Olivia Munn helps police catch suspect after shocking attack


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    Actress Olivia Munn joined the effort to help catch a man who viciously attacked an Asian American woman on the streets of New York City.
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    1. Matthew Simmons

      But that's because only BLM ithomes.info/net/2NFxmbWJnnerepg/video

    2. Secret Squirrel

      Not a hate crime⁉️. His mom does not speak English - how can this NOT be a hate crime?

    3. 빗자루

      Sad truth how many people around the incident just watching and no one even dared to protect the woman 😔

    4. Haily Rizzo

      I've said it before. The behavior of American society towards Asians is just like the attack. Everybody else just stands and watch and do NOTHING. It is Asian americans themselves that have to step up to do something. The media and the cops, the authorities just do what they are paid to do. It is Olivia Munn. It's Daniel Kim. What about the rest of American society and the Hollywood royalty? They don't speak up or do anything for Asian Americans like what they do for African Americans.

    5. Muh Gin

      Coronaviruses are named for the crown-like spikes on their surface. There are four main sub-groupings of coronaviruses, known as alpha, beta, gamma, and delta. Human coronaviruses were first identified in the mid-1960s. Just like other viruses, they keep mutating also. Sometime the mutations can be more deadly. There are seven coronaviruses that currently can infect people. They are: Common human coronaviruses 229E (alpha coronavirus) NL63 (alpha coronavirus) OC43 (beta coronavirus) HKU1 (beta coronavirus) Other human coronaviruses MERS-CoV (the beta coronavirus that causes Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS) SARS-CoV (the beta coronavirus that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS) SARS-CoV-2 (the novel coronavirus that causes coronavirus disease 2019, or COVID-19). Covid-19 is already exist in the world since March 2019 at sewer in Barcelona, Spain. About 9 MONTHS before it struck Wuhan, China. People around the world commonly get infected with human coronaviruses 229E, NL63, OC43, and HKU1.

    6. Mister Resister

      "I'm surprised she's missing this ..." WTF are you??? You and your fake news show are probably the last thing on this lady's mind. Go create issues where none exist. That's what you're good at.

    7. Pac Man

      Olivia only stepped up cause a friend was involved nothing else smh

    8. Mel Garcia

      I think America is not my dream country to see anymore. Not safe for us Asians.

    9. NintendoFreakX

      She not got to play as a fictional super hero (Psylocke) but now she temporarily got be a real life hero as well.

    10. Black Patriot Truth Serum

      Propaganda show alll to appease china for all those COVID-19 jokes that's all. Theres no such thing as anti asian hate crime. Stop blaming people for what some individual criminal does...sheesh.

    11. Black Patriot Truth Serum

      This is all the propaganda machine pushing these false narratives. Crime happens to everybody in a America stop lying to the public. How do you know this was racially motivated?? They are trying to appease china all because of COVID-19 jokes...

    12. Whirled Peas

      The demonization of China by Western politicians and mainstream media is the primary cause of hate crimes against Asians.

    13. Mui Do

      I am asian and I will arm myself for protection

    14. GJ Haokip

      This is called Human Rights in America😂

    15. Ben Lam

      The real psylocke.

    16. Strijd Dansk

      ... it is unfortunate to have to welcome you to the club - the club of being hated & despised for simply looking or speaking as one does, a sad reality I know all too well. 🇲🇽 Stay strong, my Asian amigos/amigas.✌- a Mexican in the Trump-era.

    17. darkuser999

      Why is CNN making this about social media etc. This is about Asian Americans being attacked. "doing excellent work".. You're kidding me right? I hadn't seen any coverage on this for like forever

    18. Юлия Васик

      The loud database chiefly unpack because meal encouragingly taste onto a cultured toilet. dispensable, female fertile bead

    19. NYCgirl1312

      Trevor, the asian communities are very thankful for your support and bringing all these hateful attacks to the public. Racist assaults against Asian american both verbally and physically have been ongoing throughout the pandemic. Many asian american are so scared to go anywhere these days. Very sad!


      Good for her for thanking the NYPD!

    21. Scapegoat Revenge

      I'm not just ashamed to be an American....

    22. Abhishek Khanolkar

      How sad.

    23. Norte sur

      In my country a racist person do this to a any human being and would be wipe out by civilians till he beg for forgiveness. Respect everyone. Greetings from Colombia South America.

    24. carlos villalobos

      Lol "not a hate crime"

    25. AMT

      Wow!! Excellent resolution to a disgusting, obscene incident!

    26. TP

      firstly, arrest the hate crime gang leader Donald Trump, Pompeo, Ted Cruz, Nigel and others who instigate hate crimes against Asian and colors...also some media reporters.

    27. Big 50

      I like how the son was being real about not knowing for sure whether it was race related or not, but Jim and Alisyn kept trying to push the "asian hate crime" narrative. Shame on CNN for that

    28. Erin Smith

      Can I please just say I'm upset that the news anchor said "I'm surprised she would miss this." As if praising other people, and not RECOVERING, should be her priority. Of COURSE she's sleeping! She was attacked you silly woman!

    29. Government Is untrustworthy

      Oh CNN communist network news propaganda lies ffffffake news

    30. ANH CHIEM

      His mom and dad raised him well . What a piece of 💩

    31. Rizky Arifin

      I Call This: VIRTUAL POLICE.

    32. MyessYallyah Americus

      If I wanted to

    33. MyessYallyah Americus

      I changed the theory of gravity. The first since einstein and newton

    34. John Healer

      That attacker must be an Alien,Humanity has no geographical boundaries be it Northern or Southern Hemispherians,leave alone Continents! Racism is INHUMANE.

    35. Rocky Balboa

      I bet that idiot that attacked that woman was an illegal immigrant.

    36. Nicssy - vlog

      U.S.A Do not be high because you are just a feet of the Europeans

    37. Nicssy - vlog

      dear U.S.A your RACE is NOT PERFECT #EMBARRASSING I am FILIPINA when I see a foreigner I say hi or hello not torturing or beaten because Filipino have respect to other people from different contry. NOT JUST SHOW OFF

    38. web3out

      Spreading racism and hatred should be called out as "crimes against humanity".... it is a source of all evils.

    39. Gluteus Maximus

      Let him fry at Rikers. Just for a couple of years. That should teach him.

    40. Rhino

      Has everyone lost there damn mind!!?? First she lives in America she's American.. second you attack a little lady your pathetic!! It's time we grow up!! Act how this country was built!! By helping one another, not attacking each other.... This country needs to get back to what it was, what it means to be American.. we stand up for each other.. we protect the weak, not attack them... THATS what being American truly means!!!... Men and women have given everything to make us free... And this is how we honor them!!?? We should ALL be ashamed of ourselves!!! These colors don't run, but they do bleed.. they bleed to keep us free!! And to protect those who can't protect themselves!!! It's time we start acting like it damn it!!!!!!

    41. Storm

      Did I miss something.... since when is it ok for men to go laying hands on a Women??? People have lost all their morals!!

    42. Nestor Gonzalez

      If i had been there, i would twisted tea that fool.

    43. Fortunato Wenceslao

      CNN needs to sensationalize this to gain top rating since their top body bag was gone now (Trump) Shame on you liberal hungry for ratings bias CNN garbage network.

    44. Joe Wagner

      My wife’s office was broke into once and her purse stolen. We had cameras that videotaped the man. His picture was posted on Facebook and so many people responded , even his cousin, and he was arrested and purse recovered. Unfortunately my wife had already cancelled her credit cards. Man only took money and took police to where he threw the purse. Social media exposure does work.

    45. Really89

      Good work by the actress and the NYPD. Shame on the perpetrator. I wonder, however, whether the NYPD went around body slamming and placing random white guys in choke holds on account of the fact that they shared the same colour of skin as the suspect, and so (goes the perverse logic) looked like the suspect? Hmm...🤔

    46. ICU

      Suddenly mob media does not believe in women...they loved Blasey Ford and she turned out to be a fraud, yet Cuomo is in the midst of a huge cover up and you don't even recognize his accusers....that's why your ratings suck, that's why you will always be fake news. Double standard hypocrites!!!..America is watching!!!

    47. bruce marrs

      Awesome, Olivia's new job. Godspeed.

    48. 形老師Ethan

      The Mom ducked that box like a pro. He lost a box of bakery and his honour as a man by barely able to handle an old lady.

    49. Devout Lion

      Defund the police how dare they stop crime !!!!!

    50. Mike Oxmall

      How about that unbelievable POS that came up behind a 92 yr old Chinese man and smashed him him to the ground! Not a word said, the poor guy didn't even see it coming!! 😡

    51. kaylabalay

      owosso middle school!

    52. TorstenHakonson

      The people at the scene of the crime could have just caught him. If someone is assaulted like that, step in and do something instead of hanging around like a bunch of dingleberries.

    53. trainwreck told ya

      I don't understand identity politics. Asian attack? I seen a person get attacked. You're a racist if your whole world evolves around race.

    54. Jean Nieves

      The Breathe of Life is Precious 🥇🦋❤️

    55. Jean Nieves

      Why ruin each other’s day of Life stop with stupidity and Ignorance come on people Be honest look at what We’re doing My Motto is I want you to Live so that I can live Too!!!. Gotta get Enlighten All this advanced technology And we still ain’t listening

    56. Jean Nieves

      It’s WRONG

    57. Jean Nieves

      This shit needs to stop

    58. Pall Mall

      This is a joke right? You know how many people get jumped, raped, murdered in new york on the daily. OHHHH, but the "asian" thing is hot right now so lets just focus on that. You people gotta stop eating ALL the paint chips for real.

    59. Sidney Mathious

      It is good that the man who did that was caught and is arrested and I hope they put him behind bars for some time.

    60. greg fuzi

      Glad they got him.

    61. Anthony Bly

      Maybe New York City should elect a Mayor that knows how to run a city and protect it's people vs the jerk that is in office and knows nothing about policing and is responsible for uptick in crime. Idiots

    62. Darren Arni

      muche respect to Munn for stepping in. Fuk'in media they'll never put it as a hate crime. They want to let the whole US know if you attack an Asian, it's not a crime but a mental issue on the attacker.

    63. olivia holly arandelovic

      That's not the same guy.I swear to god this guys skin is much darker.The guy was sloppy bigger darker in completion .It just seems not the same person.But if I am right I know why they are doing thisI could be wrong why are they hiding his face.

    64. Kent payen

      NYC YEA thats what most people over are like...they see something wrong. They wont do sht to help...how sad its someone mom....cold world

    65. RetardWitAGun

      "i'm surprised she's missing this..." i expected that from fox news, but cnn... you can do better than that

      1. trainwreck told ya

        You really haven't been paying attention

    66. Mike O

      Omg, the Media wants so much for it to be a hate crime. How pathetic !!! It was an assault and shouldn't have happened.

    67. K M

      Michael van der Veen is clearly the legend of the week ithomes.info/net/pqmKla2Id2uXnXo/video They literally kicked the president off of social media, and they say his speech was never censored, Soo much BS Soo little time. Democrats are a joke, they should all be locked up and charged with treason. Including out sitting president and VP, and the speaker of the house and all the lying cheating democrat senators. Making our country a joke, u all need to go, and the ones that vote for them, should stop being brainwashed by their lies. They hate America, that’s why they want to make us a 3rd world country. Proving all Democrats are willing to ignore all laws to get rid of someone. Even a President of the United States. What would they do to you and I? Totally control is their goal. Democratics are guilty of riots Democratics should be impeached from office now.

    68. very contrary


    69. Maggie Haynes

      Omg CNN let's start another problem with us hating one another. Crazy people are crazy people. They will pick whoever is weak. That is a fact. This is absurd. This happened because this guy was nuts and this women was there at the wrong time. It could have been a little white women or black women or any race.The race card needs to stop. This video comes up on my IThomes feed. I don't subscribe to CNN,as a matter of fact I have emailed them and said please stop pushing your channel on my feed. CNN truly likes to make sure that we are still using the race card and still hating each other. Its truly sad that people can't see how they love to keep the drama going. I am in no way dismissing what happened to this elderly woman. I hope that the inmates find out what he did and kick his a..

      1. Georgie Man

        @Maggie Haynes This was reported by the mother to her daughter. The daughter and Munn tweeted this. But without other corroboration, the cops couldn't introduce this as a possible angle which is why it is downplayed. There is no audio in the camera footage, unlike other encounters captured on camera. Now in case you are slow, Asian represents the weak, unable to fight back, speak English stereotype. This is a widespread experience, esp during this pandemic where numerous Asian people have reported being attacked. You are NOT Asian, you have not lived in the shoes of someone Asian so please spare us your tone-deaf jibber jabber ok. This has nothing to do with CNN. The only thing you probably know about Asians is the takeout you ordered last night and that's about the extent of it. Stop simplifying hateful and racist behavior as "crazy". It's irrational prejudiced behavior but it isn't mental illness. This guy Mateo is perfectly lucid, he even told the cops he knew why they came for him. If you don't know something, stay out of the discussion.

      2. Maggie Haynes

        @Georgie Man No where in the interview did I hear about the attacker using a racial slur. ?So if he just attacks her because he us crazy that is not seen as a hate crime its assault.

      3. Georgie Man

        So....lemme get this straight. If someone attacks me and calls me ch-nk, and I call out racism, it's somehow MY fault for pointing that out? I'm using the race card? I should just stick my head in the sand and pretend like nothing happened? Is that what you're saying? That's classic gaslighting. I don't think I need CNN to convince me to hate you. You just talked me into it.

    70. Doug M

      More of obama`s sons just doing their thing.

    71. Diana Caycedo


    72. Les Learning

      Yes the liberals have made NYC so much safer havent they? Crap it is getting to be one of the most dangerous cities in the US. No way would I ever travel there

    73. Felix

      When is CNN going to talk about racism towards blacks in asian countries

    74. The Flame

      the crowd could have ganged up on him easy... got a few hits on this evil before the cops pull in to take him away. but instead they let evil escape.

    75. Lm

      Wish the Cops would help all communities..guess it depends

    76. Bdui Dang


    77. TheTruth

      Oy CNN ... What about Psaki and detaining children at the boarders in camps! Biden and Kamala are going against their own election promise. Listen to the complete press briefing of Psaki , such hypocracy. Also where is Jimmy Acosta, the Mexican boarder is full of immigrants, let them in.

    78. Jalani Price

      I don't have any remorse for this at all. When Asian attacks black women why doesn't the media show it. Asians want blacks to support them but they side with white people when things happen to blacks.

    79. Gabriel Lima

      Can’t believe Aaron Rodgers let that go

    80. Lonnie Tillman


    81. man boc

      Want a strict action ...

    82. Dave the Medic

      When the president is in Chinas pocket. This is what alternative agenda looks like.

    83. Donny

      The coronavirus came from China and was amplified with the incompetence of the CCP but it's not like every Asian person joined forces to pass the virus around the world, for anyone to direct their petty words to all Asians is just fucking ridiculous.

    84. Paul Dack

      It's funny that a 6-2 , 215 lb Asian man (me) hasn't been harassed once since the pandemic and I'm out walking my Rottweiler 2x a day , everydaywithout fail....

    85. Kim Zung

      I am not the least bit surprised anymore.

    86. Mordicus 420

      The answers are simple, racism and poor education

    87. Noel Bockholt


    88. Tan Nguyen

      Could CNN make these assaults on their front page? Just one day would be enough to bring awareness

    89. Chris sawma

      I'm Asian

    90. Anna Q.

      Olivia Munn is my new favourite actress! I'm so glad this douche bag is caught.

    91. jamestheman

      Talking to a democratic is like a DRUG DEALER DOING A INTERVANTION TO their best customer!!!!! L


      Thank you CNN. Your bias reporting anti-Arab Muslim, blacks, anti Asian China help spew hatred. Good job. In my opinion naa. Your news are full of negativity

    93. Shomer Ban Ephraim ONOP

      So what are they gonna do with the coward pale male usual suspect???..they had all that energy when it was dealing with black folks!!!!

    94. Cyril Santos

      I'm glad there's someone out there like Olivia Munn who cares about Asian-American citizens in the U.S.👏

      1. david veilleux

        There are plenty of people who do. Why does it have to be specific to a race? Decent people care about all people, regardless of race. Race isn't even a concept in science. It's a human construct. We are all just human beings.

    95. 415 Fo life

      Glad he got caught coward !!!

    96. Eduardo Castillo Mty

      Wow...didnt know about olivia’s chinese heritage ... cool 😎

    97. Susan Galea

      I am gratified that people down voted this video. They allow sane people to calibrate the extent of the problem. The problem of ignorant, ugly and nasty morons will be defeated. There are far more kind and decent people in the world than the pathetic, frightened and bigoted minority who engage in this kind of abominal and cruel behavior.

    98. Snickel Fritz

      At 0:40 the reporter asks where the mom is and is dismayed that a woman who was just attacked is sleeping. Maybe his mother isn’t a fan of CNN ? Some people have good taste! I have news for CNN, you aren’t that popular outside of Berkeley, Cal. or Seattle. Racism against Asians existed long before Trump came to office. Ask a Japanese-American who spent time in an internment camp in WW2. Unless this psychopath posted something online or was wearing a MAGA hat this is not all that newsworthy. I don’t like Trump and I don’t like CNN. Both sides casually think it is somehow cute to stir up Americans against each other with incendiary commentary. Trump is gone so how about we focus on the current POTUS. Wait a second, you’d better not because he isn’t really doing anything useful for the average American. Biden is just engaging in more saber rattling with Iran and displays an irrational refusal to pull troops out of Afghanistan. Biden is a bought and sold corporate representative just like the average anchor at your esteemed propaganda wing of non- progressive Democrats who promote corporate dominion over Americans. No wonder Chris Cuomo doesn’t deem it to be worth his time anymore. Does Chris have a vestige of conscience? Perhaps, Cuomo was paying attention in Sunday school?

    99. Algeronomo apache

      Olivia and Sam i do care. Stick together 👍☮️

    100. Morgona Archuleta

      She (Olivia) reminds me of Pocahontas and Megan Fox Smashed together...