      R.I.B. (Rest in Brimstone)

    55. Byron Anderson

      Rush is not dead, this is "Fake News" he's hangin with Biggie & Tupac. LOL

    56. John Smith

      Anyone who sees anything awful in 2021, I hope this story can counter it 😁

    57. YouTube Moderator

      "C Cupp"? Does she dance at the Outpost? I think I recognize her glasses.

    58. mathew buckley


    59. mathew buckley

      Rush was on the radio for over 30 years. Call me when you reach thirty 30 and you never make a mistake. Ur a left wing bone head.

    60. Strong Liberals

      Here is a video I made on Limbaugh's legacy:

    61. Frank Veneno

      If it wasn't for Donald Trump you fools want to be talking about Rush Limbaugh

    62. Modeltnick

      Another leftist communist spewing your brand of propaganda and hate.

    63. John Hettrich

      I see SE Cupp is still in her house locked up! What a smart ass and hiding in her home like a scared snow flake

    64. James Powell

      With limbaugh in hell,Satan had better watch his back!And he thought hitler was bad!!

    65. Jeanne Oxley

      Rush Boom-bah on African Americans: “They’re 12 percent of the population. Who the hell cares?”

    66. Stevenson Chambers

      Rush Limbaugh got all the hate that he put out in his career.

    67. YouTube Moderator

      It's ok to criticize John McCain too.

    68. Kenneth Massey

      Hes gone good riddance!

    69. Doug Buse

      Thank you for your permission to criticize Rush. I now feel comfortable criticizing my painful hemorrhoids as well. You've given me confidence!

      1. YouTube Moderator

        Can we criticize John McCain finally?

    70. robert wheatley

      "SE" talks trash about Rush after he's dead. She wouldn't have the guts to debate Rush who would destroy her in 10 minutes. Even BLM had enough courage to go on his show. But not SE because she's a pathetic leftist coward. To hell with that b...

    71. HighandDry


    72. The Majic Man

      He's gone home to his maker......;SATAN!!!!!

    73. djs2356

      he's with satan now

    74. Nayõ

      Rest in piss Rush

    75. Andre Cooper

      Rush Limbaugh was the most evil man that even walked the earth other than Satan himself. Ty

    76. RockinRaul57

      Thx. U. 4 calling him out...👀... On Point...💯%

    77. Esther Fatal

      Mete pou li!

    78. Chad Campbell

      Imagine when this man died and realized that America was not a GOD, and the audience that he built was still with him in torment. Sad little life. Hardly worth mentioning.

    79. A's Back!

      A world with even one less racist bigot is a step in the right direction I say. Limbaugh was an ASS.

    80. Big AL

      It is telling that so many people really disliked him. SE Cupp is right.

      1. naitethagr8

        It's not for no reason of course

    81. Larry Hubble

      Many people think you are a POS, too. But I guess that is ok to call you out, too, huh?

    82. MrEhf111

      Limbaugh symbolized everything wrong with our country ... good riddance

    83. Byron Southward

      Yet Deathsantis will lower flags in Florida for this racist

    84. Mir Akbar

      I am sure he is roasting in hell

    85. Oxford Comma

      "Contribution to talk radio" is quite a stretch

    86. Colin Smith

      How do you spell her last name again?

    87. Calvin Williams

      Hitler Jeffrey Dahmer and Charles Manson would say old Rush is a good guy and that's not fake news 🗞️

    88. madcurls

      It's my guess the history books will not speak to kindly of him.


      I wonder why CNN is not asking all the criticizing questions reference tigers accident like they done trump. how did it happen, did the first responders smell alcohol, did they bring out the dogs! Above the law or not.

    90. Robin Addis-Vaughn

      I'm happy he's gone.

    91. Big Ace Boogie Woogie

      Where’s the lie?

    92. kydrythm

      Ya'll think abortion is the best form of birth control too. Ruth Bader was trash and I'm glad she's in hell now. Laughing as Trump dropped another republican in her place 😂😂😂😂

    93. Johnny Williams

      Dead doing black history Month.remember he said i can't b----- what a way to go .black History month.

    94. James Turner

      There hasn’t been this much joy in Munchkinland since the house fell on the witch. Ding dong...,

    95. I'm just saying

      Love her or hate her Does it really. matter Choice or fate Hope neither comes too late as my tongue twists as my mind fumbles and my soul stumbles Words cannot create the Emotion of my state She leaves me Deceives me And never ceases to please me I cry with joy and laugh with pain My heart still beating My blood still red you will regret what you siad When you speak ill of the dead.

    96. Ken Cohen

      Limbaugh was the voice of arrogance and insurrection neatly packaged in a cigar box filled with half-truths, vitriol, character assassinations, conspiracies, and lies. What can be said in the affirmative was that he was quite masterful at his art.

    97. Don Antoine

      Rush Limbaugh, was a terrible, racist, person. Thank goodness he's gone, get him the F*** outta here!!!! 💀

    98. Katherine Hancocks

      YES... temperament matters. I believe that a person who is TOO MOODY and NOT AT ALL MOODY is not as effective at decision making as someone who is a LITTLE MOODY. If you want to grow bacteria... an environment that is too cold or too hot would not be effective. If you want to triangulate a location you need to move your location. I believe having a little bit of change in moods makes people more objective. I may write a book about this in the future.

    99. Paul Seale

      Your right, he is not all seeing and all knowing . He was just another man who did have flawed ideas.

    100. Dan Krajewski

      He was a disgusting person who has stirred the pot of ignorance helping to enable the ignorant to believe in nothing that will help society.