Japan faces a growing backlash over sexism in politics


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    Japan's governing party has decided to invite women to meetings but with one stipulation -- they are only there to observe. CNN's Selina Wang reports on the state of sexism in Japanese politics. #CNN #News

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    1. 佐竹春香

      it's also too common to see politicians fall sleep during the meeting. Likewise, it would be miracle if female PM born in Japan.

    2. Leech

      Tread carefully Japan. You don't want to end up like the US were degeneracy becomes the norm.

    3. LEC 18:57 0-6 in Finals Got Reverse Swept

      Sexual harassment 👍 Sexism 👍 Denying comfort women 👍 Neighbors shitting on them 👍👍 Bomb Pearl Harbor 👍 Act as victims 👍 Overworked Citizens 👍 Still using fax machines 👍 Most Overrated country in Asia 👍 Refuse to apologize with their atrocities in nanking 👍 Must be Japan!. 👍🤣

    4. Richard Mc kenzie

      Section 4. Elections And Meetings (1) The times, places and manner of holding elections for Senators and representatives shall be prescribed in each state by legislature thereof; but the Congress may at ant time by law make it alter such regulations, [except as to the places of choosing senators ].

    5. Johnny Mnemonic

      IThomes is deleting dislikes on Biden videos on MANY channels, including this one. On every video that involves Biden, the dislikes are literally 5 to 1 and alot of time they are 10 or 20 to 1. The amount of dislikes FARRRRRR outpace the likes. LOL "Most popular president EVER" LOLOLOLOL

    6. David Mancera

      Hey it’s Kathy

    7. fAshSon

      Older people are not always right. Young people have fresh perspectives, sometimes old people must listen to

    8. Iono Kiero

      New generations are far more open minded and willing to work on the benefit of the most. Let's see what the old farts can continue doing once they bite the dust... Chauvinistic old sacks of bones and sagging balls.

    9. Jarod 1999

      Can anyone form Japan give light on this situatio? Is sexism a problem in Japanese society?

      1. J one

        Yes Socially: women must raise children almost with no male support (except financial) economy: Women are not generally welcomed into board rooms or high level corporate roles and don’t receive equal pay for equal work Politics: very few female politicians on municipal or national levels

    10. kevin white

      They bitching but the same is true in American unless the opinion backs a "Mans" American is so pathetic

    11. Kaiden Hall

      Fake news

    12. angeluck

      The Japanese you interviewed, named Toshihiro Nikai, loves China and kisses shoes of Xi. Instead, you CNN should seriously concern about Biden's dementia.

    13. Lauren Rigby

      Ew I'm disgusted by this. How can you be a leader in a modern global society if you only educate and include HALF the population??

      1. Mike theJedi

        They mentioned nothing about education

    14. G K

      Ugh.... ffs 😠

    15. Edward Greysand

      Why is their so many white people on CNN where is the Diversification in Anchors?.... hmmm por que???

    16. 21st Century MadLad

      Japan is so Advance yet so primitive

    17. Ragij Nocses

      Wiretapping to the OWN LEGIT owner and disrespect him shame on you connivance and don't let this man has his own voice worst case scenario killing him once again and use his wife and children to manipulated don't let man remember everything he is not the one he is fraud

    18. تاةا برنه

      Japan must use their currency and virtual currency better than the doller of usa bin thefts

    19. Scipio Africanus

      How does this concern me? It doesn't

    20. Billy Crash

      That’s how they roll.?

    21. Cantara Bella


    22. 3nien

      At times, I wish Nancy pelosi would shut up.

    23. Tyle Smog

      some the wisest and strongest people ive know are are women seems like it works against the people of japan to allow blocks advancement of japan over all there is a balance to nature..... the lack of 1/2 the available wisdom being listened to can also be seen in what lead up to ww2 wisdom of the past

    24. Jonathan F

      decisions shouldn't be made because of one's sex

    25. Sofia tomas

      know you know that no place on this earth in perfect, not even Japan

      1. Butt Fucker Pro XL

        Now get down under my desk and get me excited!😄🥰😆

    26. Sofia tomas

      What if women there did not want to play politics 😅

      1. Mike theJedi

        Women aren’t natural leaders. I have yet to see a successful female ceo of a corporation in my field.

    27. Pappadumful

      Meanwhile in the US, an admitted sexist and groper could become president. In Japan there is still much respect for women, and it’s generally safe for them e.g. to walk home alone in the middle of the night, pretty much anywhere in the country. Does the same apply to your country?

    28. Joe Collins

      Strangely, it took the Japanese equivalent of the FDA over 40 years to approve the use of the Contraceptive Pill for women. When Viagra came on the market? ....6 months for approval!🤭

    29. Marion Plaza

      Because Japanese government sees women as sex toys。Lol。It’s actually true。Lol。Japan is only good for sexual pleasure tbh。

    30. debjyoti mandal

      By the way FMist's tell their male comrades to STFU very politely! 😃😄😅😂😂

    31. Moe F

      Apparently the Japanese have yet to hear our former president Don Twitter. The guy just wouldn’t shut up until voted out!

    32. mieliav

      japanese ladies: please don't attend the meetings! you need no permission! set up a shadow gov or something! have a sex strike - you could simply take over instead of accepting demeaning quota systems and 'you can look, but keep your mouths shut'. JUST SAY NO.

    33. veleli maka

      U guys westner call Japan is sexiest country even Japan is few country women's can walk alone safely in dark night

    34. Pasha NASIR

      We all want less talking from women . Once they start it never ends lol 😂

    35. Derguz

      I get that something has to change, but I don't understand the need for quotas.. Half the eligible voting population is women - so why doesn't women vote for... women?

      1. Ambria Ashley

        internalized misogny? not seeing themselves represented enough? miseducation? the list goes on

    36. movie gurl74

      Woooooo, they get too take a look. They sell used panties in vending machines ppl...so.....

    37. Evelyn Isabel Onofre

      This is gender discrimination

    38. Mark Gearing

      Japan would benefit more from a rule stating that women can participate fully in parliament but anyone older than retirement age needs to sit quietly.

    39. Stanley Wong

      You can say what you want about Japanese "sexism" but the average Japanese salaried man came home with his pay packet and handed all of it to his wife. SHE decided on the budget and how much HE got to spend next month. Sexism, huh ? How many American men do that ?

    40. Far The great

      Go Japan!! Haha jk not cool, it’s 2021 for Pete’s sake, woman are people too!

    41. Leviticus Cornwall

      The Japanese are based lmao

      1. Leviticus Cornwall

        @Julesss G 🤱🏼🍺🧞‍♂️

      2. Julesss G


    42. keeping up

      The 83 year old Olympic chief said women speaks too much haaa he must have a lots of life experience

    43. Ced Col

      what a backward (imperialist) country. they tried to impose this barbarity on China and Korea, no wonder those countries rebelled.

      1. chimarleywai

        Most Asian societies are deeply patriarchal

      2. chimarleywai

        I think the level of sexual equality is about the same in those countries.

    44. Gregory Powell

      Why doesn't CNN report on the Border? Looking like Biden is opening the border. Ya all happy now?

      1. An Atypical Method To Address This User

        @Gregory Powell I'm aware that I'm correct because at the end of the day I'm just going to remember that I'm right in everything. You don't really exist or matter much once I leave.

      2. Gregory Powell

        @An Atypical Method To Address This User I'm right . And you know it. I'm not falling for it. You haven't proven me wrong. Because you can't. You're just a no name troll, and I'd tell you to have a good life, however I don't think your kind can.

      3. An Atypical Method To Address This User

        @Gregory Powell I don't have to, it proves itself wrong. I'm waiting for you to realize that.

      4. Gregory Powell

        @An Atypical Method To Address This UserMr A, you have not an position ? What happened to debate? I made my statement, prove it wrong. You haven't.

      5. Gregory Powell

        @An Atypical Method To Address This User you know what? Whoeďmm

    45. Analogy Accepted

      Only in politics? LOL

    46. Bert Tremblay

      Hey maybe America should have this restriction in place in politics? LOL

      1. Bert Tremblay

        @AgentX Hey douchbag, don't put all Republican's in the same "Basket"!!!

      2. AgentX

        For white southerners and Republican midwesterners. That’ll give the whole world a freakin break.

    47. Flynn’s Garage


    48. simplythebest286

      I have a dream that one day , the USA will finally ....... mind their own fucking business !!!!

      1. baru 432

        @An Atypical Method To Address This User shut up

      2. An Atypical Method To Address This User

        The USA is principally funding, guiding and overseeing Japan political system. It was a term of surrender following WW2. It's kinda their job Japan doesn't make a misstep.

    49. Jim Xantham

      Also, different cultural norms ....said ...someone, oh dear who was he?

    50. Jim Xantham

      It's all the tentacle adult animes...

    51. Rodolfo Corrales Gomez

      TRUMP 2020:/ 2024

    52. Linda K

      Welcome to Japanese society, they’ve finally arrived at 1932.

      1. Watashi Boku

        It's a better world!

    53. THGAwesome

      Liberal democrats, more like sexist democracts

    54. kalillita dub

      What else do you expect from a fascist country

    55. Nil Nil

      Political parties root candidates based on their winnability be it men or women. If the general society don't vote more women that doesn't mean the system is broken. What if the roles were reversed and men were underrepresented will anyone fight for achieving equality?

    56. Christian 153

      NEVER any criticism of how China treats its citizens though. Completely ridiculous.

    57. Christian 153

      HOW ABOUT CHINA???????? Oh ya, CNN is run by the Chinese.

    58. Katherine Hancocks

      I'm sick of these people who don't understand insurance. "I want to get all the benefits I'm entitled to from Medicare." Bull****. I had a home and had fire insurance. I was NOT entitled to a fire. I was obligated to have smoke detectors in my home and do what I reasonably can to prevent a fire. People are obligated to use insurance as LITTLE as they can.

      1. Mark Gearing

        Katherine, I’m not sure if that’s a really subtle meta-joke about women not understanding what’s happening around them, or if you’re just commenting on the wrong video.

    59. Dee Rump


    60. mauro stocovaz

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    61. Daryl Saunders

      Oh no, sexism in Japan. but it's ok for beijing bidens Chinese love fest to commit genoside on uighurs and muslims. cnn are a joke.

      1. Daryl Saunders

        @An Atypical Method To Address This User Typical hypocritical communist democrat with the ability to read and then rewrite it the short distance between there brain and there mouth. President Trump has created peace in the Middle East. But beijing biden and the democrats are eager to return to fighting in the Middle East and have not denounced the murder, genocide, and organ harvesting that the ccp are carrying out by the thousands in china. Oh and why we are on the subject President Trump never bombed and killed children or Americans unlike obama and biden.

      2. An Atypical Method To Address This User

        Ironic that a conservative is defending a religious group they normally rally against.

    62. Skankhunt 42

      Damn leave them alone tf

      1. kid yaes

        ? leave who alone?

    63. R. Marie Mouton

      EXPLAIN TO ME: "Because history is edited, most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews,” Credit to Gina Carano! This is a description of comparing outline in history. This Media stuff has to stop, get un-bored and help come up with solutions. To fix the today problems and Now. I am not offended, because it is True. So, explain??? I am confused.

    64. Katherine Hancocks

      I do not judge Donald Trump for making fun of a disabled reporter. If I got Parkinson's and was famous, I want Samantha Bee to shake her arms if she's making fun of me. Believe it or not one of the things Donald Trump should be severely judged for is "America first." The US can't put America First anymore than you could put your kid in first place in the Olympics. Sure you could spend money on training, but your child has to win first place. Boeing and Microsoft and Disney became big companies by making good products not by America putting the first. I'm not an idealogue who is against certain pockets of protection. Like maybe a country should grow some of its own food, so they're not dependant on other countries even if they can afford to buy all their food. Protectionist policies do not put a country first. It's like if the US had its own Olympics and didn't compete with the rest of the world so they never come in second. Oh and countries have trade agreements so that when they trade with other countries they can't engage in predatory practices like subsidizing an industry to put on all your competitors and then jacking up the prices later. So the US can spend money on athletes. Many trade agreements ban subsidies for certain industries.

    65. Katherine Hancocks

      Jake... I am not being an attention-seeking narcissist. My story should be told. Maybe it didn't need to be told 15 years ago very much. To make my philosophical point again... Nobody NEEDS to do anything... A meteor could be heading for earth like in movie Armageddon and you could say "We can all just die. We don't need to live. We don't need to do anything." I predicted Cloud commute computing. Just because Bill Gates predicted a pandemic does not mean he's right about everything. But as a general rule I do believe in keeping money in the hands of people who earn it. They may be wrong sometimes. But the majority can be more wrong. 10,000 people who don't know anything about brain surgery do not know more than dr Ben Carson and could not perform brain surgery.

    66. Katherine Hancocks

      Jake... Yes in the last few months I have become even LESS of a fan of Trump... obviously. But Donald Trump did initiate operation warp speed. Truth matters. If the most likely savior of your child was a surgeon who was convicted of molesting children... denying that reality could lead to the loss of your child's life. And of course the big problem with lies is if you lie, then people don't believe you when you tell the truth when it's necessary to know the truth.

    67. Alan Kong

      Butthurt weebs defending Japan incoming in 3.... 2... 1...

    68. Justin Walker

      Here comes West Initiative there’s a underline idea with the money they continue to receive from the US but will probably bow down to the US just like every other country that gets money from us and doesn’t realize it’s for a reason. World control/dominance/mental suppression

    69. PJ Hans

      Men get paid more in certain jobs because we do a better job than women 🤷🏼‍♂️

    70. Shak

      Lol! Damn straight! Women should be seen but not heard!

    71. studyhistory2ctruth

      I see way too many Asians, why isnt there more diversity of color? Diversity is our strength!

      1. General Francisco Franco

        Diversity for Israel

      2. ChocolateAddict

        Japan is not an immigrant country like America

      3. Preston Lee

        bc it's japan... a country that's 95%+ japanese....

    72. Nic Bogata

      Japan...the only nation on earth where sexism isn't about religion but about ancient traditions. Just goes to show, even the most advanced country on earth is not immune to a primitive way of thinking.

    73. Jrome719

      This is just a test???

    74. Mr. James

      I thought America was supposed to be the worst and most sexist place on Earth?.....

      1. Mr. James

        @kid yaes Oh, you'd be surprised.

      2. kid yaes

        who said america was sexist?? its probably top 5 least sexist

    75. gi Man

      The comical Cuomo brothers are in big trouble,

    76. Soma Salui

      Yesterday I got kicked out of the hospital because I told COVID patients to stay positive... 😈

      1. Equinox


    77. alem awgichew

      I didn't know and never expected that from Japan. Yet again it didn't amaze me, for I know it is always these old politicians worldwide that kept humanity from growing.

    78. RS64

      Meanwhile in New York, Fredo's brother a.k.a. the Nursing Home Murderer is still lying through his teeth about the number of Senior Citizens he killed, while CNN thinks Americans should be informed about political sexism in the Far East...At least Morning Joke on MSDNC discussed it for 2 1/2 minutes today

    79. R T

      CNN faces growing backlash for being fake news.

    80. Covid Delusion B117

      Men think with their brains women think with emotions

      1. illuSTRYFE

        I've seen more men shout and throw chairs than women during political negotiations.

    81. Sweet Hard-Biceps

      Yeah ....it's gonna be a LONG time before Japan starts valuing their women. I mean, just look at Japanese porn. Like America's BAD but holy shit man.

    82. zax2004

      The US is 53rd on that index, btw.

      1. zax2004

        @goobernutts Thanks for you letting me know that you care enough to reply :)

    83. Anthony Cruz

      Old fuken men....it’s the same everywhere.

    84. ghostsintheforum

      They have White Japanese Male Privilege! Or something like that.

      1. maysonsmith

        Black Japanese?

    85. Evan Kellison

      You are not getting your $15 minimum wage… Your president lied to you

      1. Evan Kellison

        … Or your stimulus checks....Or your investigations Regarding the presidents family… He did come through on the promise of allowing 11 million people to come in and take you fast food jobs, I’ll give him that...

    86. Gianna M

      Can we get those men’s heads out of their sexist ass with this? It’s 2021! We’re all human. If it wasn’t for women, we wouldn’t have any men!

      1. Gianna M

        @David I’m not America. I’m a person on IThomes and I disagree with this behavior

      2. David

        @Gianna M right now America needs to focus on it's own problems before we go preaching to other countries. Also it is apart of asian culture not to talk back to elders esp in work place regardless of gender most of the time and It's a classism type culture.

      3. Gianna M

        @David No one should turn a blind eye to stupid, or cruel acts. That’s not culture.

      4. David

        first it is not Americans problem and different culture so cnn stay in your lane. How about an update on the epstein case with many of american ceos and leaders. Whatever happen to the ghislane maxwell reports on cnn.

    87. P F

      Come on, you just don't like Japan because they are one of the most successful capitalistic system in the world.

    88. R. Marie Mouton


      1. Ozzy Ruiz

        Sweetie Tr_mp isn’t POTUS and need to be held accountable for his disgust behavior. Republicans failed to learn that there’s consequence to every action and they’re not exempt from it. We can go after Tr_mp and fix our country at the same time, it called multitasking. 😎

    89. David Beals

      When yall gonna address Cuomo and his mishandling of old folks homes & his piss poor handling of covid in general? Hell even your poster child AOC, wants an investigation into Cuomo's foolish.

      1. Mr. James

        They already did a day or two ago.

    90. Don Draper

      An Andrew Cuomo aide told New York legislators that the true picture of nursing home deaths wasn’t revealed for fear it would be used against the governor during an investigation launched by Trump’s Justice Department. WHAT SAY YOU FREDO????????????????????????

    91. Shadow Star

      Woman do better when they have there mouth shut

    92. Shadow Star

      DON'T DO IT Japan depravation will get to your nation

    93. Don Draper

      "German University Study: Most Likely COVID Came From Wuhan Lab Leak" Sleepy Joe to provide to provide funds through NIH.....nice

    94. D Floyd

      How can women fully participate if the governing body is misogynistic? Power based on gender is futile and leads to limitation as a species as a whole. How can you limit the very people that give you life?

    95. ZachDahlia


    96. Dan Keil

      God is going to destroy the United States soon. China is going to take us down The Bible tells the story in Revelations 18 We are called the Great Babylon. We will be destroyed in one hour. Why? For the great sins that America has done over the years.Abortion, lying, child molestation When? Soon! Get ready to meet your maker. Call upon Jesus while there is still time Ask him to forgive you of your sins, and he will!

      1. kid yaes

        if thats the case god will destroy all nations lmaooo

      2. D Floyd

        Get help from your nearest mental health care provider

    97. layton oregono

      cnn has racist coverage of Japan. Since Japan is a democracy, it is a problem decided by the Japanese, and the result is also the result decided by the Japanese. If you don't like the results, democracy will collapse

    98. Martinez Dirce

      As you said it is 2021; and the US isn’t the best example ...

    99. Morpheus Matrix

      wow a small elite or old men ruling over women? WOW HOW UNHEARD OF

      1. Morpheus Matrix

        @Calvin Parish politics is a bit different from building skyscrapers and disaster relief you absolute clown

      2. Morpheus Matrix

        @Calvin Parish the fuck does that have to do with anything remotely related to this situation

      3. Calvin Parish

        You ever see a female in a boat out rescuing in a hurricane?

    100. 1st Cavalry

      They do tend to say 10 words when only a couple are actually required!