Merrick Garland vows to prosecute Capitol attackers


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    Judge Merrick Garland, President Biden's choice to be US attorney general, gives his opening statement and answers questions from the ranking members of the Senate Judiciary Committee at his confirmation hearing.
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      Don't forget to have that same energy with the people who just stormed the GA state capitol building. 🙄

    2. Giggs Ryan

      I took the risk dealing with Chris d.RUSS on telegram and finally end up with perfect testimony 👏👋💲

      1. Giggs Ryan

        For more info +19197093004

    3. john peele

      Garland is the Dr Fauci of Justice!

    4. Kar Walker

      Very hopeful this new AG unlike Barr, will bring justice and rule of law and serve the American people not the privileged class.

    5. Cathy Papineau

      Thank God!! Hope he's up for what needs to be done in this country!!! What has been allowed to go unchecked by members of the previous administration needs to be investigated and prosecuted!!! Like Glenn Kirshner says!! Enough is enough! Justice Matters!!!!!!

    6. Jeanne 54

      They need to prosecute Trump for sending these people to commit murder on his behalffor not getting his way with the. Election -HES fleeced the country & ripped off his own base for millions & then pardoned the criminals working on his behalf an insurrection of our Capitol Trumps Base are still destroying the country today! These Trump Enablers have ALL to,d the FBI. & judges that they came to the Cappitol due to Trumps direction & request.

    7. James Johnson

      When is blm and antifa going to get aressted.

    8. Veve Charly

      If 43 Republicans Senators think that it's ok for Trump to provoked and incited insurrection as president in the Capitol; that killed 6 people. Republicans shouldn't have any word to say about Rules of Law.

    9. Veve Charly

      Republicans criminal who been violate the Rules of Law and The Constitution should not have ok to speak in a hearing to asked questions about implemented Laws.

    10. Yukozuna

      And the communist and black supremacists that have been rioting and murdering for the past year… They get off Scott free. Paid for by Washington and Hollywood

    11. SA Albers

      Is he going to investigate the Biden Crime Family? Hillary? How about Antifa's relationship with Kamala Harris?

    12. Dia Atkin

      Impeach Biden NOW.

    13. Damocles Ghost

      Ok so he dose that, the judicial system is still corrupt.

    14. Mineur Business

      Only in America! When whites are released after attacking federal cops, and blacks get shot for carrying a cell phone! Than they wonder why we have BLM!

    15. Linda Shattuck

      I love Merrick! Repubs there is a new sheriff in town! The rule of law will prevail! Equal treatment under law is in my future! Evil doers beware because good always win! Integrity and honesty will always prevail over lies! Knowledge will not suffer ignorance! Love always conquers hate!

    16. Ruben Sliders

      I'm cheering in a bob Evan's parking lot listening to this & getting weird looks 🇺🇸

    17. audio

      Excellent news Excellent choice! Best of luck!

    18. R. Marie Mouton


    19. Thomas Matlak

      Prosecution will be over the top. All things and everything. Prosecute to the maxx*****

    20. Duke Edward

      What about the idiots that burned down portland? what about the idiots who were rioting and burning down chicago? They get a pass?

    21. Jimmy Armijo

      Cityz looted/ burned. !?!! Hang m all!!!?!?

    22. Nurse Ratchet

      Yea well sir. That better include BLM and an antifa. And the dems who backed them.

    23. Rob Sellers

      CAPITAL ATTACKERS!!!! Whatever happened to the investigation of democrats raping and murdering children on Epstein’s island?

    24. Victor Johnson

      Will he arrest the 144 GOP traitors who wanted to overturn the electoral process?


      Q: Do you believe that breaking the law is a crime? MG: "Gee, I never thought about that. I don't know." Ladies and Gentlemen, meet your new Attorney General.

    26. Ruth Gonzales

      Anyone would be better than Barr he was just a puppet of many others.

    27. Ruth Gonzales

      I hope he becomes Attorney General and prosecute all the people who broke into the Capital especially the ones who murdered the Capital Police and to everyone who was there who broke into the Capital and prosecute the racist people who are nothing but only knows how to hate.

    28. Quanah Tyrone

      Will u stop the police from hurting people of color

    29. Quanah Tyrone

      Put the true statue of Liberty in its right place

    30. maggs mum

      the best cop of america instead of the best judge of supreme court

    31. For The Love Of Seattle

      How can you prosecute the Capitol Rioters without Prosecuting Donald Trump for motivating them to do the attacks? Also the three Senators and countless law enforcement who were in on the attacks. . . My Sister was in a cab with her then boyfriend and he decided to rob that cab driver. My Sister didn't know he was going to rob anyone. The cab driver was killed by my Sister's boyfriend. She ended up going to prison for two years because she was in the cab and knew the guy who killed the cab driver. Didn't matter that she didn't do the killing or was in on the killing she still got two years just for being there. So how can these rioters be found guilty if Donald Trump is not even being charged and he was the one who charged the rioters up and gave them his blessing to destroy the Capitol Building and also intentions of killing Pence and Pelosi. . . I do not get this. . .

    32. Ricky Richardson


    33. Albert Owusuansah

      This man 👨 speaks with great reference of the rule of law against republicans disrepute and disrespectful of congress.??????

    34. Eric paul Thompson

      Get for me semper fi they had snipers on roof whom didn't shoot

    35. Kent Standyoubitz

      Bs no sympathy for those who lost their lives and businesses burned down by BLM and Antifa?

    36. Glenn Surgest

      You can not purify a land that has been raped and poisoned cause it is to late . The ⏳ hourglass of destruction is almost at it's end.

    37. robin mason

      Jimmy, that's good staying positive and aslo caring plus you don't want to possibly spread the virus. People here in Phoenix Az.,are only 40% aren't wearing masks ☹

    38. J Flow

      Grassley is a shameless hypocrite. He would not give Garland a fair hearing in 2016 as a SC justice because of partisan politics. His comparing Merrick to Barr is like comparing pearls before swine.


      AMEN 😇 !!! FOLLOW THEIR $$$$ !!!

    40. mohammad sareh

      Some of the illegal drugs' effects on spreading other diseases such as AIDS and COVID19 are by far more dangerous than the weapons of mass destruction and the penalty must be equivalent.

    41. Craig Mark

      He talks about race because he knows that "social justice" is a huge part of "The Great Reset " can't have the "Reset" without it. We know what's going on and frankly we ain't standing for it. Try as they may they will all fail miserably.

    42. Patriot Ninja


    43. mercy frost

      Great Man with great speech...Thank you Sir.

    44. Monte•Mei

      Yes yma’am iioooiiiooooooooooooo oo oooooooo And your story p

    45. Chad Dawes

      @3:15 did he say origins or oranges?

    46. M K

      Pretty much the only thing he vowed to. So predictable. Utter disgrace to the justice system.

    47. Caribbean Girl

      The stone which the builders refused becomes the head stone of the corner. The same man who was blocked by the Republicans as President Obama's supreme court pick will now become the chief lawyer of the United States!! Who has the last laugh?

    48. Karen Morente

      The deadly peaceful RIOTS. are the lives lost and. 2 billion dollars in buildings destroyed which the dem / left denied and encouraged . White supremacy rioters are criminals . But the violence was encouraged, protected and bailed out by the fundraising dem / left . Now we are in danger because of that response unprosecuted joke in the lack of government arresting . The violence were flagged in like a Nascar race. Obama at congressman Lewis' funeral speech said. " Burn it down! Tear it down! Further exclaiming "Yes they are RIOTING and they are going to keep on and keep on until they get what they want!". So stated all summer also by Peloski, Biden, HARRIS NUMEROUS TIMES. ECHOED BY WHEELER WHO STOOD WITH THE RIOTERS and was hit with projectiles by fires. A police station was attacked and over run. Cops blinded. Cops killed. Innocent children and toddlers shot. Reporter stabbed. 985 approx. Police and federal law people were injured. City blocks taken over. Govt. Set up chop zones and cops ordered to stand down . More more .more assaults , fires including cop cars. People couldn't shop or go to work. ALL OFFENDERS SIR. ALL????

    49. Karen Morente

      You do realize that our "democratic' Govt. Buildings doesn't mean the democratic party ALONE. Owns the building and controls the building

    50. Rusty

      On the flip side of the same prosecutorial coin of the Capitol rioters, he really & truly needs to prosecute all the looters, rioters, vandals, and arsonists causing billions of dollars in damage & total loss to the American people marching down Main St, USA, under the lie and fictitious ‘Peaceful protests’.

    51. What Up

      This Garland guy didn't get the vote the first time, but Leftists keep putting the lying dodger back in. Garland dodges more questions than in the game of dodgeball.

    52. Michael Hernandez

      This is unbelievable! This supposed judge doesn't know his own law and he is becoming AG, what a shame! asking about illegal immigration

    53. K M

      SHOCK OF HISTORY Trump & Kennedy. == Pelosi specifically turned down Tramp's bid of 10,000 soldiers to protect the Capitol, having previously arranged with Antifa to storm the People's House. And today, like the villains, they sit behind the barbed wire fence. This is the end of democracy. 'The Five' react to Trump's attorney calling out 'bloodthirsty' media Biden and CNN must remember ‘there was a vaccine before he became king’ Thomas Jefferson "If people are afraid of the state, we have tyranny, and if the government is afraid of people, we have freedom." People entered the Capitol and these politicians fled like rats into the basement. It was the moment when they were afraid of people, they should be afraid of us all the time, those rats sitting there in the basement. All they could do there was run away like rats to the basement. People were allowed to enter the Capitol because it is the "People's House".

    54. Ning Ning Precious

      Thank you Lord God Almighty for giving us the "Righteous Leaders for 2021!!! 😊😊😊 🤗🤗🤗 😘😘😘

    55. Jazmine Bryant

      An attorney general nominee who "gets" what it is to be the AG for our country!!👏🙌

      1. Jazmine Bryant

        @Eric Graham I SAID "NOMINEE"... TRUMPERS..🤦‍♀️🙄

    56. Monique Geritz

      We could've had him in the Supreme Court, if it wasn't for the Repukes, esp McConnell!! But instead of being bitter, he now goes for this role, the AG of the Biden Administration, great pick, he will get through, unless Repukes fear him as he will look into Trump's criminal acts, which most of them sycophants sure don't want!! I sure trust him a lot more then that blob Barr, 44.5's partisan hag!!!!! He will be busy, that I do know, lol, let's hope it's mostly directed towards the Trump administration and their fascist, sociopath tyrant 44.5!!

    57. William Forster

      I like Merrick.William S Forster.I hope he will be appointed

    58. phong pham

      Biden and Democrat talk BS, they are liar. Look at Trump for whole year Corona Virus kill 400,000 peoples and Biden said Trump didn't do a thing. Since Biden get to the white house more than 6 weeks and peoples die from Corona Virus went up to 500,000 plus cases and he said Trump didn't do a thing???Look at Biden this guy only talk BS and only shake hand with China to fill his deep pocket moneys for him and his family.....Does he care for America? NO.....look at him, the first month he already cut American oil job, make the oil price go up like crazy....Take this guy down or he will kill US country and will make our country in big time DEBT.

    59. Fuzz

      I walk my dog come back and this is what IThomes thinks I want to watch? I'm not even from America...

    60. Sandra Nunes

      Separation of Children from their Parents. All trump had ordered the separation. Evil trump. He must be Prosecuted soonest possible because it has already been over Six years. Kama will hit trump very hard. He's an Evil Devil.

      1. What Up

        Your dear Cheater Biden is putting kids back in cages, like he did the first time under Obama/Biden.

    61. Lonely Wanderer

      Dirty tricks prevented him from scotus, for sure you know I am right.

    62. Varda Sarnat

      An explosion in a sewer is treated by repairing the lid - not by picking up the pieces of sh-t along the street. The unfit old lid should be thrown to jail - every Plumber knows what this professional attorney general forgot

    63. Andi

      "If we don't get what we want, America BURNS" - Trump boomers. JK, that was BLM.

      1. Lonely Wanderer

        they didn’t really say that did they? If so, do you have a sauce?

    64. Andi

      Haha. Yet Antifa and BLM in Portland, Seattle, LA, New York etc are free to go. You guys are overplaying your hand.

    65. Humberto Vera

      CNN. No. Good. Los. Periodisson. Comunist

    66. Humberto Vera

      Este. Viejito. No. Good. Comunisrt. Corrurt

    67. Stor Bokki

      Why are Alex Jones and Ali Alexander still unindicted? Both were in the capitol, and both were major actors in the insurrection. Ali actually threatened to burn the capitol to the ground on a megaphone standing on the Capital stairs.

    68. Apolonia Ondo

      America is getting back together slowly all the scumbags are getting out

      1. Lonely Wanderer

        yay, I am toasting my protein shake to you! (to early for rum).

    69. Aldo Eskandary

      This proves that it was the reptilians that stole my lunch out the office fridge.

    70. El Ingles

      Every American must rea George Orwell 1984. Here is a progressive liberal who saw what,s coming. Every prediction this liberal predicted, has come true. The globalist machine has took hold of the Democratic party, they don,t even know it. The MSM, Joint chiefs of staff and 80% of America know that election was rigged. The principle culprits to the globalist machine, is the heads of the CIA, FBI and leaders of the democrat party machine. America they did the same here in Britain, it was 4 years of winning hearts n minds. Trump won that election with between 16-22million votes. Do not back down. DO NOT BACK OFF !!!

      1. Lonely Wanderer

        @El Ingles ur asking for a lead sandwiche friend. FAFO please give me a reason, I’m bored af

      2. El Ingles

        @Lonely Wanderer ,LEFTY...Yours days are numbered. We English are the most tolerant people on this planet. By Jove, did we take you lefty crack pots to sword in our election. Reminds me of the Beach boys song of the 60,s. It was fun, fun, fun.

      3. Lonely Wanderer

        @El Ingles I wish you luck, but I have only ever seen Europeans pull off strikes. And even there, they are cracking down skulls (yellow jackets)

      4. El Ingles

        @Lonely Wanderer ,The next move is a National 2 day strike a week, until election results are fully transparent. It may go to 3/4 days a week. Biden did not exceed 60 million votes. FACT

      5. Lonely Wanderer

        you should read about Obama’s 2016 confirmation of this man. McConnell played dirty tricks. that is all

    71. Tim Daugherty

      Would he be prosecuting the terrorists who burned down American cities and murdered 14 American citizens and Law Enforcement Officers over the summer of violence in 2020.? How about those still acting out with violence is Portland and other cities led by Leftist radicals?

    72. Junior Nash

      They stole the election we're going to steal it back

    73. Junior Nash

      Ain't nobody going to be locked up and two years are Republicans I have the house again and they'll stop all this s***. Take the money away from the f****** demon rats and then they can't have any more fun so we got about a year-and-a-half to go a putting up with this f****** b******* and then we'll be okay but we're going to have a red wave coming

    74. P T

      Go Merrick!!!

    75. The Dog

      My man I hope u make it

    76. Ckom

      Here is a guy who gave his entire professional career preserving the rule of law. He is exactly the type of person we need more in government.

    77. Joyce Garcia

      Orehaps u could hel w treaty rufhts?EbIeline 3 uts the?bigfest freash body of water.Thank u Judge Garland .In Mn.Indiguois women?r being raped murderwd ansld dtolen even youndlg girls please help us ???

    78. Christopher Baranet

      Why didn't he mention the domestic terroist,that rioted in 31 cities, looting, and destroying buildings, and attacking innocent citizens.

    79. Marie-Laure B

      But Cancun man and his ilk get Scott free... Doesn't look like justice much... By inference, this also means no one considers these so called leaders as leaders... Maybe they're not worth their dimes... This game of appearances and rhetoric is a sure sign of decay

    80. Robert Jones

      does it include ted cruz and holly,

    81. Pat Ferrell

      Whatever...the people behind Trumps frame up need to be outed and prosecuted. Who ordered 5 buses of Antifa, who had a police escort! ? Security let the barricades down and ushered in the "riotets". Who?! Pelosi, Biden I'm sure.

    82. michaelhouston pence

      Justice for officer sicknick...jail them 20 years each including trump x 2

    83. gary weightman

      Everyday bydone team futures markets down tanking markets

    84. Dustin Stich

      They are going to make this a bigger issue than it is and then people will stop caring. At least that's what I think is going to happen.

    85. jm b

      The Republicans just can't wrap their minds around the fact that they now deal with decent, honest human beings...

      1. Craig Mark

    86. What Up

      Can't wait to see Garland prosecute John Sullivan, BLM/ANTIFA! Did inciter Kamala harris bail Sullivan out yet?

    87. Choc Late

      Mr Garland Prosecute those. Rioters including the former liar loser to the full extent of the law please a d those like johnson hawley and the rest

    88. Chris White

      This man cares about the rights of some Americans, not all Americans.

    89. Maria Rodriquez

      Sorry to say but I have seen this so many many times.white people stick together no matter what.nothing is going to happen here. Your wasting my hard earning tax here. Just close the case and waited for another attack.

    90. Two Knightfall

      Better persecute the instigators to , from 2016 till now . Senate has the video footage .

    91. Lawrence Lane

      Yawn. Blow it out your ass old man. The treasonous dems started the riots and supported terrorism from blm

    92. Holly Stuart

      Thank you AG Garland. I am not hearing any horrific things about your judgeship.. I am very grateful for you. I am finally hopeful our country i only wish you would have been there in your ORIGINAL appointmented.. I only hope you end cencoring. End the fraudulent charges Assange as he was a JOURNALIST. Is linked to our Freedom of speech and press. Put in for a bill of rights for internet.. On a state level it is being misused. As well in the EHR system. To cover up malpractice. In regards to cencoring it is undemocratic. We have to end the Dept of homeland security as they got in the way of the FBI& military and Police.. furthermore immagration has turned into a death camps. In 2017 28,304 children died. In custody.. Scott Loyd was in possession of a legal document that listed the preteen periods rapes and births. Serailation unconcerted . ICE agent have crossed the rubicon into a absent for due process, illegal actions as rape arrests. Neglect widespread illegal ARRESTS false charges starvation unsanatiry private prisons. Most recent child ren as young as 1yrs old were shipped to counties with parents still in cousdy .. Illegal DRUGS not legal, moving faster as they implemented prescription Prohabition brought on by a opiod hysteria con by the pharma.. watch 60 minutes "To big to prosecute" ( mekesson Americorp and cardinal health distrabution centers. Not the shackles!! and "The witness" a director of the DEA diversion dept. That in reporting was fired. Goal prescription PROHABITION.. we now have two groups being ENDED. Sessions making vets elderly and people with dieseaes have been labeled as criminals and not given proper care leading to 200,000 deaths from 1.heart Attacks and strokes. 2. Suicides 3. ending up on the streets. Prohabition CREATES CRIMINALS AND big blk market outside pharmacies and as previously stated a record high number of deaths.. The CDC director a prior criminal record at the VA ending people with HIV he played god caged them starved them. Said they were a abomination to God. Took their benefits for the families. Props was denied by FDA 12/ 13 for non factual information and being referred to as fringe group. In FDA achieve.. Dr Bloom with American pharmacological and scientific research. Explaination. Hit on these facts. They have violated federal laws. No agency can intervene in a medical practice.. The DEA agent are practicing medicine without a license. As well props has paid non medical people to create their narritive and dangerously in NIH as fact!! to make money. Then they pew reviewing them.. have implement the rediculious notion that MS is a mental health issue. Renamed many people who have dieseaes with mental health issues. Gave out government grants for these addicts to build many rehabilitation centers . Which never happened. So it is common sense that they have implement a WWII tactic to take out the what did "T "said was a waste of air. AS the three distrabution centers did that sending unordered OPIOIDs to cities with harder labor in their cities open a bunch of greedy Doctor in boxes and send out flyers even if the addition rate is only. 006% then taking it away. They would take it away they would end up on the streets. Thereby getting a death sentence.. ending the two groups. Prohabition creates more criminals and blk market drugs markets. Unhuman rights wrote a demand letter for the end of this.. crime Against Humanity. Many many medical professional and advacotes have. Two states have recended the illegal CDC GUIDELINES..

    93. David Hank

      And if you could Not be gentle that would be great. Like I once heard from 45 1/2. Smash them traitors.

    94. Mike Lee

      Merrick sounds incoherent at times.. He sounds like confused 😕 just like Joe

    95. Matthew Owens

      3:14 ha!ha! Did you hear how he said oranges?!

      1. Matthew Owens

        @elton lewis yeah, but he meant to say oranges. Origins! ha!

      2. elton lewis

        he said origins.........that's what i heard

    96. Michael Evans.

      Another anti white peddling systemic racism lies, pandering to non whites to be there hero.

    97. Hector Orellana

      Wow Mr. Garland looks and sounds like the man is as sharp as a samurai , he is going to be a very good A. G.

    98. 1625Passion


    99. Rebekah A.

      Chuck Grassley or whatever his name was sounds like he has no idea what he's asking ..

    100. Charles Jordan

      I think its mighty convenient that racism has been at an all time low, until, Democrats and News Outlets start preaching "White Extremists or Extremism", "White Supremacy", "Domestic Extremists" and whatever other white word you clowns cook up. Now the whole country thinks were racist. Even though 90% of us are NOT. But keep preaching it to take the attention off yourselves. Because people see through the whole farce. This country knows were all brothers and sisters of America. And most of us DO NOT see color. But now youre implanting those seeds to cause it to happen. Its a disgrace to this country.